“You were amazing earlier, Madam!” Irene said in the carriage.
“You didn’t hit anyone and you got an apology! I’ve never seen anything like this before.
That’s why it’s even greater!” She raised her thumb and shouted ‘Best!’ I stared blankly at Irene like that.


“You’re like Sylvester sometimes.” 


“Pardon? I look like His Excellency?”


“Yeah, screw me up.
Of course you don’t mean to, but you two are alike.
So please keep your mouth shut.
My head hurt.”


‘Huph!’ Irene shut her mouth.
She was really cute like a puppy, but I was already exhausted and couldn’t afford to worry about it. 




I sighed and tilted my head back.
When I go out, I get the impression that people are coming back one by one.
Last time, it was Countess Cardel, and now it’s the Young Ladies’ turn.
Consider today’s work as a hundred concessions and a successful outcome.


But is this really a good thing in the long run? Anyway I have to change my reputation.
It means that if I am known as a villain and a witch like now, there is no good for me.
It’s just a weakness for my future and for my relationship with Callian.
So I try to be as kind as I can to everyone—.


‘They never look at me kindly.’


This was a big problem.
No one thinks I’m a nice person. 


“Is it because of my face?” 


I murmured.
Then Irene, who was opposite her, shook her hand in surprise. 


“Madam! Do you have a problem with your face? Where are you going? Where on earth are you? Can’t you see?” 


“Noisy— Oh, yes.
If it were you, you could answer it like that.”


As I was getting irritated, I opened my closed eyes and looked at Irene. 


“Yes! Whatever you ask, I’ll answer honestly!” 


Good.” I made eye contact with Irene with a serious look on my face.
“Do I look scary?” Irene, who was staring straight at me, gently turned her eyes and answered with a small voice.


“Yes, no..”




You mean I look scary.
Ah, I can’t even get mad because I’m the one who asked.
I rested my forehead and tilted my head back.
In fact, I think my face is just a pretty strong face.
But in the eyes of others, it is not.
It is clear from the fact that they’re often intimidated just by making an impression.


‘Well, a Fleur-like face is as pretty as an angel.’


So Fleur seemed to be described as the most beautiful woman in the world.
Because she looks nice.


How about me?


‘What’s the point of saying it?’


People see everything I say and do as something evil.
No matter how good I am! 


‘Stop crying’ 


Earlier, the ladies cried so much that they handed over handkerchiefs and said it.
I said it out of regret.
It wasn’t something to cry about.


‘You’ll hit me if I cry more, right? Oh, I see.
I’ll stop crying—’


I’m not going to hit you.


I’m not going to hit you! 


‘Oh, really.’


I took a big breath cursing Ophelia of the past.
Everyone hates me this much because I’ve done bad things.
If I hadn’t done anything, I wouldn’t have been misunderstood.


I’m going crazy.


I rested my forehead and tilted my head back again.
Whoo, whoo.
I took a deep breath to calm my irritation.
As the heart that was beating a little hard subsided and the irritation subsided, the faces of the ladies who were crying earlier came to mind. 


Oh, it was pretty good to see.


On reflection, Countess Cardel’s case also ultimately turned to my advantage.
So this time too.
I didn’t do anything and I didn’t get an apology anyway.
It didn’t seem like a bad thing to eat like this.


This is very strange.
It’s both good and bad.
So I gave up thinking for now.
There is something more important than that now. 




I let out a long sigh. 


“Madam, you look very tired, why don’t you just go back to your mansion today?” Irene said. 


I shook my head with my eyes closed.
“No, I have to go to the Crown Prince’s palace.” 


That’s right.
I’m on my way to the Crown Prince’s Palace now.
It was also to deliver the monster meat that he had personally airlifted, but there are other reasons as well.


Will Callian even refuse this time? 






Callian was in a very unpleasant state.
This is because Ophelia Ryzen, who was hated by him, sent a message that she would visit the Crown Prince’s Palace.
He wants to tell her not to come but—.


[I’ll bring you something good]


He couldn’t refuse because of this phrase.
It could have been his mother’s letter. 


 ‘If it’s not because of my mother’s letter, I’ll give you a hard time.’


Callian was thinking of scolding Ophelia seriously for interrupting his precious time.
At that time, the servant came and said Ophelia Ryzen arrived at the drawing room.
Callian was standing in front of the mirror slowly and tidying up his clothes.
And then he got lazy.


