Irene started trembling violently.
She had no idea what was going on in Ophelia’s mind! monster meat and information from mercenaries? It was as if she was transported into another world.


‘I’m scared! I’m scared!’


Because of this, she steeled her mind and talked back to Ophelia, immediately shutting her eyes tight, expecting Ophelia to slap her.
It would hurt, but it would be better than the fear she’ll feel, she thought as she tried to comfort herself.


“Irene,” Ophelia called for her softly—without hitting her! “Apparently you still refuse to believe my words.
I think it was long ago that I promised not to hit you anymore.”


“I-It’s not like that!” Irene opened her eyes wide open and Ophelia gave her a cold stare as soon as she did.
The Madam’s appearance was always so striking.
After all, her face was the most terrifying thing to exist in this land! Irene was terrified once more, but this time, she tried to remain calm.
If she closed her eyes again, she knew Ophelia would get angry. 


Due to Irene’s obvious fear of her, Ophelia sighed and slowly opened her lips, “I will say it again, I’m not going to hit you.” 




“So you really don’t believe me,” Ophelia clicked her tongue and grabbed Irene’s arms, “I believe in you.” Irene took a deep breath.
“That’s why I brought you here, and I’m going to contact them through you.” Irene was, in fact, Ophelia’s favorite.
Despite her fear of Ophelia, she still says everything she needs to say.
It’s impossible for her to dislike such a person, that’s why Ophelia put Irene in charge on purpose—to show her how much she can rely on her. 


Irene’s eyes shook all over the place, as if she knew what was in Ophelia’s mind, which increased the tension she felt all over her body.


‘Of course not,’ Ophelia thinks as she softly wraps Irene’s face.
“Can’t you trust me as well?”


Irene’s mouth was open; the Madam never told her anything like that before.


“Do you trust me?”


‘No, Madam.
I’m not reliable at all!’ But she was unable to say so; the Madam’s eyes were too honest, and her heart pounded on her chest too hard! She still couldn’t imagine being the Madam’s hands and feet.
Nothing was more terrifying than this, and nothing was more powerful than this.
Is it truly going to be okay? And what if she kills her for doing something wrong?


“I’ll give you a raise, too.
How about three times your current salary?”


“I’ll believe in you!” Irene grabbed Ophelia’s hand firmly.
“I’ll believe it even if Madam creates ratatouille out of mere cucumbers.
Unconditionally.” Irene’s eyes blazed with fiery passion.
As expected, money is the best.
Ophelia was delighted with the monster she created using the temptation of money, and as soon as she returned to the house, she felt she should suggest to Sylvester a salary increase.


If he’s not going to listen—.


Well, she’ll just lie down. 




Ophelia and Irene left the store and walked into town.
She opted to rent a normal carriage instead of the Dukedom’s carriage to hide her identity, which meant that she would have to do the same when she returned, however, “You will have to wait a little longer.
There are currently no horses available.” 


Worry was plastered all over Irene’s face.
“Ah, that can’t be…” She stared Ophelia in the eyes, certain she’d be angry. “So you want me to stand there all the time and wait!” she expected her to respond like that.
However, contrary to her expectations Ophelia was unusually calm.


“Then shall we have a cup of tea while we’re free?” Was what she said! 


‘You’ve changed a lot.’


Yes, the Madam has changed.
In a, surprisingly, good way, too! It seemed like not long ago when she didn’t bother to pay attention to her workers.
“Will the day come when Madam becomes kind?” She used to think.
And now, she went as fast as telling Irene to believe in her—even offering to pay her a large sum of money.
Is this real or is this just a dream? The pounding in her chest pointed to the latter.
Irene began to imagine a bright future; working as a Madam’s exclusive maid, saving a lot of money, marrying a good man, and living happily in the future.
Yes, she must remain close to Madam in some way.


So don’t be afraid.


“That’s a great idea!” Irene approached Ophelia with a big smile, “There’s a luxury tea room nearby.
Shall we go there?”


“Is that so?” Ophelia was surprised by the sudden change, but she accepted her capitalist attitude.
“Alright, let’s do it.”




Irene’s recommended tea room surpassed my expectations.
The room, with its clean white decor and antique furnishings, seemed ideal for an aristocratic ladies’ playground.
The noble ladies who were present chatted in groups.
Ophelia, after being shown to her seat, took a quick look at the menu and placed her order.
“Louibos tea, please.
Warm.” Then I gave Irene the menu.
I intended to have her order as well.


