Sylvester was standing.
I’m sure I’m the only one going to the Grand Duke today, so why? I tilted my head in wonder.
Sylvester was staring at me from head to toe.


“Are you dressed in the clothing I picked out for you to look good in?”




I bought so many that I’m not sure which one it is.
I was speechless and laughed in vain.


“If you’re here to say that, why don’t you go? I’m busy.”


I tried to walk past Sylvester after speaking plainly.
But he grabbed my shoulder. 


“I’m coming with you.”




“I turned down the invitation from the Grand Duke the other day and was told to come today.
I’m lazy, but I have to go.” 


He was frowned upon as if he were really bothered.
No, I’m annoyed at the thought of going with you too.
Why are you the only one frowned at? Oh my goodness. 


“That’s why you wear it so I can look at it.” 




Sylvester laughed in vain. 


People will really like it if both of us go to the Grand Duke together.” 


Sylvester snapped his jacket and said.  “Let’s go.” Then he reached out to me, and I naturally crossed my arms to him and slowly walked out the hallway.




“The kid from yesterday.” Sylvester said as soon as he got on the carriage.  






“What’s wrong with him?” 


I asked with a little nervousness.
I was wondering what Sylvester said next. 


“That kid—” Sylvester clicked his tongue, slightly blurring the end of his words.
“He’s smart.”


“What did I say!” I lifted my chin with a triumphant expression of joy.
“It’s fine, right? So? Are you going to educate the child?” 


Sylvester looked unhappy with something but soon answered with a nod. 


“I put him as Neil’s assistant.
I asked them to find a site to build a school and nursery together.” 


“Oh! Good.
Rivert knows the back alleys so he can recommend a suitable place.” 


“Yeah, so what I want to say.” Sylvester’s eyes narrowed.
“How the hell did you know?” 


“About what?”


“Theo or something, and Rivert.” 


He looked at me with suspicious eyes. 


“I’m surprised all the kids you brought yourself are brilliant.
So I can’t help but doubt it.” 


Doubt it? 


I rolled my eyes.
Because I did a lot of things that could have stabbed Sylvester.
Representatively, the information guild was secretly connected to the Crown Prince—.
Sylvester doesn’t know, does he?


I got nervous and shrugged my shoulders. 






“Are you secretly using the information guild?” 




How can you guess like you’re catching a mouse while you’re walking backward? I got goosebumps and swept my arms down. 


“Did I get it right?” 


Sylvester still looked at me with suspicious eyes and said, I shook my head in a hurry. 


“It’s not like that.”


I’d be a fool to admit it here unless he has physical evidence.
It was best to act as if I didn’t know.


“I was just lucky.
Theo’s swordsmanship was seen passing by in a carriage, and Rivert, as you know, happened to meet him in front of the shop.” 


“That’s true.”


“Even if I have the informant, would such a coincidence be made? I don’t think so.”


That’s true.
It was a coincidence to find Theo, and it was a coincidence to face Rivert.
Even if Sylvester digs up the back, there’s nothing he can find out.
Having finished my judgment so far, I looked at Sylvester with a look of frustration. 


“How can you doubt your only wife? That’s too much.” 




Sylvester kept his mouth shut.
He seems a little embarrassed, too. 


“I’m not doubting you.” He added his words.
“I was just asking.
If you’ve ever used an informant without me knowing it—”


What if I did? 


“I was going to compliment you.
I’m running the best information guild in the Empire, then I wonder if you’re doing something behind my back.”


I underestimated Sylvester too much.
He used to be like this.
Well, he praised me for stealing money.
What else would I want?


He laughed in vain in bewilderment. 


“But there’s something you need to be sure about.” 


At this time, Sylvester’s eyes changed sharply.
He looked at me with a slightly fierce look. 


“No matter what you do,” He reached for me.
“Don’t think it won’t come to my ears.” And brushed my hair.
A distance that can be pulled at any time.
I was nervous, so I swallowed a little bit.
“Don’t try to fool me.”


My hair fell out of his hand.
I was frightened by the sudden cold atmosphere.
My heart thumped.
Whoo, whoo, I took a deep breath.
It’s coming out like this.
I squinted my eyes.


“When did you say I have to seduce the Crown Prince by all means?” 


“Did I?”


“You said something similar.” 