Intentionally making Ophelia wait.
It’s fine to be rude like this.
She is the woman who informed him on the same day that she would come to him as she pleases.
Callian, who had been sulking for a while, whistled and slowly left the room. 




Having arrived in front of the drawing room, he coughed and grabbed the doorknob.
Then he opened the door.
Immediately, he saw Ophelia sitting on the sofa.
Today, she had her silver hair curled up and pulled up.
It is a hairstyle that highlights her fine neckline.
A dress that narrowly drapes along the elegant neckline and shoulder line is an off-shoulder style.


A bright red color.


It’s so intense that he doesn’t know where to look.
But what was even more striking were her twinkling eyes.
Her light green eyes were lively and lively as if she had embraced the breath of the earth, but except for it, all parts of her face were as cold as those of the snowy mountains.


So maybe that’s why the eyes stand out more, Callian thought. 


Anyway, he had to admit it.
The fact that Ophelia Ryzen is a great beauty.
But he can’t say it.
She’s a wicked woman, a wicked witch.
Callian straightened his back after taking a cough once. 


“So, what’s going on today?”


“What I bring is—”


“If it’s not a letter, I don’t need to talk to you.
If not, get out.” 


Ophelia took a big breath.
This b*stard. 


She misses Sylvester at home all of a sudden.
Sylvester was at least a nobleman compared to Callian.
She wanted to curse at him but she couldn’t.
Ophelia gently opened her lips, sweeping her chest down. 


“Your Highness, I’ve brought you something you’d like as much as a letter.”




Callian snorted.


“You will be responsible for that.
I have a higher taste than you thought.”


“Ah, like hell.”






Ophelia shook her head in a hurry and put the box she had cherished all along on the table. 


“What is this?”


It was a box that looked serious at a glance.
It was big and blood was dripping from the end of the box.
Wait a minute, blood? Callian freaked out and frowned.


“You must be crazy at last.
I was wondering when you’d go crazy.
Yeah, it was right now.
Are you out of your mind? How do you even think about bringing a dead body to the Imperial Family?”




Ophelia once again tried to lift her lips and smile.


“It’s monster meat.”


Callian’s breath stopped for a moment.


Monster meat. 


When he was a mercenary, he became addicted after seeing this meat and ate it once a week.
However, he had never eaten it since he was rescued by Fleur and entered the Palace.
It’s been two years.
During these two years, Callian wanted to eat enough to even dream of eating monster meat.


But he is the Crown Prince now.
He’s in a position where he should never eat low-grade food.
If it is known to the Emperor— he will be severely scolded.
So Callian was put up with it.


“Monster meat?”


Callian’s hand trembled.
He was overcome with the urge to chew the meat at once.
But he held it in.
He tried to hold his fist tight enough to get nail marks on his palm. 


“Yes, somehow I got it.
I brought it because I remembered Your Highness.” 


“But the sale of monster meat is illegal!” 


“Do I look like a woman who cares about that?” 


That’s true.
If he’s caught bringing in monster meat, he can tell that he did not know and then blame Ophelia.
And so this meat—.


‘I can eat it.’


Callian’s eyes sparkled.
He called the servant who was guarding the door in a hurry.
“Get rid of this stuff right now! To the kitchen!”


To the kitchen—? The servant wondered, but once he lifted the box, he got ready to leave the room.
Callian shouted again after the servant.


“Don’t throw it away!”




The door is closed.
In this situation, it was only the two of them left in the drawing room.
Ophelia smiled as she looked at Callian.


“You must be happy.”


“I’m not.”


“Anyone can tell you’re happy.”


“I said I’m not!”






Callian’s face turned red and looked like he was about to explode.
It was the first time for Callian to look like this, so Ophelia smirked.
This further hurt Callian’s pride.


“Now when you’re done, get out of here.
Now.” He came to his senses and said with a low voice. 


“Is it okay to treat the person who bought the gift like this?” 


“I can do that to you.”


“That’s so mean.” 


Ophelia clicked her tongue.
Then she leans her body forward.
Make eye contact with Callian. 


“I’m not done with my business yet.” 


Callian looked at Ophelia with eyes still full of suspicion.


 “There’s something else you might like, Your Highness.” Ophelia smile.
“Don’t you want to know?” 

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