Fleur took a deep breath.
Because she had no idea when Ophelia was going to hit her! She understands how spicy Ophelia’s hands are after being beaten by her a few times.


But Fleur wanted Ophelia to hit her.
Only then will Callian be angry and punish Ophelia greatly.
That was because Fleur hated Ophelia.
She hated it since she first met her.
Yeah, she hates it so much that she’s so furious! 


Fleur, who was born and raised in a wealthy family, has been in the public spotlight since she was a child, at all times and in all places.
It was because of her beautiful appearance and natural kindness.
People praised her and called her an ‘angel.’ That’s why Fleur believed she had a bright future ahead of her.
Until the house is completely ruined.


Her father’s ship had sunk at the time.
She began to make mistakes one by one after that, and she eventually became concerned about tomorrow’s meal.
Her mother cried every day and her father lived with a bottle of alcohol.
People who praised Fleur as an “angel” began to leave one by one as a result.


She wasn’t an angel anymore.
Poor commoner’s daughter, this was her position now. 


Fleur had been frustrated for days and was trying to get out of this horrible situation.
What caught her eye was Count William, who is 12 years older than her.
Fleur remembered how much the Count cherished her.
So she ran into the Count’s bedroom, begging with him to save her.


Count William, fortunately, accepted such a Fleur, despite the misfortune.
The Count promised that he would help the family’s debts on condition of marriage.
As a result, she married the Count.
Her life’s second act began to unfold.
The people praised her once more as Countess.


The nickname “Angel-like Countess” was given to her.


Although the old and ugly Count is her husband, Fleur’s life as a Countess and a wealth of fortune that she can’t feel lacking has made Fleur feel satisfied with her life. 


Then she met Callian.
She still had no idea at that moment.
Until she heard that Callian was the Crown Prince who had been abandoned. 


Fleur thought.


Can’t I be the Empress? 


I can be an Empress.
I have to be an Empress.
That’s right.
I am not one to end my life contentedly as a Countess.


I’m special.
No, it’s no special, I’m shining.
So I can be the Empress who holds the most power in the Empire!


Fleur decided never to let go of the rope of Crown Prince.
It was possible because Callian also truly loved Fleur.
Fleur began to make Callian her own person.
Just when the third act of life is about to unfold. 


A woman appeared. 


Ophelia Ryzen. 


‘Look, she’s here again.’


‘What else she’s going to do here today?’


Fleur knows the scandal of the century’s evil woman and witch.
So she looked at Ophelia without thinking much.


Ophelia Ryzen was so beautiful.
The snow fairy seemed to be in the right place.
Ophelia was astonishingly beautiful, and she also looked like an unapproachable noble.
Besides, she was not as helpless as Fleur, who could not swallow what she wanted to say and do what she wanted to do. 


She was a woman who did what she wanted.
A person who is freer than anyone else.
That was Ophelia Ryzen.


Fleur was greatly embarrassed with a sense of defeat that had never been before, but it was fine.
Because Callian’s eyes weren’t on her.
Because he only saw me.
In fact, when Ophelia was bothering her, Callian always tried to punish her by swearing at Ophelia.


It was a pity that Ophelia could not be punished greatly because of Duke Sylvester Ryzen, but every time Callian bit Ophelia as if to kill him.
So Fleur was relieved. 


No matter how noble and beautiful Ophelia Ryzen is, she is just a poor woman who will never be loved by Callian—.




‘Then call me if you need any information in the future.
I’ll help you, Your Highness.’


Is Ophelia Ryzen helping Callian? That witch? 


She thought Callian would say no at once.


I will.’


Callian accepted her offer.
Besides, their atmosphere was very calm! Unbelievable! Fleur felt dizzy.  If Callian was taken away from here, she would—.


‘I have to go back to the past.’


She can’t even become a Countess because she’s in the process of divorce from the Count.
She will be back as the poor commoner. 


‘I can’t do that.’


