Chapter 38

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Dragon’s claws.


It’s something that appeared in the original.
Through Fleur, the Crown Prince learns about the mercenary guild and meets a mercenary who has visited the dragon’s habitat.
As proof that they have visited the dragon’s habitat, the mercenary holds out the dragon’s claws.


The Crown Prince’s eyes twinkle with joy.
Because he believed he could use this as evidence to deceive the emperor.


The Crown Prince, who purchased the dragon’s claws, lied to the emperor that he had been to the dragon’s habitat in the past and had the claw he had obtained at that time.
The dragon’s habitat required tremendous courage and strength just by going there, so the emperor is greatly pleased and praises the crown prince’s bravery.
As a result, the crown prince is more favored by the emperor.


‘I have no intention of leaving it like that.’


Ophelia felt it was a waste to use the dragon’s claws just for that.
Anyway, the Emperor was amazed only at the beginning, but later put it in the national treasury and didn’t look at it.
Rather, it was better to give it to the Grand Duke who really needed it.
The Grand Duke’s likes and gratitude are a bonus. 


After thinking so far, Ophelia opened her mouth to the Grand Duke, who was glistening at her.


“I have a child named Theo at my house.
He lived in the back alley, and I’m not sure this child is close to a mercenary who has been to the dragon’s habitat.
So I met him once, and he showed me the dragon’s claws.”


Sylvester’s eyebrows went up.
She had that kind of conversation with Theo? He seemed suspicious.
But Ophelia was confident.
It’s because she’s already talked to Theo about it.


‘Tell them it was from you that I learnt about dragon claws.
All right?’


‘Yes! Don’t worry! I’m good at lying!’


Ophelia smiled at Theo’s cute answer.
And she continued to talk again. 


“I thought.
Oh, Your Grace the Grand Duke must be so happy if I give something like this.
So I paid a lot of money to buy it.”


She finished talking with a smile.
The Grand Duke’s eyes began to tear up. 


“How can you think of me that much—!” The Grand Duke hugged the dragon’s claws and gave a touching look.
“I’ll take it.
Thank you very much.
It seems that I misunderstood you.” 


“In the past, I did something wrong.
But I want to promise you that it won’t happen anymore.”


“I can’t believe you’ve become so mature!””


The Grand Duke was so surprised.
He’s surprised to receive such a precious gift from Ophelia, but he didn’t know she would show such a mature attitude! He even thought he knew Ophelia wrong.


Of course not, but anyway.


“Thank you.
Thank you.”


The Grand Duke expressed his gratitude again.


“But I shouldn’t just receive it.
I want to do something for you—”


Anything would be too much for me to receive.”


The Grand Duke was astonished.


“Is it really Ophelia Ryzen? I’m not looking at it wrong, am I?”


He joked and burst into laughter.
Now he seemed to have completely eased his guard.
Ophelia didn’t miss the gap.


“But if Your Grace must give me something—.” 


Ophelia said her real purpose of coming to the Grand Duke. 


“Please give me a book.
There’s a book I really want to read, but it’s not in my house.” 


A book in which the letter of the previous Empress is hidden.
Ophelia wanted that.


“I can get you something like that.”


At this time, Sylvester intervened. 


Why are you interrupting? Go away.


Ophelia was a little embarrassed, but she answered back without showing it. 


“You’re busy.
I didn’t want to ask you anything.” 


It’s a kind word.
So the Grand Duke was even more surprised.
He knew better than anyone else about Ophelia and Sylvester’s bad relationship. 


Touching beyond touching!


The Grand Duke could feel his heart warm.


“Oh, you’ve changed a lot.
You’ve changed a lot.
It’s a great development.”


He said with a warm look at Ophelia. 


“You can take as much as you want.
You can take 10, no, 100 books!”


“Thank you for your words.
One book is enough for me.”


Ophelia raised her lips to the point where she couldn’t be caught.
It’s enough.
She got the heart of the Grand Duke, and she also got a letter from the former Empress.
As a result, the purpose of today’s visit was achieved.
So Ophelia felt good. 


Until an uninvited guest appears.




Suddenly, the door opened and someone jumped in.
Look at the clothes she’s wearing—.


“Why are you here! I didn’t even invite you!”


It was the Grand Duchess. 


Ophelia looked at the Grand Duchess with a blank look.
Then she suddenly muttered.


“It resembles a real grain of rice—”


It was only natural for the Grand Duchess to turn over soon after.




