“What did you promise the Crown Prince?”


“Oh, you meant that.” I was wondering what he was talking about.
I answered casually, “He said not to go out anymore, so I said yes.”


“You obeyed the Crown Prince’s orders?”


“What was I supposed to do then? If I tried to fight back, he would’ve kicked up a fuss like he did last time.”


Sylvester started glaring at me and it terrified me, but I tried my best not to show it.
In the end, he just shrugged as if he had no choice and sighed deeply, “Was that all?”


“Yeah? What else would it be?” Sylvester remained silent at my words.
“Oh, by the way,” I spoke cautiously, watching his reaction, “do you remember the promise we made back then?”




“Yeah, you promised that you’d pay me every time the Crown Prince visits and sends me a letter.”


“Don’t tell me you’re asking for money right now.”


“I am.”


“Ha!” Sylvester turned his head back with a snort.
It was ridiculous of me to bring it up, but it must have sounded a lot more ridiculous for you to hear it firsthand.
However, I am a willful Korean! I couldn’t pass up the chance to get money!


“Don’t you have to give me what you promised?”


“You’re amazing, you know? Alright, I’ll settle the bill through Neil.”


“Thank you!” I raised my thumb at Sylvester with a big smile.
He gave me a look of boredom and clicked his tongue, but then he remained silent, perhaps lost in thought.
I took this opportunity to call Irene.




“Yes, Madam?” 


“In front of the clock tower downtown at noon, you’ll find a child with dark skin and green hair.
If you don’t mind, please bring him into the mansion.”


“A poor child in this place?”


“That’s right,” I nodded as I looked at Irene’s darkened face.


Irene continued questioning me, carefully pulling the words out of her mouth, “…May I ask why?”


Why? He was the future Swordmaster of the empire, that’s why! However, I couldn’t say this, so I had to keep avoiding the question, “Do I have to say why?”


“N-No! That’s not–” I only said one sentence, but Irene was already waving her hands wildly.
“Don’t say it! Never say it! I don’t know anything!” She slowly and clumsily stepped back as if I was about to hit her or something, which I wasn’t going to do.
I smiled at Irene, who wouldn’t listen to me no matter how much I tried to explain.
Yeah, let’s be patient—someone once said that if you keep patience three times, you will be free from murder.


“You’ll do that for me, won’t you?”


“Yes, I’ll be right back.”


“Okay.” I watched Irene’s back as she rushed out of the room and turned to Sylvester, who was still contemplating.
That day, Sylvester wore a white cape that contrasted beautifully with his black hair.
I stared at him with as little emotion as I could procure, taking in his appearance; the impression he gave off was cold—stony eyes, closed lips, everything about him was attractive.
My mouth watered looking at him.


As I was busy admiring him, Sylvester slowly lifted his eyes, “You’re going to burn a hole through my face if you keep that up,” He chuckled and patted his chin, “No matter how handsome I am, you can’t just stare at me like that.”


“Ugh, what nonsense.”


“I know,” It was him who answered so naturally, making me speechless.
“Anyways, did the Crown Prince say anything else?”


“There was nothing— Oh, I also found out His Majesty the Emperor is keeping an eye on me.”


“The Emperor?” Sylvester crossed his arms with a ‘hm’.
He crossed his legs and buried his body deep inside the sofa.
“Good for you,” was what he said while keeping silent, “it’s a good thing to catch the Emperor’s eye.
If he calls for you, please tell me.”


“Are you coming with me?”


“Of course, your husband should be with you when you go, wife.”


“That must be the reason.” Going together with him? I wanted to say I didn’t like the idea, but I couldn’t.
In the original work, the emperor was described as cruel and merciless.
If I went against his desires even just a little, my neck would be cut off right away, so while I was happy to hear that the Emperor was interested in me, I was also a little bit nervous.
If Sylvester went with me, however, that would be beneficial.
No Emperor could harm me in front of him.
He’s the leader of the aristocratic faction, so killing him off isn’t an easy feat, but, “Well, let me think about it.” I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity.
“If I go with you, the Emperor’s interest will be distracted, right? I want His Majesty’s full attention.”


“You’re saying that because you don’t know the Emperor’s temper.”


