“If you allow me to do this, I’ll let you meet the Emperor.” 




Sylvester looked surprised.
That’s right, he was the one who took the lead when the Emperor told me he was interested in me a while ago.
And the Emperor wasn’t someone he could meet just because he wanted to meet.
Because he doesn’t allow everyone to have an audience in the first place.


Sylvester now looked at me with a smile of interest around his mouth. 


“How can I meet the Emperor?” 


“Because His Majesty the Emperor will make an audience with me.” I crossed my arms and raised my chin.
“How about it, is it tempting?” 


Sylvester hesitated slightly.
This case is tempting as I said, but it seems difficult to accept it at once as it costs more money than the nursery.
He opened his lips looking at my face. 


“What if you fail?”




I snorted out a laugh. 


“There’s no failure.” 


There’s no way.
I’ll create a situation where the Emperor can’t live without calling me.
Like the original.
So there’s no chance of failure.


“Where the hell does that boldness come from?” 


Sylvester muttered.
Then Neil, who was standing next to him, added a word. 


“Don’t couples usually look alike?” 


At Neil’s gentle words, I and Sylvester frowned. 


“We don’t look alike.” 


“We’re not.”


The two of us who said the same thing naturally made eye contact. 






I coughed out a small cough because I was embarrassed.
Why are you saying the same thing? Awkwardly.
When I peeked away, Sylvester was similarly embarrassed.


Cough. He also coughed and asked me.


“So, if I give you money, are you going to go out today?” 


I nodded my head. 


“It should be.
Because I couldn’t properly inspect the site because of the Theo incident the first time.
I have to check it out today.” 




Sylvester hummed and pulled his chin.


“Then I’ll come with you.” 


“Aren’t you going out?” 


He raised his shoulders up. 


“It’s nothing.
Cancel it.”


“What was it?” 


“The Grand Duke called.” 


“—but can I cancel it so freely?” 




I was so proud that I was speechless.


Oh, I see.
My husband is a man who doesn’t even listen to the words of the Grand Duke, who is second only to the Emperor—.


In a way, it was amazing. 


“Okay, then wait.
I’ll be ready to come out.” 




Sylvester took off his coat, handed it to Neil, and went back into the mansion. 




His voice caught my ankle trying to climb up the stairs. 


“This time, you’ll have to tell me what kind of talent you’re looking at.”




‘I never talk anything about Rivert, though?’


I only thought about it, but I didn’t say it out loud.
But how did Sylvester know I was going to find a talent?


“You want to build a school because you’ve recognized someone like the one you brought in the first time.
You don’t think I can guess what you’re thinking?” 


“—That’s right, but it’s oddly annoying.”


“That’s my charm.”


Sylvester smirked. 


“I can’t wait to see who you’re going to choose.” 


I’m not going to hand it over to you anyway.
I walked up the stairs, ignoring without answering. 




Sylvester smiled obliquely as he watched the hem of Ophelia’s disappearing dress.
And then, he had a bit of anticipation.
What kind of ability will Ophelia’s ‘choice’ show this time?


Theo, the boy that Ophelia brought in the first time, was just as good at swordsmanship as she said. 


‘It’s amazing.’


The commander of the Knights said that he was strict.
So Sylvester could trust Ophelia’s eye.
Of course, it could have been a one-time win, so he’ll have to take a closer look at it this time. 


‘If you bring talent this time too—’


He felt like he had to talk to Ophelia seriously.
Perhaps she won’t give up the talent to Sylvester.
She’s begging for a divorce, so she’s going to take them out after the divorce.
Sylvester, however, did not want to miss those who had once come into his hands. 


Of course, Ophelia, who brought them. 


‘It’s fun.’


Something exciting happened after a long time.
Sylvester giggled as he was able to do fun things ahead.


“Would that be all right?” Neil, who was watching Sylvester like that, said.
“Your Highness the Grand Duke will be waiting for you a lot.”


“Send something telling them that I’m sick.
I’ve caught a cold.
I’m taking care of my health, so I’m going to tell him I can’t come.” 


“That makes sense, too.
I understand.” 


Neil nodded.
Then he slowly approached her and asked in a low voice. 


“Do you believe what the Madam said?”




“She says that you will meet Your Majesty.”


“I trust her only half.”


Sylvester replied firmly.
Neil narrowed his forehead. 


“Where was the irony of not investing in the uncertainty?”  


“There is also a rule of not sparing investment in fun things.” 


He answered by whistling.
Investing a lot of money just for fun seems to be a minus—.
Neil wanted to say that, but he didn’t want to offend the master, so he was silent. 


Sylvester said, tapping Neil on the shoulder.
“It’s gonna be fun.”  His blue eyes glistened. 


