Callian pretended he wasn’t interested.
But what if he gets bitten and misses out on something truly good? He would never have thought of this if it had been in the past.
But recently Ophelia has changed somewhat strangely, so— Callian couldn’t get rid of the thought of just in case. 

 So when he couldn’t help it, he raised his long legs and crossed them. 


“I’ll give you five seconds.
Tell me in five seconds or I’ll kick you out.” 


“No, five seconds is too short—”


“5, 4 —”


“I know the Information Guild.” 


Ophelia said hastily.
Mercenary Information Guild at the Monster Meat Shop.
In the original book, Callian visits the store in person and makes a connection.
But how can she use our Noble Prince to do something so trivial? That’s why she’s saying it on purpose.
It’s never a good idea to steal the ball.


Ophelia smiled as she leaned forward a little.


“It may be a little further from my husband’s guild, but it’s not bad here either.
No, I can say it is good.
It’s a place where mercenaries from all over the world gather and talk.” 


Callian cast a serious glance towards Ophelia.


“Why would you introduce me to a place like that?” 


“Because I like you.”


Ophelia smiled and said casually.
So Callian was even more dumbfounded.
No, how can you not feel ashamed? And Ophelia seems to be more brazen than usual recently.


“Your Highness knows, don’t you?”  Ophelia, who seemed to have no idea what Callian was thinking, responded as if she didn’t know.
“It’s dangerous to work without this kind of information.”


That’s true.


Callian has recently felt the need for an information guild.
Now that Sylvester Regen and the 2nd Prince are in check at the same time, he needs more information than ever.
Information that could screw them up. 


But the information guild was already dominated by Sylvester.


‘Information from mercenaries.’


It’s tempting.
He couldn’t take what Ophelia was saying straight away.
Callian spoke in a tone full of alert. 


“I will ask you again.
Why would you introduce me to a guild?” 


“I will say it once again, I like you.” 


“I hate you.” 


You don’t have to tell me, this b*stard. Ophelia immediately hardened her face.
Callian didn’t miss the moment.


“Now I know.
You want the price for it.” He freaked out, wrapping his body in a pencil.
“I have no intention of loving you.
I have never considered it.
Never, never, never.” 


I know, you son of a b*tch—.
Don’t stress it.
Ophelia exhaled and straightened her stiffened impression.  “I’m not telling you about the guild information to win your heart.” Ophelia smiled, reprinting her patience.
“You just need to know that I love you this much.
That’s enough.”


Callian’s eyes narrowed.




She doesn’t want anything?


Does this make sense?


But it’s a loss if he refuses to accept it because he’s suspicious.
The Crown Prince fell into the thought of surveillance.
“This time,” he glared at Ophelia again.
“Do you know it’s an act of betraying the Duke?”


Ophelia’s eyes twinkled as if waiting for these words to come out.
In the original story, Ophelia listens to Callian’s orders and betrays Sylvester to kill him.
Then she gets executed. 


But she has no intention of going like the original.


Because Ophelia cherished her life more than anybody else! But the reason she now helps Callian without Sylvester’s knowledge is, ‘To give the impression that I might betray Sylvester in the first place.’


If she follows Callian in a passive way, she may be used by him at a crucial moment.


But what if I approach the Crown Prince first like I am doing now?


‘Callian is going to make a deal with me.’


In this context, she doesn’t reveal the exact location and name of the person in the information to Callian.
To provide access to the information guild through herself.
This will make Callian more and more likely to come up to her palm.
That’s right.
Ophelia was thinking of taking advantage of Callian, along with gaining favor with him.
Therefore, she intended to continue this petty betrayal in the future.
To gain Callian’s trust.


‘Since it’s all Sylvester’s own fault, there’s no need to feel sorry for him.’


She was possessed as a villain, and she really seems to be turning into a villain.Seeing that she doesn’t feel any guilt at all.


“I know.
I’m betraying my husband.” Ophelia chuckled.
“But what can I do? The person I like is Your Highness.
I have to do things that are beneficial to Your Highness.” 


