Sylvester’s words didn’t quite make sense to me.
“Theo is just a teenage boy who’s tall, isn’t he?”


“You said he was a child.”


“Of course he’s a child, he’s younger than me.”


Sylvester’s brows narrowed, his expression slowly darkening… but why? I didn’t know what was going on in his mind.
“Anyway, should we have a meal together? Sit down, Theo.”


“I haven’t agreed to that yet.”


“So you want me to just kick him out of the dining room?” There was a strange confrontation between Sylvester and I, while Irene and Theo stood in between us looking flustered.
I would usually prefer to back out whenever possible, but this time I couldn’t.
Not in front of Theo.
I had to plant the impression that I was protecting him.
That way, he would feel compelled to follow me.


“Wash him up for now and feed him later.
I can’t eat with him because of how bad he smells.”


“And suddenly you have a dog’s nose? What do you mean he smells? I can’t smell anything.” Actually, I could, I was just pretending like I couldn’t.

I reached for Theo with a smile.
“I don’t think it’s possible for us to have a meal together with my husband now, so follow Irene, wash up, and eat alone.
Come and see me after that, got it?”


“I- I understand.
I’ll do that.” Theo nodded gently.
In the novel, Theo was described to be a fairly cold-blooded human being, but the Theo right now was pretty cute.
As expected, all humans are adorable only when they are young—I definitely won’t miss this moment in his childhood! Other than that, I also had to try to get close to Theo somehow and form a friendship with him, this friendship would definitely prove to be beneficial for me in the future.


Meanwhile, Theo, who had no idea what was going on inside me, just smiled nicely at me.
I’m sorry I had to do this, Theo, but I should be allowed to live, right? I waved my handkerchief sadly at Theo who followed behind Irene.


“You’ve been doing things that bother me lately,” Sylvester’s voice appeared from behind me.
Does he seriously have to keep attacking me at every second?


I glared at him, “Why did you do that?”


“What wrong did I do?” Sylvester replied, wiping his mouth with a handkerchief, “It’s even weirder of you to bring in a poor child and suddenly let him sit at the dining table.
What would become of me if I allowed that?”


“That child is going to be a great knight in the future, so it’s better to be kind now.”


“Not a child—a young man.
He’s too old for you to be calling him a child.”


“Whatever! Are you upset because of his age?”


“Who’s upset?” Sylvester turned his head and retorted, “You shouldn’t have been so misleading.
I was fully expecting a little child.”


“And what does his age have to do with anything?”


“You’re asking what does it matter if you let a boy who’s about to come of age into our house?”


“Yes? What are you trying to say?” I really didn’t understand what Sylvester was implying, so of course I asked.


“You’re not just ignorant, you’re completely deaf.” Just what do you gain from saying stuff like that? Couldn’t you just explain it to me outright? I pursed my lips and shook my head.


“Where did you learn to make such a cute face?” Sylvester burst into laughter.
It was the first time I’ve ever seen him grin like that, so I looked at him with my eyes wide open.
“I see you’ve been adding more and more facial expressions into your list.
You used to be as frozen as a sheet of ice.”


“Is that a compliment or an insult?”




“Ugh, seriously,” I spoke as if I was annoyed, but I was honestly somewhat relieved.
I can’t believe I was consoled by the word “cute”.


“So, you’re not going to leave the house for the time being?” He seemed to be talking about the Crown Prince’s Prohibition, so I nodded.


” I can’t help it.
If I ever go out of here again, I don’t know what will happen.”


“Well, the Crown Prince is a b*stard, after all.” Sylvester laughed and I followed suit.
“Anyways, I’m going out.”


I looked at him, wondering why he announced such a thing all of a sudden.
“Is that so?”


Sylvester raised the corners of his mouth and stared at me instead of answering.


‘What, are you bragging? I’m not allowed to go out, but you are?’


It was ridiculous.




