I was predicting that Callian would allow my entry.
This is because I once told Callian that the letter of the former Empress was in the Grand Duke. 


So if I were to visit Callian after I went to the Grand Duke, ‘I just thought you would understand.’ 


So, what’s the result? Will Callian allow me to visit? As expected, my prediction was right.


‘I was thinking about whether to cry or not, but I’m glad I cried.’


I thought as I looked at Callian, who was still groaning in front of me like a desperate puppy.
I never shed tears to buy sympathy from Callian.
I just cried to let him know that I’ve changed a little.


But Callian seemed very surprised.
Seeing that he even handed me a handkerchief.
So I cried more.
To let him know that I’ve changed a lot.


‘To make Fleur suspicious.’ 


Callian said he firmly believes in Fleur.
So of course, he’ll think my words are false.
But since I brought up the story of the librarian of the Grand Duke, he will probably interrogate the librarian because of his personality. 


Then it’ll be revealed.
The fact that I was really in the library at that time.
That would make Callian curious.


Did Fleur lie? It can’t be, there’s no way— and the seeds of doubt will grow.


‘I wanted it.’


Rather than choose to rush into Fleur foolishly, it was better to separate them.
And one more thing.


‘It’s about the black magic.’


As mentioned in the article, if black magic is banned, I feel very embarrassed because I have a good ability but I can’t use it.
There’s nothing more disappointing than this.
That’s why I deliberately brought up the temple in front of Callian.


Because I expected him to make a fuss.
And just as expected? Callian was terrified and stopped me. 


‘You should never go to the temple.
Never, never, never.


Just like now.
I smiled at Callian like that.
“Yes, I understand.
I promise.”


In response to my answer, Callian smiled satisfied.
“Okay, good.”


“Do I really not have to apologize to the Countess?”


“I told you not to do it.
It’s better not to go than to go and do something weird again.”




This, too, is all as I planned.
I smiled so hard that Callian didn’t notice. 


“Ehem.” Callian coughed a small cough.
And he reached out to me. 


“There must be another reason why you came to see me, right?”


I knew this would happen.
I took the letter out of my arms.
“Did you want this?”




Callian snatched the letter in my hand.
As he tried to open it in a hurry, he spit again and captured his expression as he realized that he was in front of me. 


“You said the other one is in the Imperial Family, right?”


“Yes, that’s right.
But I don’t know where it is.”


“I see—”


Judging by the twinkling of his eyes, it seemed that he was planning to search the Imperial family.
But he won’t be able to find it.
There is a separate reason why I am so sure.


‘Because I know where it is.’


But I don’t want to reveal it now.
I’ll impress him by giving him a letter when it’s really decisive. 


‘I was really bad.’


But what can I do? I have to live, too.
I looked at Callian, trying to ignore the remorse of conscience. 


“Anyway, I understand.
Now you can stop going back.”


I pouted my lips.
“You don’t even say thank you.”


“Ha?” Callian snorted.
“Where, should I kneel down to say thank you?”


“Your Highness Crown Prince’s knees are not used for this.” 


“I know.
I just said it.”


I smiled.
And I slowly got up.
Walking through the door, I turned my head toward Callian.


“But I hope you’ll say thank you at least once.” This is the truth.
“I really want that.”


Only then can I get money from Sylvester.


That’s why Callian’s expression changed a little strange.


It was difficult to guess why.




After returning home, I wanted to rest, but I couldn’t.
This is because Neil and Rivert caught me. 






Neil and Rivert called me equally. 


“We have found very suitable sites!”


“We found it!”


They looked excited to the fullest.
I guess I shouldn’t bite them even if I was annoyed—?


“Can you show me?”






They led me to the workroom.
The workroom is a bit of a mess.
Sprawling maps and newspapers, a lumped pencil, and a pen that resembles a pen tip. Well, Considering Neil’s easy-going personality, this sight is not surprising.


I sat down in the chair they guided me to. 


“Here! Take a look!”


“Take a look!”


But why does Rivert keep copying Neil’s words?”


“Ah, that’s—”


Rivert looked into Neil’s eyes.
Neil answered instead. 


“The child has not yet learned to speak in an elegant way, so I told him to follow my words.
Then he will get used to it.”


“You don’t have much dignity for that.” 


Oh, it was too fact bombing.
Neil’s eyes narrowed. 


“—I can’t refute it because it’s true.” Neil rubbed his lips like he was sulking, but that was only for a moment.
Phew, that’s good.
Then he pointed to the map in front of me. 


“Here, here, and up to here.
I’ve selected three places.
Please take a look.”


When I looked at where Neil said, it was all in a good position.
Places that are reasonably close to the slums and not far from the central business district.
It’s perfect for building a school. 


“I think all three places are okay—”


“Right? Is it okay?”


“Is it okay?”




I nodded my head. 


“I think it would be better to use a larger site.” I pointed to a place adjacent to the vacant lot.
“I think students need a place to run around.” 


In my words, Neil opened his eyes wide.
Then I asked carefully.


“Madam, did you really get struck by lightning?”


Perhaps it was because I thought I had changed.
I glanced at him. 


“Do you want to experience black magic like lightning?”






They answer at the same time.
It was both fun and cute.
I raised myself with a smile. 


“Anyway, let’s go here.” 


“I understand.”


“I understand!”


They answered vigorously.
I stroked Rivert’s head once and opened my mouth again.


“Ah, and—”


“Yes, please tell me.”


“Please tell me.”


I said, glancing at them.
“I want to put a stone statue in front of the school in the image of His Majesty the Emperor.” 






I saw Neil panicking.
I hurried to continue talking. 


“Anyway, because it is an Empire-building school, wouldn’t it be nice if it was created to imply truth to His Majesty?” 


“That’s true, but—.”


“That’s true, but—”


“Your Excellency doesn’t seem to allow it.” 


“Doesn’t seem to allow it.”


“Oh my.” I covered my mouth and laughed.
“Since when did I start moving with Sylvester’s permission?”


Neil blinked several times.
Then, he nodded with the ‘Ah’ sound.


“That’s true.”


“So process it.
And don’t worry about it.”


After I smiled, I left the workroom.




And shortly after, Sylvester came to me.
“Ophelia!’ Sylvester slammed the door open and ran to me.
“What’s wrong with you!” Sylvester had a swollen face.
He seemed really angry. 


“A stone statue modeled after the Emperor.
Are you crazy? Do you think I’ll let it stand?” 


I had no choice but to do so. 


Although Duke Ryzen belongs to the Empire, it’s a family that has developed its own power.
It means that it is not very affected by the Imperial power.
But here, a stone statue modeled after the Emperor would stand?


Then it could have been seen as a sign of loyalty to the Emperor.
Sylvester was worried about that.
I smiled at him like that. 


“You want to meet the Emperor.”


“That’s true, but.” Sylvester narrowed his forehead.
“What are you going to do after that?” 


I knew this question would come out.
I answered casually as if it were nothing.



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