“You’re really—” Callian continued, “mean.” Even as he said that, Callian was smiling.
He likes Ophelia’s behavior. 


“That’s the best compliment you’ve ever had.” So Ophelia answered casually, singing joy in her heart.
“Then call me if you need any information in the future.’ She slowly lifted herself up.
Then she looked down at Callian and smiled.
“Because I’ll help Your Highness.”


“Yes, I will.”


Callian accepted Ophelia’s proposal for the first time, and the atmosphere between him and Ophelia was as calm and peaceful as ever. 


So, they didn’t know. 


That there was someone watching them through the door. 




“Oh, I’m tired.” 


I tilted my head back in the carriage, straightening my stiff neck and shoulders.
Throughout the day, a lot of things happened.
From the monster meat store to strange ladies and finally meeting Callian— The hardest part was meeting Callian here.


What could be more complicated and difficult than dealing with someone who hates me? However, this visit paid off.
Because Callian has given me a little trust.


Of course, I know that giving Callian for an information guild is harmful to Sylvester. 


But who’s Sylvester? 


The worst villain in the story! 


No one can touch him! 


He’s not in danger of dying unless it’s a mana bomb.
So it occurred to her that he could survive on his own.




How did Ophelia unleash Sylvester’s magic in the original? Is there another power of Ophelia that I don’t know? 


I unfolded and held my right hand.
Nothing happened, as expected.
Ha ha.
I need to know what black magic is so that I can decide whether or not to use it— I should return to the mansion and read something.


Of course tomorrow, not today.
I’m tired today, so I’m going to rest now.
Thinking so, I was going to tell the horseman to start. 


It was then, Knock knock. 


I heard a knock on the carriage’s door.
Who is it? I pulled up the curtain that was covering the window.
But I was surprised to see the person. 




It was Countess Fleur. 


Why would she come to me? How long ago did you screw me? I couldn’t say anything because I was dumbfounded.
Then Fleur opened her lips first.


“Hello, Duchess.” 


She pulled her chin slightly, hanging a noble and friendly smile around her mouth. 


“I want to apologize for the rudeness of the last time.
Do you have a minute?” 


Instead of answering, I glanced around.
Just in case Calian or his hands and feet are looking at me! But fortunately, there was no one around.
I was in agony for a moment.
Just send her back or play her game. 


“Come in.”


I chose the latter. 


If I just sent her back from here, I don’t know how this might sound misleading, and that’ll make it even worse.


Wouldn’t it be better to be criticized after playing a game? I thought so, so I put Fleur in the carriage.
Fleur sat opposite me in the carriage.
After organizing her dress, she stares at me with her back straightened.


Do you want to have a staring contest? 


I stare at her pink eyes.
Those lovely twinkling eyes.
But I don’t know what she’s thinking.
I was very nervous.


“The first time I was so surprised, I thought I was very rude.
I apologize again.”


“I’m glad you know.
Isn’t that why you shouldn’t come to see me? His Highness will rebuke me if he knows we’ve met.”


“I’ll stop him from doing that.”


That arrogance to say that she can control Callian.
But Fleur has a really innocent look on her face.
Wow, she’s really a sh*t character. 


I hate it, really. 


“Yeah, why don’t you do it as you please, and now that you’re done, why don’t you go back?” 


I didn’t want to talk to Fleur anymore, so I just thought I’d let her go quickly.
But it doesn’t look like Fleur is done.
Instead of leaving the carriage, she looked at me and opened her mouth again.


“I heard that the Duchess has changed a lot recently.
It’s like that in the newspaper, and so are the words I hear.” 


She was smiling brightly.
What the hell do you want to tell me? 


“So, there’s something I’d like to tell you.”


“Say it.”


She took a big breath. 


“Well, I’m preparing for a divorce.” 




“After that, I made a promise to Your Highness to marry him.”




“I mean, I’m preparing for the wedding in advance.”




So, now that I like Callian, are you going to come to me and tell me about the marriage?


“I hope you come and congratulate me.”


With a smile on your face? 


I slowly closed my eyes, and then lost in thought. 

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