When Ophelia returned to her room, Irene ran to her as if she had waited for a long time.
“The boy is in the drawing room.
I washed, fed, and sat him down.”


“Well done.” Ophelia winked at Irene and approached the mirror, tidying up her messy hair.


“How’s the kid?”


“How is he?”


“I’m asking you what his personality is like.”


“Well—” Irene crossed her arms, humming in thought.
“I’m not sure yet, but he seems like a good kid.
Seeing as he complimented the Madam.”


“So he’s nice since he complimented me?”


“Oh, no! I’m sorry! I said something wrong!” Irene exclaimed, frightened and on her knees.


Ophelia waved her hand with a look of boredom.
“That’s enough, stop it,” she calmly responded and sat down on the chair.


“Tie my hair.”


“Ah, yes!” Irene hurried to the spot behind Ophelia.
Her hands shook thinking of the mistake she just made, but she tried her best to stay as calm as possible.
What kind of person was the Madam? She was the one who beat the maid who was in charge of her hair to death just because she used the wrong hairbrush on her! And once, she accidentally brought the wrong hairpin and the Madam dug the sharp pin into her scalp, telling her to try putting it on herself! Irene was beaten quite a lot by Ophelia, no, scratch that, she was beaten countless times.


‘But,’ Irene thought carefully, ‘Now she’s definitely a lot more flexible than before.’ In the past, she would never have tolerated such a mistake.
She’d immediately jump to beat her up, or even put her in jai, and yet now she just stares coldly without getting physical.
Irene was caught off guard—it’s as if the Duchess has changed!


‘I won’t hit you.
Rather, I won’t be hitting anyone, including you.
I promise you in my name.’ There was no way the Madam would ever say this if she didn’t change! ‘No, it can’t be.’ It’s impossible.
How could a person change in a day? Even now, Irene still couldn’t forget when Ophelia used to grab her hair.
This memory makes it harder for her to not be on guard.


“You read the newspaper, didn’t you?”


“Pardon?” Irene jumped a little in surprise and realized that it was not a big question, so she nodded in a hurry.
“Yes, yes.
I saw it.”


“Everyone else, too?”


“Yes, everyone saw it.”


“So, what do you think?” Ophelia looked at Irene through the mirror and said, “My good deeds are being covered in a big newspaper.
How do you feel about it?”


Irene’s eyes rolled around in all directions.
What answer was she supposed to give to satisfy the Madam? Thump.
Her heart started pounding, she thought she’d be beaten if she answered wrong.




Irene answered carefully, “M-madam is amazing—?”


Ophelia burst into laughter at Irene’s words, “Don’t lie to me.
You don’t even believe it, do you?”


“N-no, I really—”


“No, I know no one will believe it.” Ophelia never expected anyone to believe the newspaper article.
“That’s why I called in Theo.
He’s the biggest proof of my good deeds.” Quite a few people have seen Theo ride the Ryzen carriage, causing them to believe that the article might actually be true.
If the public knew that she was taking care of Theo— ‘I’ll be recognized for my good deeds.’


Ophelia wanted to break away from the evil girl image, so she decided it was the right time.
“Let Theo sleep in the mansion for a while.
It’s better if you take care of him.”




“Since you’re already doing well, keep adding on to that, okay?” She smiled and looked in the mirror.
The low ponytail was straight and every strand of hair was in place.
“Well done,” Ophelia slowly stood up and put her hand on Irene’s shoulder, “Thanks, Irene.”


Looking at Ophelia’s back slowly walking away from her, a thought appeared in Irene’s mind,


‘The Madam might have actually changed.’




“Have you been waiting for long?” Ophelia asked Theo, who was hovering around in the drawing room.
Theo, who didn’t even feel Ophelia’s presence, brought his hand up to his chest as if he was surprised.
Then, he came to his senses and bowed to Ophelia.


“T- Thank you, Madam.”


“Hmm?” Ophelia tilted her head.

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