Callian was in a bad mood.
It’s not only because Ophelia Ryzen disobeyed him and went outside.
Of course, it was upsetting, but not as upsetting as it is now.
There is just one reason he is so angry.
“Your Majesty the Emperor is curious about you.” Because Ophelia caught the Emperor’s attention and nobody piques the Emperor’s interest.
Even more so if she is only a noble wife.


However, things have changed as a result of this newspaper article.


[Ophelia Ryzen Becomes the Hero Who Saved The Child!]


The Emperor was curious.


‘ ‘That’ Ophelia did this kind of good deed?’


The Emperor had known Ophelia for a long time.
It isn’t simply because she is a villain who has done enough evil things to spread rumors across the capital.
This is because he recalls how much the former Empress loved Ophelia.
The former Empress was also a formidable lady, so how could he not be interested in the woman she was so happy with?


He spoke to Callian.


‘Look into what happened.’


‘Something interesting is about to happen in a while.’


Damn it.
She has caught the Emperor’s attention!


Callian thought it was all Ophelia’s plan.
She hides her face under the excuse of going away discreetly due to the prohibition, and after she goes out, she appears in an emergency and reveals her identity.
As a result, she won the people’s trust and ensured that her good actions reached the Emperor’s ears.


‘To have an audience with the Emperor.’


Callian’s brow furrowed sharply in the middle.
It was a really well-organized board.
He seemed to be playing a game on the board.


‘No, did you expect me to give you prohibition in the first place?’


Ophelia was a scary woman.
Callian clenched his teeth as he looked at Ophelia, who was sitting still with a doll’s face without expression.
“Yes, everything will go just as you planned.”


“…Plan?” Ophelia had no idea what Callian was talking about.
Plan? I am an example of someone who does not have a plan.
I want to say this, but I can’t, so I’ll bear with it 


“You planned to do this to draw the Emperor’s attention.
Yes, His Majesty will find you, according to your plan.” I’m not sure what he’s talking about, but Ophelia decided it wasn’t such a horrible thing for the Emperor to find her.
No, it was great.
If I met the emperor and turned him back to me, I may be able to avoid the original’s terrible ending.
It was like catching a rat in the rear, but it was still a good thing.


Ophelia drew her lips up in a smile.
But, “But you won’t be able to get an audience.
I won’t let you do that.” Callian was the one who got in the way of everything.
Ophelia’s eyes narrowed.


“Isn’t it possible for anyone in the Empire to see His Majesty the Emperor?”


“Exactly right.
Only those with a good heart and good manners can meet His Majesty the Emperor.
You are not included in any of them.”


“I’m kind-hearted.” Ophelia pointed to a newspaper on the table.
My good deeds have even been published as articles.”


“Ha?” Callian let out a snort.
“You must have done something.” He talked in a certain tone.
“You could be forced to put the child in front of the wagon.”


“Do you think I’m that trash?”


“That’s right.” 




How childish.
Ophelia flinched, her fist clenched.
It was an act of impatience, but Callian saw it differently.
She seemed to put up with trying to swing a fist. 


‘Did she want to hit me or not?’ Turns out that Ophelia was always hitting people.
Ha! Callian let out a laugh.
“You’re so out of your mind.” He said, rolling his eyes, “How dare you want to hit me.”


“…What?” Why would I hit the Prince, no matter how crazy I am? Ophelia’s lips opened wide in disbelief.


“I warn you, if you ever lay a hand on me, you’ll be behind bars.
I don’t intend to let you off the hook. 


“I have no intention of hitting you… Ah, that’s enough.
What is the point of talking?” Ophelia shook her head.
Callian was certain Ophelia was lying, so she stepped back and increased her distance from him.
“If you’re done talking, you can go back.
I’m tired.” Before Callian could say anything further, Ophelia quickly added her words.
“I’m in pain right now, and I need proper treatment.” 


She rolled up her sleeves and showed her shriveled elbows.
Callian’s eyes widened for a while.
Ophelia’s arm was pretty much cut.
If she had a scar like that, even if she healed it, it seemed that her scar would remain.


Scars left on the body of a noblewoman.
Nothing could be more disgraceful than this, but Ophelia seemed calm.


Callian was just upset.
“It will leave a scar.” So he deliberately provoked Ophelia.
Then, “What kind of honor is it?”


