‘Ophelia looks pretty as usual,’ I thought to myself.
I used to be an ordinary person before possessing this body.
I’ve never been described as pretty, only average.


But it’s different now.


Ophelia was incredibly gorgeous.


Her silver hair that fell all the way to her waist in a beautiful wave was perfect with not a single strand out of place despite just waking up.
How about her green eyes that complement her fair, snow-like skin? They looked like flowers blooming in winter.
Other than her nasty expressions, everything else about her made her look like a snow fairy.


I blinked my big eyes several times, holding my cheeks with both hands.


‘Such a beautiful appearance, and yet…’


I couldn’t believe the amount of evil she’s done with this face.
Remembering the story of the novel had me trembling as I lowered my hand.


In the novel, Ophelia isolated herself in an underground research room and did not come out for days after she found out that her father was dead.


And this happened around the previous month?


By the time people no longer remembered Ophelia, she had to finally reveal herself.
With the help of a sticky lump of black magic.


She talked to the spirit in the lump, “Father.
Come back, father.”


Ophelia was trying to use black magic to call for the spirit of the Grand Duke of McGuffin! Not to mention the command she used was a spell that violates the laws of the Empire.
If the spirit she summoned ran away, it would have caused a big commotion, which is why Sylvester was furious when he found out and immediately imprisoned Ophelia.
He also didn’t forget to burn the strange objects that were summoned by Ophelia.


‘After that incident, we’ve been completely estranged.’ But recently, I’ve been talking and moving little by little in this body.


But I wondered, “Can I… use black magic?” My hands shook at the thought.
I could at least follow Ophelia’s usual tone and expression, but wielding black magic? I’m not so sure, I’ve never tried to do it after all.


‘I have to test it out later.’


Other faults of Ophelia included being someone who had to do everything she had decided to do—a woman faithful to her desires.
If she dislikes something, she would raise her hand at it, and even if she likes something, she would refuse to show it, so she kicks it!


Wow, how bad must have you been to the female lead!


‘She even tried to sell her to a slave dealer.’

Fortunately, this hasn’t happened yet, but of course, such a terrible and insane thing happened before Ophelia’s death.


Ophelia had done countless awful things to the female lead.
In addition to insulting and ostracizing her, the female lead’s husband’s business was ruined by her.
There were already rumours that Ophelia loves the crown prince so much that she torments the poor female lead.


‘I’m going crazy.’


If I was going to possess someone, why couldn’t it have happened earlier in the story? Why now?


And why was Ophelia standing alone in the heavy rain anyways? Irene, who helped me, said she thought I was dead.




Did Ophelia die then? Is that why I’m here? But the book mentioned no such thing, so what actually happened?


My mind is in shambles, but, whatever it is, the most important thing now is that Ipossess Ophelia.


Yes, the ‘healthy’ Ophelia.


I contracted autoimmune disease, so I spent my life sick in bed.
I don’t even remember the last time I slept while breathing properly.
I used to lie in bed everyday, wondering when I would die; will I die tomorrow? Maybe the day after tomorrow? Or maybe the day after the day after tomorrow?


For me, who was so very close to death, transmigrating into this body was like winning the lottery.
This body is healthy! And it doesn’t hurt!


I looked in the mirror again and saw her expressionless and indifferent face, but I also saw a strong body with a healthy complexion.


I’ve never felt so much ease.


‘I’m gonna survive.’


So I decided.


‘We need to get divorced.’


That way, I will no longer be associated with my villainous husband, and I will be able to get along with the Crown Prince.




‘I’ve already been turned down five times.’


At this rate, I felt like I was going to fill up the divorce requests, but I’m determined.


“Let’s see for how long you’re going to refuse.”


I’m a dedicated Korean citizen.
I’ll set up three plans to get a divorce.


The first order of business: Waste money.




“Oh… Oh my.”


Irene covered her mouth and quietly let out a sigh while I laughed at her.


“Oh, pleased to meet you, Duchess, I am Madame Jonah.”


“It’s an honour to meet you like this, Duchess, I am Antra.”


“Thank you for your invitation, Duchess, I am Shine.”


These are the representative designers of the best boutique in the capital city; one person alone is of incredible value, and since three people have been called, the amount of money to be paid will be enormous.


Of course, I didn’t mean to end the day by just calling them here.

Let’s say hello first.


“Nice to meet you.” I reached out to them, giving them the peculiar, arrogant laughter the Duchess has.


They shook and kissed the back of my hand, but I can see how nervous they all are.
They seemed to be frightened by the fact that the evil Duchess called them.


‘I mean, did you think I was going to eat you alive?’


I wanted to, and it would’ve been possible since I’m now Ophelia, but then I’d be no different from the real Ophelia.


“That’s enough for greetings.” I looked at the three designers.
“You’ve got a catalogue, don’t you?”


“Yes! We do!”


“We’ve got all the catalogues for this season.”


After glancing down at the thick books they stuck out to me, I raised an eyebrow and frowned slightly.


“I don’t even have to look at it.”


“Hiik”! Everyone was scared and closed their eyes tightly.
I didn’t even do anything.


I raised my chin, pretending to be calm.
“Give me everything.”


There are more than 10 dresses per volume in the catalogue, and a total of 3 books, so I can get at least 30 pieces even if I don’t get all of them.
The combined costs of the designers and dresses would amount to half a year of living on a local estate.


If I’m going to be extravagant, I should at least do this much.


That’s how I can get divorce.
Or at least, that’s what I thought.


“Oh my…” Irene approached me with a sigh, but then she proceeded to say something strange, “Is that alright, ma’am?”


I frowned, wondering what this meant.
“Why, am I not allowed to buy this much?”


Badump badump My heart started to beat fast.


No matter how well I can show off as Ophelia, I was still a commoner through and through.
I wasn’t bold enough to maintain my impudence while spending such a large sum of money.


“It’s just that you’re spending a lot less than usual.”




“You used to buy every dress for the next season.
If they didn’t have it, you would’ve yelled, ‘Make it!’,” Irene said lightly.


“Then, Duchess, would you like us to make it for the coming season, too?”


I couldn’t bear to answer and kept my mouth shut.


‘Ophelia, you really spent your money like water huh…’


Abort mission.
I failed because I was too much of a commoner in my previous life.

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