“M-me too?” Irene was surprised and asked with her eyes wide open.
Ophelia tilted her head; one drink per person, isn’t that the rule? At the café Ophelia used to visit, you wouldn’t be allowed to stay if one didn’t order.
She thought Irene was acting in this way because she had never visited a café.


“Yes, you should drink something, too.
Pick one.”


Irene pressed her lips together—so moved that she lost the ability to speak.
Ladies who go to the tea room with their maid usually have them standing behind the chair, so sitting together on the same table is not common.
Ophelia, on the other hand, offered her a seat and even allowed her to pick the menu.
Who else would be so kind? Irene wondered whether she had misjudged her.
Maybe Irene had been struck by Ophelia several times, but the past is simply a memory now, so everything about Ophelia from the past escaped her.


“Madam—” Irene snatched her nose.
“I really… I think I’ve misunderstood all this time….
I’ll do better in the future….” 


Ophelia couldn’t understand Irene,who burst into tears.
Why was she crying all of a sudden? What’s wrong with her? Did she do something wrong? After pondering over the situation, Ophelia finally came up with a conclusion—Irene had never been to a place like this before, so she had no idea what to order! She was embarrassed! Ophelia rushed to the cashier to place another order.


“Give me vanilla tea.
Warm, too.” There’s nothing more fitting than vanilla for a first-time tea drinker.
Ophelia looked at Irene with pride.


“Oh my goodness—” Irene was so touched that she was on the edge of a breakdown.
Vanilla tea costs more than Louibos tea.
How could a maid consume something more expensive than her master! She has never heard of or reported on a situation like this.
The Madam in front of her, on the other hand, seemed calm, as if she didn’t care at all!


‘Is Madam an Angel…?’ Irene stared blankly at Ophelia and quickly came to her senses.
Yes, Madam is an Angel.
The evil she has done was all caused by a devil residing in her body and, now, that devil is gone.
So what is Madam now? Well, she’s an angel!


Irene held Ophelia’s hand.
“I’ll do my best, Madam.” Her eyes sparkled.
“For the rest of my life!”


Ophelia blinked a few times. ‘No, you don’t have to do this for the rest of your life…I’m getting a divorce…’ However, the determination in Irene’s eyes were strong.
Loyalty in exchange for vanilla tea.
Money, as predicted, is the most effective way to attract people.
Ophelia experienced the power of money once more, which resulted in Irene’s newfound loyalty.


It was then,


“Did you see the newspaper article that came out recently?”


“That article about the Duchess?”


She heard a clear voice.
It was what the ladies sitting at the next table said.
Ophelia and Irene naturally looked at them.


“Ahhhh, that article you’re talking about, right?”


“It’s not funny.
It must be a lie.
I’m sure she made them do it!”


“Right? Before this article came out, they said she beat Countess Cardell and made her cry? She must have tried to put the rumor to rest!”


“What a vicious and meticulous woman!”


The ladies burst into laughter and repeated their chewing and tearing of Ophelia’s image.


“When will that woman come to her senses?”


Ophelia has been downgraded to “that woman” when none of them were on the same level as she was. 


“Her? Coming to her senses? I’d be more likely to believe you if you said the sun rises from the west! That will never, ever, ever happen.
She’s evil to the core!”


“That’s right.
They said she has had incidents since her debut, and that says it all.
How could Duke Ryzen marry such a woman!”


“Didn’t he just make a public confession at the ball? Ha! What were you thinking, Duke!”


Look at this, now they’re even involving Sylvester.
To Ophelia, they were teetering on thin ice.


“My guess is,” One of the ladies said, “isn’t it possible that she used black magic to control the Duke?”


“Oh my.”


“That’s a possibility.”


“I’d have to give her a severe punishment at the temple!”


“I’m sure the temple is keeping an eye on her, especially since she’s dangerous.”


“So we’re going to report it, aren’t we? That woman used black magic to seduce the Duke!”


“That’s a good idea!”


The ladies were busy clapping and making a fuss.
Then they had the staff bring them some paper and pens.
They must really be thinking of reporting her to the temple.


Ophelia, who had been watching them, slowly rose.
Even Irene couldn’t stop her.
The look in her eyes was intense.
Instead of trying to stop Ophelia, Irene clasped her hands and prayed.


Lord, please, once again, let the devil-infused Madam teach them a lesson.

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