“So you’re gonna betray me?”


I laughed.
“I won’t kill you.”


“Hahaha.” Sylvester burst out laughing.
It was the first time he laughed this hard.
So I couldn’t help but be embarrassed.
I mean, why are you laughing like that when I didn’t even make a joke—? I’m embarrassed.
Sylvester, who had been laughing for so long, nodded and reached for me again. 


“Try it somewhere.”


And he held my hand.
I could feel his cold temperature.


“On the condition that you don’t kill me.” 


As he spoke, he continued to laugh, which made me a little offended.  Are you really going to die at my hands in the original? Am I really a great person? 


As I couldn’t even speak, I just kept my mouth shut.




We arrived at the Grand Duke.
I took off my shawl and got off the carriage.
I’m glad I didn’t wear a thick dress.
The Grand Duke is located beyond the western border, which is much warmer than the North, where the Duke of Ryzen is located.


I heard there’s an ocean, too—. Can I see it? 


Maybe I can’t see it because I can’t get out of the mansion.
Unfortunately, I had to promise another chance.
Yeah, next time.
I’m looking for another chance to visit the Grand Duke.
Because I’m close to the Grand Duke. 


“Irene, did you take care of it?”


So I double-checked with Irene.
Irene, who was following me, nodded. 


“Yes! Don’t worry!” 


“That’s good.”


Seeing the box in Irene’s arms, I turned my head again in satisfaction.
Sylvester, standing next to her, turned his head slightly and looked at Irene.


“What’s that?” 


I knew you’d ask. 


So I answered casually. 


“I’ll give it to Your Highness Grand Duke.
It’s precious.” 


Sylvester narrowed his brows slightly. 


“If it’s me, I wouldn’t take what you gave me.”




“Didn’t you trick them into saying they were sweet cookies and feed them with salt? Have you already forgotten how much pain a human being has had with salty salt?” 




Ophelia, you—.


Just telling the Grand Duchess that she looks like a grain of rice that even mice won’t eat wasn’t enough, did you even play a prank on the Grand Duke?


What a bad person she is—.
But that’s who I am now.
As soon as I saw the Grand Duke, I decided to apologize.


“I was a prankster.
I will apologize today.”




Sylvester smirked. 


“They almost have you executed, but I don’t think you remember the mess.” 




I blinked my eyes.
Did that happen? So you’re going into a house that almost killed me with an invitation you stole.
There’s really no answer, myself.
I got dark and swept my face down with my hands. 


“If I hadn’t stopped you, you’d be dead.
You need to know my hard work.”


“Do you have to take credit like this?”


“Of course.”


“Yes, yes, thank you.
I’m so grateful that I don’t know what to do.”


“That’s all you need to know.”


Before, Sylvester never noticed me being sarcastic.
How are you going to live in this harsh world like this? I wanted to say that, but it seemed like a Sylvester-like person would be okay without any notice. 


Destroy the power society—.


I murmured and glanced at him. 


“But the Grand Duke will receive this item.
It’s really precious.”


I winked and walked a little ahead.
I could hear Sylvester muttering ‘Crazy’ from behind. 


Who is the crazy person who says I’m crazy?




I snorted ahead and gave an invitation to the gatekeeper.
The gatekeeper, who looked at the invitation, looked at my face with breath in his mouth.
Why? What? What do you want me to do? 


“The invitation is addressed to Countess Cardel.” 


I knew it would come out like this.
So I looked up at the gatekeeper with a fierce look on my face.




“That’s, I don’t think Madam is Countess Cardel—”


“The Countess said she wasn’t feeling well, so I came instead.
Can’t I?”


“No! You can!”


The gatekeeper shook his hands in fright.
It looked like he was very scared.
Oh, my face is the best. 


“You know who I am, don’t you?” 


“Yes! Isn’t it Duchess Ophelia Ryzen!”


“Then tell them.” 


I raised my chin arm in arm to Sylvester, who followed. 


“We’re here.”


Hiik! The gatekeeper looked at Sylvester and rolled his shoulders, frightened again.
Sylvester didn’t do anything.
The conscious gatekeeper pushed the door and shouted loudly. 


“The Duke and Duchess Ryzen is entering!” 


The heavy door slowly began to open. 


Bright light poured out. 


And the stinging eyes of the people caught my eye. 

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