I clenched my fist tightly.
So you’re saying that I pushed Fleur, right? But it’s my first time seeing Fleur today, though? 


‘What kind of crazy situation is this?’


My blood pressure rose.
The back of my neck was about to be pulled firmly.
Ah, you really close your eyes and expect me to hit you? But I won’t do that.
If I hit Fleur here, the relationship between me and the Crown Prince will be back to distant! 


 Should I just walk away? It could have gotten worse.


‘Somehow, I just wanted to get past it.’


I was worried that she would lie to the Crown Prince, but instead, she’s here to screw me like this.
Applause naturally came out of Fleur’s scheme. Clap clap clap clap.


 “What did you say to make Fleur cry? Tell me! Tell me in front of me, too! 


It looks like a grain of rice, so it’s really noisy.
I decided to make an excuse for now. 


“I didn’t say anything.
I really don’t know why the Countess comes out like this.”


“You didn’t say anything?” 


The Grand Duchess’s eyes widened. 


“Fleur! Say it!” 


Fleur, who was still shedding tears, wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. 


“Grand Duchess.
The Duchess only told me to know my subject well.”


You crazy b*stard. 


“It’s not wrong.
As the Duchess said, having a lowly and ungrateful woman like me with His Highness the Crown Prince—”


Are you out of your mind?


I came to the point where I couldn’t close my mouth.
How can you lie without blinking your eyes? Ah, blood pressure.
My back.


“Oh, my— How can you say such a mean thing!”


“Poor Countess!” 


But despite my injustice, people believe Fleur’s words.
Well, it’s weirder not to believe Fleur, who is weak and slender, talks in tears.


“It’s driving me crazy.” 


I swept my bangs and rolled my eyes.
Ugh! The people who were talking shut up.
Do you have proof that I said that?” I looked directly at Fleur. 


Fleur, who was dangling from tears, sneaked away from my gaze.
She thinks it’s bad.


“The Grand Duchess.
You don’t have any evidence, so can you just trust the Countess’ words and push me away?” 


This time, I looked at the Grand Duke. 


“Is this the value of justice that the Grand Duke puts first?” 


The Grand Duchess’s face was wrinkled. 


“Are you discussing the value of the Grand Duke now?”


“That’s why I mentioned it.
According to the definition of the Grand Duke, there should be clear evidence of anything, but look now! Aren’t you pushing me without any evidence?”


“You’re still out of your mind—!”


The Grand Duchess pointed at me and shouted.
But I was confident.
Because I’ve never really said anything to Fleur.
Moreover, Fleur has no evidence.
There was nothing to fuss about in this part. 


Perhaps that’s why people began to sneak around.
What I said was not wrong.


“Grand Duchess! It’s my fault! I’m sorry!” 


Suddenly, Fleur knelt down and the atmosphere turned around. 


“That’s right.
The Duchess didn’t say anything to me.
I’ll just forget everything— Everything the Duchess tried to hit me and despised me while verbally abusing her words—”


Fleur, who was sitting down and shedding tears, looked really pitiful. 


“I’m fine.
It’s not once or twice.
I can think that it doesn’t happen and move on—”


As soon as Fleur finished speaking, people began to point their fingers at me.
An evil woman, a wicked woman, and a woman who will be punished by heaven—.
It was a bad word that made me dizzy.


‘I’m mad.’ 


I feel like I’m going to die of anger.
My body trembled.
Ugh, I couldn’t breathe well.
God, how can I solve this upsetting situation? 


“Duchess! Are you still not going to apologize?” The Grand Duchess shouted at me.
“How long will you be so shameless? Will you do this even if I lead you to the presiding judge?”


“That’s why, I’m—”


It was then.
I felt something boiling in my heart.
At first, I thought it was anger, but it was different from that.


‘Black magic?’




Black energy began to flow through my hands and feet. 




“W-what is this!”


The black energy from me quickly filled the floor.
People were scared and busy moving away from me. 


“How dare you use black magic in front of me? That’s crazy! You’re out of mind!”


This is not my will.
I wanted to say it, but I couldn’t.
This is because the black energy rose to the end of my neck.
My jaw was choked.
But on the other hand, I felt like my heart was being ripped open. 


The hot head quickly cooled down. 


‘So this is black magic.’


Ugh, I took a deep breath and bent over.
The overflowing black energy gathered at me at once.
I stood up with my back in a hurry.
Both of my hands are full of black energy.
“Whoo—” I took a big breath.


And I looked down at Fleur, who was still sitting down.
Her face turned blue.
What would happen if I used black magic on her here? What will happen to that fragile woman? 


Should I? 


Should I try it? 


I reached out to Fleur slowly without realizing it.


“Duchess! Stop!”




It was then. 




Someone snatched my hand.
It was Sylvester.
As soon as Sylvester’s hand touched me, I could feel the energy disappearing.
What was I thinking just now? I didn’t understand myself, so I stared up at Sylvester blankly.
Sylvester’s face was seen crumpled. 


“Are you out of your mind? You’re going to use black magic here?” 


“—It wasn’t my will.”


Sylvester looked at me with suspicious eyes.
Then, he sighed and hid me behind his body. 


“What happened?” 


He spoke to the Grand Duchess.
The Grand Duchess shouted as if he had been waiting.


“What happened? Didn’t you just see that? The witch’s use black magic! You all saw it, right?”


She said with her hands wide open toward people.
Everyone accepted it. 


“That’s right.
I saw the Duchess using black magic!”


“The energy has come to me too! How frightening!” 


Sylvester narrowed his forehead. 


“I know that.” He said, hiding me more behind his body.
“If I ask what happened, it means what made Ophelia use black magic.”


“I have a lot to say!”


The Grand Duchess continued. 


“Today, the Duchess bullied the Countess a lot! That’s why I was scolding her! The Duke shouldn’t interfere! It’s a problem between wives!”


Sylvester glanced back at me.


It’s not me.
It’s not true. 


I shook my head with all my resentment.
Sylvester sighed and turned his head again. 


“Are you talking about today?”


“That’s right!”


“It’s strange to say that.
My wife and I have been together all day today.”




The eyes of the Grand Duchess were shaken.


“But Fleur—” She looked down at Fleur.
Fleur bowed her head deeply.


“Do I look like I’m lying?”  Sylvester asked. 


The Grand Duchess bit her lips hard.
If she defends Fleur more here, she will doubt the Duke as he says, so it is no longer a story between wives.


It can be a problem between the family.


You can’t be like that.”


So, the Grand Duchess had no choice but to roll her tail.


Get up now.”


She reached out to Fleur, and Fleur sadly raised her hand and grabbed the Grand Duchess.
It was really sad to see her getting up.
To the point where everyone sympathizes! 


‘She’s really a God of acting.’


I felt sorry that I couldn’t give her a shot, but considering my relationship with the Crown Prince, this seemed to be the best.
Moreover, Sylvester came forward, so Fleur will be quiet for a while. 


This jerk, he helped me again. 


I flapped Sylvester’s shoulder as a token of encouragement.


“Don’t hit me.
I’m annoyed.”


Sylvester was such a jerk.
Tch, I let go of my hands. 




The Grand Duchess called me.
I turned my head back and made eye contact with the Grand Duchess. 


“I hope you don’t think we’re moving on like this.” She said, giving each letter of strength.
“Because I am a person who must give back what has been suffered.” 


Then, she turns her body and walks to the other side.


I thought while looking at the back of the Grand Duchess. 


‘It’s the same for me.’


I’ve only suffered this time, but there won’t be another time, Fleur.
I made a firm commitment. 

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