“Let’s enjoy it until the 2nd Prince comes.”




And Sylvester immediately lost interest.
This is because Ophelia, who came out of the preparation, looked strange.
The usual Ophelia sought an elegant and colorful style, like a rose blooming alone among the modest wild flowers.
It was even more difficult to find a place without decorations, with decorations from head to toe.


But today—.


“What the hell is that look?”


It was too simple.
A dress that’s completely unnoticeable, empty neck and arms.
And it’s hard to tell whether her trademark silver hair is twisted up or tied up by her hat. 


What the hell’s going on here?


Sylvester was amazed. 


“Me? Why?”


Ophelia, who had a look on her face as if what the problem was, made him more amazed. 


“The prohibition rule is over, but why are you like this? Are you crazy?” 


“You have a great personality to say crazy things about your wife.”


“You’re so great to say you’re going out with me in that state.” 


Sylvester squinted his eyes.  


“You are the hostess of the Duke of Ryzen.
You deserve more attention than anyone else.”




He’s right, but Ophelia is comfortable now.
If she dresses up like she always does, she’ll get attention right away.
It’s more comfortable when she’s dressed as she is now. 


So Ophelia tried to say, but. 


“Oh, I get it now.” Sylvester interrupted her.
“Are you protesting against me?”


“—What is it?”


“You’re protesting that I won’t give you money to dress up.
You don’t know what I mean?” 


I don’t know. 


Ophelia was so dumbfounded that she was about to run away.
But Sylvester had a strong misunderstanding. 


“People— ah, enough.
We’ve decided to leave anyway, so let’s go out and look around.
Is this okay? Are you satisfied?” 


“No, I like walking around like this because it doesn’t attract attention—”


“The Duke Ryzen’s Mistress is not attracting attention outside? Are you kidding me?” 


Sylvester was a man of great pride in his family.
That’s why Ophelia could never be forgiven for wandering around like this.


“I’ll pretend I don’t know about your protest.
So, follow me.”


“Today, we’re going to look at the site of the school—”


“You can leave that to Neil.” 


Neil was frustrated by the fact that things had increased again, but Sylvester really didn’t care a bit. 


He grabbed Ophelia’s wrist. 


“Don’t say anything and follow my will.” 


Ophelia stared up at Sylvester in a daze.
It also makes money colorful— she thought. 




Madame Ella is busy welcoming guests.
It’s the right word to say that she’s really out of her mind. 


That’s right, the person she was dealing with was ‘that’ Ophelia Ryzen! 


“H-how about this? It’s a new product this season and I think it’ll look really good on you!”


Ella groveled and said to Ophelia.
Ophelia looked down on Ella with a look.  


Hiik! Ella took a deep breath and shrugged her shoulders.


I’m scared of that face! 


I’m afraid of that look!


She doesn’t know when or how she’s going to punish her! Ella caught her breath, holding onto her heart that was about to pop out.
It was a hell of a situation, but considering sales— it was like heaven.


Just what the Ryzen couple said they would buy now was several hundred gold.
This was a jackpot.
So Ella faced Ophelia with a friendly smile.
Capital is about overcoming fear.
Ophelia slowly looked around. 


She can see mannequins with their clothes ripped off.
Next to it, she can see clothes piled up like a mountain.
These are the dresses that Sylvester just bought.


‘Ah, it’s too much.’


For her, who is a small citizen, buying such a large amount of clothes at once—and it is very expensive—was really heartbreaking.


But Sylvester—.
“What are you doing? There’s nothing to chose anymore.” He’s sitting like this. 




She doesn’t want to buy anymore.
But he have to look and buy more.
Isn’t he usually the opposite? Ophelia sniffed her nose.


“Then give me what you say.”


“Yes! I will mend it according to the size of the Madam!”


“Yes, and the other one is—”


Then something else came into Ophelia’s eyes.
It was a boy sitting outside, seen over the curtains.
The child has been here since Ophelia first came here.
The orange-haired boy was glancing inside the store, drawing something on the floor with long branches. 


What are you doing sitting outside all this cold? 


Ophelia suddenly became curious.
She’s not doing this because she’s tired of buying clothes.


“And who’s that kid?” 


To Ophelia’s question, Ella hastily answered. 


“Oh, that’s the kid who’s been sitting since morning.
Even if I tell him to go, he won’t go.
Hey, do you want to go? It’s a drag on the business!”


He has been sitting since morning? Ophelia was more curious. 


“Madam, where are you going?”




Despite the opposition of Ella and Sylvester, Ophelia came out.
Then she approached the child who was scribbling something on the floor.


“What are you doing?”


At Ophelia’s words, the child lifted his head slowly.
Then he smiled at Ophelia. 


“325 gold.”




“The sum of the dresses Madam bought.”

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