Either way, she needs to kick Ophelia out.
She’s not going to let her have Callian.
Fleur clenched her teeth and looked at Ophelia.
Ophelia was still looking at her with a cold face with no expression, which was very scary.


But she couldn’t back down here.


Fleur swallowed her dry saliva. 


“Madam? Aren’t you coming to my wedding?” 


She provoked Ophelia to get jealous.
And closed her eyes tightly.
She thought Ophelia would really hit her this time!




But there was no pain felt.
Fleur slowly lifted her closed eyes up.
Ophelia was seen looking down at her without any change of expression. 


“Okay.” Ophelia, who had been silent for a long time, said.
“I will.
So, will you leave now? I think I should go back now.”


Fleur was kicked out of the carriage without being able to speak properly. 


Step by step. 


As she watched the carriage leaving, Fleur could feel a rush of shame.
She felt defeated.
She trembles like crazy, and Ophelia just watches over— It felt like losing in a game that had already been decided.


She accidentally broke her teeth.  




She’ll never let it go.
Fleur’s eyes flashed.




Seeing that Fleur had gone a long way, I now took a deep breath and let out a sigh and tilted my head back. 


“Oh, I’m so angry.” 


My stomach was boiling. 


‘I made a promise to Your Highness to marry him.’


‘I mean, I’m preparing for the wedding in advance.’


‘I hope you come and congratulate me.’


That means you’re going to screw me up.
It’s not like it’s a word that can’t be said without it! You said that knowing my temper—.


‘I’m sure you said it in case I hit you.’ 




‘To reach out Callian.’


The relationship between me and Callian seems to be getting a little better, so she must have tried to sabotage it.
How can this really be? In the original, Fleur was a nice person.
There was no character as nice as her.


But like this? 


“Go away, really.”


I sighed and turned my head back.
If it were the original Ophelia, she would have slapped Fleur on the cheek or grabbed her by the hair earlier.
Then Fleur would have run to Callian and accused Ophelia for being evil. 


But I didn’t do that.
Instead of getting angry, I held it in.
I feel like I’m the way to win her bad plan.
That’s why I held it in, but my stomach was boiling and overflowing. 


‘How can you hit me in the back like this?’


Her face must be flat. 


“What if she lies to the Crown Prince again?” 


She could have told a lie that she hit her or something like that. 


‘It’s not really like that.’


I bit my lips.
I felt like I needed to narrow my relationship with Callian more quickly.
I don’t know what Fleur is going to do in the middle.
At least I want him to make me trustworthy. 


‘Let’s try.’


I sighed and puffed out the crumpled hem of the dress.
It was because I had arrived at the mansion in no time.
First, let’s go inside and rest.
I’m so tired.
I’ll think about it later.
Thinking so, I stepped over the wide open carriage door. 


It was then. 




A familiar voice tickled my ear.
I turned my head in a hurry.
Sylvester was walking towards me with her black cloak waving.
Like the unique night sky, black but sparkling hair looks exceptionally more beautiful. 


The well-groomed features also looked more handsome today.
I rubbed my eyes a few times wondering if my eyes were weird because I was too tired to talk to Callian and getting hit by Fleur in the back, but Sylvester was still handsome.


‘Yeah, he’s always handsome.’


I nodded quickly and grabbed the hand he reached out to me.


“What brings you here?” 


“Who’s too late?” Sylvester checked the time by taking the watch out of his arms.
“It took too long for someone who said she’d be out for a while.”


“Didn’t Irene tell you? I’m going to see the Crown Prince.” 


“It’s too late considering that.” 


As Sylvester said, the sky was getting dark.
Well, the conversation was a bit long.
I readily agreed. 


“I’m sorry I’m late without saying a word.
By the way, can I go in and rest now? I’m so tired.” 


“Tired? When you’ve always been full of energy?”


Sylvester squinted his eyes. 


“What happened?” 


Fleur was a much worse X than I thought.
I wanted to say so.


‘Will you believe me?’


I slowly opened my lips.



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