Ophelia still replied.
Contrary to the Crown Prince’s expectations.  “Thanks to this scar, I saved the child.
That’s all that matters.


Callian’s eyes shook.
Ophelia says this? ‘That’ Ophelia? 


His head was spinning.
He has a headache.
Ophelia seemed to be out of her mind.
Otherwise, this can’t be happening… No, did she really change? ‘That can’t be true.’ Callian thought it was also a cunning trick of Ophelia.She’ll show this gap and stab him in the back later.
He will never fall for it.
Callian was determined. 


“You’re done, aren’t you? Then go back to your-” 


“It’s not done yet.” Callian glared at Ophelia.
“You didn’t reply to the letter I sent you yesterday.” 


“…Letter?” Ophelia responded in a visibly exaggerated manner.
“Well, I didn’t get that.
Right, Irene?”


“Pardon?” Irene, who was standing next to me, shook her head hard in surprise.
“Yes, yes! I’ve never seen a letter! What’s with the letter? There was nothing!” Oh, she’s really not good at acting.
Ophelia murmured.
Callian also seems to have noticed that Irene is terrible at acting.
He twisted up the corners of his mouth. 


“You got rid of it on purpose.” 


“Hoho, no way.
It’s a precious letter from His Highness the Crown Prince.
If I received it, I would have kept it.” 


Callian believed she was a shameless woman word for word.
“Whoa.” He took a deep breath, trying to calm his restless thoughts.
“If you don’t listen to my words like shit.”  He talked forcefully, word by word.
“Don’t leave the house anymore.” It was a matter of pride.
Sylvester Ryzen’s disrespect for himself was reflected in Ophelia’s disobedience of his orders.
“If you disobey my orders one more time, I will ask you for all your sins and throw you in the cell.”


“…Oh, my goodness.
I’m scared.” Ophelia swung her fan away from her face.
Callian, on the other hand, has a fierce stare.
She nodded and clicked her tongue as if she couldn’t help herself.
“Okay, I’m not leaving anymore.
I promise you.” Then she takes Callian’s hand and places his pinky on the line.
I can see tightly tangled fingers.
Callian gasped and pulled out his hand.


“You’re ridiculous.”


“That’s what I was told.”


“Ophelia Ryzen.”


“Yes, why are you calling me, Your Highness the Crown Prince?” Getting angry.
His stomach is boiling.  Somehow he felt like he was being stopped by Ophelia.
Actually, it’s not a feeling; it’s actually drying up.
That angered him even more.
What can he possibly do to anger Ophelia? Callian was lost in thought.


It was then.
“Ophelia!” Burk, the door opened and someone came in.
It was Sylvester, who ran or breathed heavily.
“Hah, hah—” Sylvester picked his breath slowly.
And soon returned to his original face.
A cold face as usual.
He looked down at Callian with that look on his face.
“What are you doing? Without a message.”


Callian looked up at Sylvester like that.
“Do I need your permission to come?”


“In normal cases, yes,” Sylvester spoke sarcastically at the end of his sentence.
“But I will forgive Your Highness as this is not a normal case.”


“Forgiveness?” Callian snorted as if he was full of energy.
He’s such a b*stard.
He wants to take out a blade and cut his neck right now.
But he can’t do that.
Callian has to get out of here as soon as possible.
He thought.
“I was planning to return anyway.
Now that I’ve had a conversation with your wife.” Callian smiled as he approached Ophelia.
“Right, Ophelia Ryzen?”


“Yes?” Ophelia, who was spacing out, narrowed her forehead slightly as she looked at Callian.
Why are you smiling—? The curse came to the tip of my tongue, but I had to put up with it again.
Ophelia nodded.
“Oh, yes, the conversation is over.” It was a bunch of rubbish, but I could say yes anyway.


“Then, I’ll be leaving.” Callian slowly rose to her feet.
Then, suddenly, he turned to Ophelia as if he remembered.
“And Ophelia.”




“Don’t forget the promise you made with me,” he said, raising his little finger.
“I won’t let you off the hook next time.”


I’m so scared of threats.
Ophelia murmured with her mouth shut.
Sylvester frowned as he looked between Ophelia and Callian.


For some reason it was unpleasant of him.




“What happened?”


Sylvester said.
Ophelia turned her head around.


“About what?”

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