“You’re out of your mind.” As soon as she got in the carriage, Sylvester said.
“I knew you were crazy, but I didn’t know you were this crazy.” 


It was ridiculous that the craziest person I’ve ever seen said this.
But I didn’t say much because I did something wrong. 


Then Sylvester took another step and sarcastically said. 


“Why don’t you go out and get hit by lightning again? Wouldn’t that make you less crazy?”


“Ah, really! You’re such a jerk!”


“You’re the one who made me a jerk.
If you hadn’t used black magic in the first place, it would have passed without a hitch.” 


I remembered how people were freaked out earlier.
Presumably, by tomorrow, there will be a large article. ‘Ophelia Ryzen, make another accident!’ Like this.


Thinking about it, I sighed. 


“I told you it wasn’t my intention.
I’m angry, so what should I do when that happens all of a sudden?” 


Sylvester’s eyes became thinner. 


“Stay with me wherever you go in the future.
If I were there, at least I could stop it.”


As soon as I heard it, I remembered the situation earlier.
Obviously, I lost my reason and tried to harm Fleur.
But when Sylvester held my hand, I was able to regain my reason immediately.
How did he do it?


“That’s right.
What did you do earlier? It sank when you held my hand.”


“What do you mean?”


Sylvester snorted and said. 


“It’s possible because I’m a half demon.
Even if it’s half a demon, do you think I can’t control black magic or anything like that?” 


I blinked several times. 


“So— if I’m next to you, I can prevent it from exploding like today.”


“That’s right.”


Oh, it was a Sylvester that was helpful in many ways.
I nodded in the sense of understanding. 


“By the way—”


I continued to talk slowly. 


“I was really weird earlier.” 


“You’re usually weird.”


“No, it’s not that! It was really strange.
Did I suddenly feel itchy because I wanted to harm Fleur?”


“You were always like that, too.”


“Are you going to keep doing this?” 


I glared at Sylvester.
Sylvester smiled and crossed his legs. 


“When you use black magic, you become faithful to your instincts.
You lose your reason.” 


“In other words, I wanted to harm Fleur?”


“That’s right.
You’ve always been like that, haven’t you? 




I wanted to argue, but I couldn’t refute it because it was right.
In fact, I really wanted to hit Fleur earlier.
That’s how cheeky and hateful I was.
But I could stand it.
I’m a rational human being.


However, after using black magic—.


‘It felt like I wasn’t me.’ 


If Sylvester hadn’t come, I could have hurt Fleur.
If so, a terrible future would have unfolded.
I felt grateful to Sylvester.
So I said thank you, just inside my heart. 


“Anyway, as I’ve said all the time, don’t use black magic as much as you can.
If you don’t want to be a beast faithful to your instincts.”


Sylvester said with a frown on his face.
He looks scary already, but it’s scarier to frown.
Is this what others feel when they see me—?


I’ll try to control myself.” 


I shrugged my shoulders and muttered.
Then I thought of something and raised my head. 


“But what’s the benefit for you if you stop me from going crazy?” At my question, Sylvester lifted his eyebrows slightly.
“Are you getting my feelings?” 




“I saw it in a book.
Demons accept human emotions as sacrifices.
Is that the case with you?” 


Sylvester groaned and crossed his arms. 


“Then what are you going to do?” 


He stared at me and laughed at me. 


“Are you going to give anything to me?”


“—Should I do that?” 


I said as I wrapped my arms around my chest.
Sylvester shook his chin. 


I don’t think yours will taste good.
That’s why I hate it.” 


“You’re strangely annoying.”


“Speak as if you just knew.” 


Sylvester still responded.
It really hasn’t changed in the slightest, so the laughter kept coming out.
Still, I felt lonely on the other side of my heart, and presumably it was because of the swearing I ate all day today. 


It was unfair. 


I really didn’t do anything and stayed still— but I was criticized and misunderstood for no reason.
If it’s not unfair, that would be even more strange. 


