Callian actually had a lot of worries.
Last night, Fleur came and shed tears. 


‘I was really scared, Your Highness!’


Listening to the story, it was understandable.
Ophelia suddenly came and verbally abused her, and even used black magic to threaten Fleur! Callian could experience that his back neck hurts when he was really angry because of Ophelia.
He warned her but she did it again and again! 


‘I thought she had changed a little, but she wasn’t.’


Callian was so pathetic that he thought Ophelia had changed a little.
This time, he will show it to her.
Callian promised so.
But this morning, a letter came from Ophelia.


The words written were simple.
It was about visiting. 


Did she come to see him today after doing that yesterday? She’s really out of her mind! Callian tried to reject Ophelia at once.
Then he suddenly thought of it.


‘What if she’s bringing a letter?’


Didn’t she say earlier that there was a letter from his mother left in the Grand Duke’s house? What if she brought the letter from the Grand Duke? 


If so, Ophelia could not be rejected.
That’s right. 


Even if bringing in Ophelia is a betrayal of Fleur. 


‘Damn it.
I feel like I’m completely playing around.’


Callian let out a couple of buttons tied around his neck and let out a long sigh.
He ruffles his golden hair, which looks white at first glance. 


“Your Highness.
Duchess Ryzen has just arrived.”


“Tell her to wait.”


“I understand.”


Callian buried his body deep in the sofa and tilted his head back.
He didn’t even want to see Ophelia Ryzen.
If he looks at her face, there must be no good sound.


But it was still okay. 


No matter what he says, Ophelia won’t be hurt.
All he has to do is get a letter and send her out.
Callian thought so and opened his mouth to the servant. 


“Fleur must be at home, right?”


“Yes, that’s right.
I just checked it a little while ago.” 




If Fleur knew that Callian had put Ophelia in, it was clear that she would be overwhelmed by betrayal.
So Callian was making an effort to never get caught by Fleur.


“Don’t let anyone know that Ophelia has come here.
Do you get it?”


“I understand.”




Callian sighed again and got up.
A woman he doesn’t even want to see.
He should rant as soon as he sees her. 


Just like what she did to Fleur.




That’s what he thought—.


“—What’s going on.”


As soon as he arrived at the drawing-room, what he saw was Ophelia’s crying face. 


Crying? That Ophelia? Am I looking at something wrong?


Callian unknowingly moved his eyes.
Did something get in her eye? Is that why she’s crying? Callian could not raise doubts.


But Ophelia was really crying! He can’t believe it!


“You, are you out of your mind?”


Ehem. Callian cleared his throat once. 


“Why are you crying? What did you do well?” 


Ophelia slowly raised her head.
A drop of transparent tears fell from her big eyes.
The appearance was so beautiful that Callian had no choice but to put it in.
He didn’t take any of the eyes off Ophelia. 


Ophelia carefully opened her mouth facing Callian’s gray eyes.


“I—” Ophelia continued to speak in a very low voice.
“I made a very big mistake.”


She bowed her head deeply.
Her shoulders were shaking as if she was crying again.
Callian was distracted.
It’s his first time seeing Ophelia express this much emotion. 


As soon as he saw it, he thought he was going to give it up, but that thought has already disappeared.
Callian thought he should listen to Ophelia’s story first.
He hurriedly moved his feet and sat facing Ophelia.


“I really didn’t mean to do that.
Your Highness, you know too.
That black magic comes out unintentionally—”


“But you can control it.” 


Callian managed to answer.
Ophelia shook her head.


“I couldn’t do that.
I was so sad that I—”






Ophelia raised her head slowly again.
The eyes, which were red with tears, looked pitiful. 


Ha! I can’t believe Ophelia looks pathetic! 


Callian tried to come to his senses.
However, he couldn’t pull himself together when he saw tears falling along Ophelia’s cheek. 


“Stop crying.” 


Callian took a handkerchief out of his arms and handed it over to Ophelia.
After receiving a handkerchief, Ophelia breathed heavily and wiped her tears with a handkerchief.


“I’ll stop crying.
I’m sorry.
But I was so sad when I remembered what happened yesterday—”


Callian simply couldn’t understand why Ophelia said she was sad.
Because yesterday’s Ophelia was the only one who did it and went crazy! 


