For a moment, I was dazed.
Then, in a hurry, I came to my senses.
“How did you manage to find out how many dresses I bought?”


As if he had waited, the child answered.


“That’s because I can see the movement of the staff.
If I look at the flow, I can tell how many dresses they have purchased.”


“But you don’t know the exact price?”


“It used to be, but not any more.” The child continued.
“I’ve been asking about the price with the Young Lady who appears to have purchased a dress for a few days.
I pretended to be a new store’s servant, and they told me everything.”


He’s lying? 


I was more interested. 


“She told me how many dresses she purchased and how much they cost in total.
And some people act as if they’re bragging.
Then I can see how much each new decoration raises the price.
That’s how much you paid for it.” Sparkling.
The child’s brown eyes shone brilliantly.
“I’m right, isn’t it?” 


A child with a triumphant expression on his face.
I looked at such a child and smiled brightly.






“You’re wrong.”


The child’s bright face was flooded with frustration.
I added a word.
“I can give you statistics, but it’s very difficult to price each dress.
The price varies depending on the design, whether it’s decorated with a lot of decorations or not.
That’s why you didn’t calculate it up to that point.
So, the calculation you made is completely Wrong.
I spent exactly 487 gold coins.” 


“—That’s a big difference.” 


The child bit his lower lip in anger.
Then, he shook his head and returned to his original face. 


“Well, thanks to Madam, the price will change depending on the design, so the calculations will be more accurate in the future.
I’ll guess next time.”


As if it’s been a while since the last time he was heartbroken, the child’s eyes were shining again.
I got more interested and took a step closer to the child. 


“Why are you doing this calculation?” 


“I’m bored.
It’s fun, right?” 


As soon as I heard the child’s answer, a scene from the original story passed by. 


‘Why are you making such a useless calculation?’


‘I’m bored.
It’s fun, right?’


I looked down at the child with a certain look. 


“Your name—”




I clenched my fist.
I wanted to bring joy, but I tried hard to hold it in.
I never thought I’d find Rivert here like this.
In the original book, Rivert was a student who entered the school after a long time.
So I thought it would take a long time to find him, but it got caught like this!


‘I guess I’m really lucky.’


Now that I’ve got Rivert, I don’t have to build a school!


‘No, no.
I should do it for good.’


Still, there was no need to bother to find Rivert.
I’m grateful to Sylvester for dragging me out.
This jerk sometimes really helps me.
I shivered with joy.


It was then. 


“What’s going on?” 


Sylvester grabbed my shoulder and pulled me backwards.
He creates a gap between Rivert and me.


“Can you tell me what this brat has done to you?”


Sylvester had a scary expression on his face, as if he was about to draw his sword.
Why suddenly?


“It’s not like that?”


“But why are you shaking your shoulders? I thought you were crying.” Sylvester stared at my face, clicked his tongue.
Then he asked.
“What is it?”


Maybe he means the child.
I was going to answer.
But Rivert interrupted my answer. 


“I’m Rivert.” 


“I didn’t ask you.
Get out of here.” 


“No, you shouldn’t tell him to get out of here!”


I shouted, placing myself between Sylvester and Rivert, as if Rivert needed to be protected.
And I grabbed Rivert’s hand.


“I’ve finally found the child I’ve been looking for.
I wasn’t expecting to find him so soon.
I’d rather bring him to the mansion.”


Sylvester’s impression was oddly disapproved of.
He fixed his gaze on me.


“I guess you’re determined to turn the mansion into a temporary shelter.
I can’t.”


“But he’s a really smart kid.” 


“What are you looking at?” He looked down at Rivert and said.
“Don’t you have to prove it to me? I can’t let a child in just by listening to you.”


That’s true. 


But what a child can show right now is the ability to calculate, and there are many people who can do this.
What I’m paying attention to is the possibility of a child’s growth, but there was no way to prove it.
Then what should I do— Ugh.
I groaned.




At this time, Rivert stepped in. 


“You can see how quickly I can grasp the situation by knowing that you are the Duke of Ryzen and not running away, right?” 


Rivert said, staring directly at Sylvester’s scary face.


“If you can see well from here, I’ll enter the mansion right? Then I’ll be able to study without worrying about meals.
I hoped for that, because I’m always hungry.”