“I’m not so bad that I would anger him,” I smiled and shrugged my shoulders.
Sylvester’s eyes narrowed, I guess he knew why I was refusing so much.


“If you come with me, I’ll give you money.” Finally, the answer I wanted to hear.
I raised the corners of my mouth, “Money isn’t enough, think of something else.”


“You’re such an amazing woman,” Sylvester said with a smirk, “trying to make a deal with me.”


“You were the one who started this whole thing.” Sylvester’s keen eyes turned to me.
He seemed a little upset, but what could I do? I wasn’t willing to adjust everything for him.
Perhaps he noticed my true intentions.


Sylvester sighed deeply, Alright, we’ll talk about this later.”


“Okay, that’s good.”


“There’s something more important than that,” Sylvester held my arm, “are you hurt?” His eyes were wide open, surprised at the wound on my arm.


I pulled my arm away with a frown due to the slight pain.
“Yes, a little.”


“I don’t think this is a little.
When did you get hurt?”


“Yesterday, when saving the child.”


Sylvester’s face crumpled up, “You hurt your body from saving a child.”


“I couldn’t help it! If I didn’t act fast, the child would’ve died.”


He didn’t seem to like my answer, his face still not relaxing even after my excuse.
His expression made me nervous, so I grabbed his hand and took it off of me.
“I’ll send you a healer, then it wouldn’t scar”


However, “No, I’m fine,” I shook my head, “Really.
I’m fine.” The scar served as physical evidence for me.
Every morning when I wake up, I would be reminded that I now live within a body that didn’t collapse every 5 seconds.
A body that was capable of running fast enough to save a child’s life from being trampled by an oncoming carriage.
I smiled softly at the wound.


“I see, I get it now,” Sylvester snorted at my words, “you’re going to leave it on like a badge of honor.”




“To show others that you saved a child! That’s how you’re going to get your reputation back, right?” Sylvester shrugged as if what he said was true.
“Of course you are.
You really do go way beyond my expectations.
You’re so smart.”


‘Hey, do I look like such trash?’ I didn’t know how I was supposed to solve this misunderstanding.




The table at mealtime was filled with silence.
Sylvester wasn’t the type to talk when he eats, but I didn’t have anything to say either.
I was giving him the silent treatment because I was offended by Sylvester’s misunderstanding earlier.
No matter how lowly you think of people, wasn’t that a little too much? Sylvester wouldn’t believe me no matter how much I tried to convince him.
On the contrary,


“Okay, okay.
I’ll pretend like it’s not that.”

“‘You’re the best!’ Is that enough?”


I said it wasn’t true! He really was awful.
I glanced at Sylvester with a humming sound.


“How many times have I told you, you’ll burn a hole through my face?” Putting down the fork, Sylvester smirked, “No matter how handsome I am.
How can you stare at me like that nonstop?”


“How does it feel to be so confident?”


“The best.
It couldn’t be better.”


“Good for you, really.”


“I know.”


Look, he really doesn’t want to lose.
I trembled, grasping the fork in my hand.
I really wanted to hit him once.
Just once! While I was lost in thought, Neil came into the dining room and announced to me, “Madam, Irene is back.”


“Irene?” Looking at the clock, it was way past noon, just in time to bring in the child.
“Bring her in.”


Neil nodded and left his position.
Before long, Irene’s loud voice was heard from outside, “Madam! I brought the child!” Irene walked into the dining-room waving her hands.
Behind her, I could see a skinny child—Theo.


“H-hello…” Theo, who looked like he was about to curl up into a ball, looked so down.
Perhaps it was because he was overwhelmed by the splendid energy of the mansion, so to soothe him, I talked gently, watching my expression.


“Nice to see you.
Have you eaten?” Theo shook his head slowly.
I clapped my hands as if that was good news.
“Then why don’t we have a meal together? I think we have enough for one more serving,” I said, looking at Theo, however I sensed something weird was going on.
I was expecting an answer, but there was none.
I turned my head and looked at Sylvester.
He was stiff with a fork in his hand.
‘What’s wrong with him now?’




He took a deep breath and said, word by word, “You said he was a child.” I looked at him, confused.
“You call this a child?”

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