I shouldn’t have said the last word.”


Being kicked out of the drawing room, I muttered.
But what should I do if they really look alike? So without realizing it, the words came out.
I shouldn’t have done that.
Sylvester is inside.
I was the only one kicked out.


Will Sylvester take care of the Duchess—?




“Whatever it may be, it’s fine because I’ve been liked by the Grand Duke.”


The Grand Duke will brew the dragon’s claws dozens of times.
Then, he’ll think about me.


Like, ‘Oh, kind Ophelia!’


No matter how much the Grand Duchess speaks ill of me, it will be okay.
In fact, it’s not that I haven’t considered a way to reconcile with the Grand Duchess.
However, considering what Ophelia has been doing to the Grand Duchess, she seemed to be slapped as soon as she reached out for reconciliation.


So I gave up.
I’m a person who gives up quickly. 


“Should I go to the library?”


Thinking like this, I took a step to the library of the Grand Duke.
In fact, I didn’t know where it was, so I grabbed the servants and asked them for directions several times.
There was a servant who said to lead the way, but I refused.
It’s because I’m so shaky. 


I thought I’d be nervous if I went with them.
And so I managed to get to the library.




The library of the Grand Duke was really ridiculously large.
Such a library seemed to be only in the imperial palace.
I’m sure the founding family is different.
I was surprised and went inside. 


“Is there anything I can help you with?”


As soon as I enter, a man who appears to be a librarian speaks to me.
It was too much for me to look at such a large place alone.


“I want to find a book.
I’ve got permission from the Grand Duke.”


The librarian nodded. 


“What book are you looking for?” 


That’s it— I tried to remember. 


“An Introduction to Curseology.” 




“I want to find that book.”


The librarian looked at me with a pale face.
Fear sprang up in his brown eyes.
It seems that he finally knows who I am.


“D-duchess Ophelia Ryzen.”


“Yes, it’s me.” I looked up at the librarian with a scary look.
“So, can you bring the book quickly?”


“I-I understand!”


The librarian hurriedly left his seat.
I watched his back and sat straight on the sofa, which was set up as a reading space. 


An Introduction to Curseology. 


As the title suggests, it is a book that details curses, a kind of black magic.
This book was presented to the Grand Duke by the previous Empress.
In the meantime, she hid a letter in this book. 


The reason why she put the letter in this book was simple.
Because she was sure that no one in the Grand Duke would open the book.
The Grand Duke is a family called the master of healing magic. 


So, of course they despised black magic.
But it’s a curse? 


It is clear that he will feel disgusted just by touching the book.
However, he couldn’t throw it away because it was a book given by the Empress, so I would have kept it.
That is why the former Empress hid the letter in this book. 


Behind the painting of Count Cardel the other day, and in this book, the former Empress seemed to have hidden this letter in hopes that no one would find it.
Compared to that, the contents were very tearful—.


Why is that? 


‘Well, I can’t guess the intentions of a person who has already died.’


First of all, I have to solve the task assigned to me.
I turned to the running librarian. 




The librarian gasped and held out a book to me.
I took the book lightly.


“Thank you.
Now go in and work.” 


“A-are you planning to stay longer?”


“Do you want me to go back?”


“No! Stay longer! As much as you want!”


When I narrowed my forehead a little, the librarian shook his hands and stepped back.
Ignoring him gradually moving away, I looked at the book.
The book was full of dust how much it had been neglected.
Hoo, I opened the book after roughly shaking off the dust. 


Then, a letter fell off. 


‘I knew it.’


I kept the letter tightly in my arms.
Now, if I bring this to the Crown Prince, I will be able to increase his favorability. 


It’s like I’m playing a game—. Death penalty if you don’t like it! Is it something like this? Whew, that’s my destiny. 


I sighed and covered the book.
No, I was going to cover it. 


[A short platform for black magic]


An interesting phrase caught my eye.
I hurriedly read the following. 


[What is dark magic?


It is a magic trick that borrows the power of magic.


The user can make a contract with the existence of the demon, but usually they don’t make a contract, and  sometimes make sacrifices to gain power.] 




You needed sacrifices to use black magic.
You’re not going to catch young goats and put them on the altar, are you? I got scared for no reason and swept my arm. 


[The sacrifice is surprisingly simple]


However, there was an explanation about the sacrifice just below it. 


[It’s the user’s emotions]




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