And then he started to boil his knees! 


“Rivert! What are you doing? Get up!” 


“Whatever you teach me, I’ll show you beyond your imagination.
I promise.” 


Despite my persuasion, Rivert did not move.
He just looked up at Sylvester with his knees bent.
Sylvester, who was looking down at Rivert with an indifferent look on his face, had a faint smile on his lips.
I caught that smile right away. 


I moved closer to Sylvester while Rivert was on his knees,


“How? He’s not a normal kid, right?” 


I whispered to him.
Sylvester squinted his eyes.


“I don’t think you’re recruiting talented people like this for the Duke Ryzen.” 


As expected Sylvester.
He has the best eyes.
I replied in a sour way, as if it were nothing. 


“Of course.
My future is more important to me.” 


“The future after you divorced me?” 


“Of course.” 


I grinned. 


“But, I will make a deal about Rivert.”


“You’re making a deal?” 


“Yes, grow a little more and put the flowers where you want them later.” 


Sylvester’s eyebrows wriggled.
I spoke in a voice of certainty.


“For example, next to the 2nd Prince.” 


As soon as I was finished, Sylvester turned his head.
His eyes narrowed slightly.
What are you thinking? I was nervous for nothing and swallowed dry saliva.




He smirked and tucked my hair behind my ear.
“I should support him, but,” Sylvester’s blue eyes shone coolly.
“My role is to make him emperor.” 


He lowered his head obliquely and looked down at Rivert, who was still on his knees. 


“You can’t lose talent.” 


Now Sylvester was laughing completely.
He reached out to Rivert. 


“Let’s go, kid.”




Rivert held Sylvester’s hand with a big smile.
Sylvester muttered, looking down at Rivert, who was less than ten years old. 


“I like you more because you’re a kid.” 


I wanted to ask him what that meant, but I couldn’t because Sylvester seemed too happy.
I’m sure it’s a good thing anyway—? It’s a good thing. 


As a result, I gained both talents who would have been the Crown Prince’s arms.
Of course, Rivert will be used for the Duke in the future, but if it helps me, it will do me no harm. 


I hummed with joy when I thought this far. 


Ah, it was a nice day.




The day has come for the Grand Duke’s ball to be held.
I was getting ready early in the morning.
I bought a lot of dresses from Ella’s shop not too long ago, so I just had to choose from them.
I chose a white dress embroidered with gold thread. 


I think it would suit me because I have silver hair—I chose it with that in mind, 


“As expected Madam! You have a good eye!” 


“That’s right.
I heard it’s the most expensive!” 


“You’ll look great in it.” 


My eyes were really stung by capitalism.
I can’t believe it’s expensive at a glance.
Is it amazing? Anyway, I was leaving myself to the maid.
At this time, Irene in a slightly disheveled outfit opened the door and entered.


“Madam! I’m here!”


Irene was breathing heavily, and her cheeks were reddish, so she seemed to be quite excited.
I greeted Irene. 


“Did you bring it?” 


“Yes! I brought it!”


Irene held out the items she had brought from the Mercenary Guild and shook her shoulders. 


“Wow, I was so nervous! But it was fun! The mercenaries were staring at me and talking to me, but they didn’t say anything and just brought me things!” 


“Good job.
I’m glad I let you go.”


Irene’s face is redder by my compliment. 


“Ah, thank you for your trust in me Madam.”


Irene said with a shy frown.
Then she pointed at the box she gave me and asked.


“But why do you need this? Joseph or someone said this to me.
It was really hard to get.” 


“That’s why I needed it.” 


I smiled and told her to pack the box.
This is a real thing for the Grand Duke.
He’ll like it.
For sure. 


Thinking so, I turned around in front of the mirror. 


“What do you think?” 


“You’re pretty today, too!” 


As she said, the me in the mirror was truly dazzlingly beautiful.
But it’s cold.
I can see why people say they’re scared by looking at my face.
I used to be annoyed with this face.


But not now. 


‘It’s pretty good.’


If I make a proper impression on people, they will be scared and obey me. 


‘Should I use this, what would I use?’


I felt like I was becoming a real villain by living like a villain, but that was fine.
What can’t I do to protect my life?


“Let’s go now.”




Irene rushed to the door.
And opened the door wide for me.



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