I wanted to say this unfairness anywhere.


So I held onto Sylvester. 


“I really didn’t do anything wrong today.” Sylvester, who was looking out the window, glanced at me.
“I didn’t do anything.
I really didn’t do anything except go to the hall and drink.”


“I know.”


He acted like it didn’t matter.
I opened my eyes wide. 


“I know you didn’t do anything.” 


It’s not what I expected.
I clenched my hand tightly. 


“Do you trust me?”


“That’s what I can say.”




I put my hands together without realizing it.
Because I was touched.
I had a situation where no one believed me.
I mean, I just experienced a situation where everyone criticized me.


But I can’t believe he believe me for no reason.
I was really touched.
Come to think of it, I received a lot of help from Sylvester today.
Thanks to that, I was able to avoid accidents. 


I only said ‘thank you’ inside, but I felt like I had to get it out of my mouth. 




But why can’t I say it? I swallowed my dry saliva.




—I want to say thank you. 


“I want to eat meat.” (t/n : Ophelia was trying to say 고맙다 but since both thank you(고맙다) and meat (고기) start with 고, she change her words xD) 


This is all I can say.
I really hate it.


 I lowered my head.
Then Sylvester’s laughter came out. 


“You’re really funny.”




He put his hand on the back of my head.
Seeing him rubbing, it felt like he was stroking my hair. 


“So do what you want and live.” 


How can Sylvester choose only the words I want? 


“Don’t look around.” 


So I thought it would be a little dangerous.
If I fall in love with him, I’ll be in big trouble that day, right?


I should keep my distance for a while.
Of course, I will received the stroking for now—.


I calmly left my head in Sylvester’s hand. 




I felt better.




The morning has come.
I got up, brushing my frizzy hair.
And I thought. 


‘Day of Revenge.’




I pulled the string.
Immediately after that, Irene came in. 


“Madam! You woke up early!”


I have some work to do today.” I stretched out and said.
“I’m going to the Crown Prince’s Palace.”


“—Pardon?” Irene’s eyes shook.
You didn’t see the article—”


She looked at me as if she felt sorry for me and said, then, she took out the newspaper and handed it over to me.I accepted the newspaper and spread it out.
As soon as I did that, I noticed an article hanging in the headline.


[Ophelia Ryzen causes another trouble!]


I knew this would happen.
I hurriedly read the following. 


[An uninvited woman attended the Grand Duke’s ball.
It’s Ophelia Ryzen—(omitted)—she swears at the Countess Fleur William—(omitted)—she couldn’t hold her anger and began to use black magic—(omitted)— what if the Duke of Ryzen had not come? I don’t know if it might have happened— (omitted)—] 


It’s all revealed. 


I smiled bitterly and folded the newspaper.
No, I was going to fold it.
But the last sentence caught my eye.


[Therefore, laws prohibiting black magic should be created immediately.
Before something terrible like this happens!]


“What nonsense are you talking about?”


I laughed in vain because I was speechless. 


“So you should ban black magic now?” 


When do you get help from black magicians? 


“It’s disgusting, really.” 


I frowned as I blew my bangs with my breath.
Irene was shaking next to me. 


I think your mouth is open again—”


I was so Ophelia.
I sighed and swept my hair back. 


“It’s because I’m angry.
This is a ridiculous story.” 


“Is it a lie that Madam used black magic?” 


That’s true.” 


Irene closed her mouth.
Then she moved away from me.
And now you’re avoiding me openly— I’m so upset.
I shrugged and got up completely out of bed. 


“Anyway, I’m going to the Crown Prince Palace.
Please get ready.”


“Uhm.” Irene carefully makes a sound. 


“Won’t His Highness refuse?”


“I’m sure he knows the reason why I’m visiting.”


I shook my head. 


“And he can’t say no.” 


Indeed, Callian allowed me to enter.

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