He’s sure it was delivered that way, but she’s sad? Why? Callian questioned it. 


“Talk more.”




Ophelia raised her chin.
Then she slowly lowers her eyes and thought. 


‘I respond to acting with acting.’


I’m going to win.
Because I’m a Korean who learned to act in a K-drama! And so I can crush Fleur and so on.


Ophelia slowly opens her eyes. 


“I’ve been with my husband since I entered.
Then I greeted the Grand Duke and went to the library.
I borrowed a book from the library and went down alone.
But suddenly, the Grand Duchess misunderstood that I bullied Fleur!” 


“It was a misunderstanding?”


Callian frowned.
It’s not a misunderstanding.
Last night, Fleur came and confessed everything about what and how much Ophelia swore at her.
What does she mean by misunderstanding?


Ophelia seemed to be lying again.
Callian’s mouth is twisted.


“How dare you lie in front of me—”


“I’m not lying.
If you ask the librarian of the Grand Duke, you will know the time I visited and the time I left the library.
I didn’t have time to meet Fleur.
It’s true.”




Callian narrowed his eyes.
Come to think of it, Sylvester, who was protecting Ophelia, said something similar.
He was with Ophelia the whole time—.


If what he said was true, and if what Ophelia said was true, Fleur would lie.
But Fleur lying? There’s no way. 


Callian shook his head. 


“You don’t think I’ll believe you right?” 


Of course.” Ophelia smiled bitterly and nodded.
“I’m just saying I’m innocent.” Ophelia, who said so, looked really lonely.
Callian even considered that Ophelia might not be a wicked woman who had never been hurt—.


No, it’s not.
Ophelia is a wicked woman.
He shouldn’t fall for just a little bit of emotions.
Callian vowed, recalling Ophelia’s vicious actions in the past.


“Of course, it’s my fault to use black magic.
I really wanted to apologize.”




Callian continued to speak. 


“You should apologize to Fleur, not me.” 


“I know.”


Ophelia nodded her head gently.
And he brought up the real reason for visiting Callian.


“But what if I can’t control it and go crazy again when I see her!”


Callian’s eyes hardened.
Ophelia didn’t miss the moment. 


“I think I should go to the temple and get counseling.”




“Then I’ll be able to heal my inability to control black magic.
I’ll pay some money.” 




Callian jumped to his feet. 


“Are you out of your mind? You’re going to the temple? And pay?  Are you crazy?” 


It was natural for Callian to come out like this.
The Empire and the Vatican are not very close.
But what if Ophelia Ryzen gets help from the temple? And what if she go overboard with the priests? 


The Duke Ryzen’s money could go into the Vatican, and then the Duke Ryzen and the Vatican could become entangled. 


It was obvious how Duchess Ryzen, who joined hands with the Vatican, would come out against the imperial family.
They’ll welcome her more than now.
They are already trying to consolidate the imperial power.
It shouldn’t happen like that. 


If Ophelia goes to the temple, that will be the beginning.
So he had to stop her! Never! 


“Never! You can’t go!”


Ophelia looked bitter.


“But the newspapers told me that we should make a law banning black magic—.
Then I would be a sinner.
I think it would be better to visit the temple to avoid that.” 


“Was there a ridiculous article like that? How dare they write such an article without royal permission?” Callian rolled his feet in anger.
Then he shouted at the servant.  “Cut down the reporter who published the article right now!” 


Callian, who raised his voice in one breath, exhaled vigorously. 


“There will be no ban on black magic.


“—Is that so?” Ophelia carefully lifted her eyes.
“But I think I need to control it well.
Maybe help from the temple—”


“Don’t control it! Leave it alone!” 


“But if it’s to apologize to the Countess,” 


“Don’t apologize! It’s okay!” Callian waved his hands in fear.
“Everything is fine.
So don’t ever go to the temple, okay?”


Ophelia stared blankly at Callian and soon nodded with an expression that she couldn’t help it. 




Ophelia, who answered smoothly, bowed her head slowly. 


And she thought. ‘Everything is as planned.’




It’s thrilling.
It’s the best. 

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