Sylvester rubs his eyes.


Is what he saw in front of him real? 


Is he really looking at it properly? 


Sylvester had doubts, but dared not continue to doubt the reality before his eyes.
There is no doubt that she’s standing in front of him,




His mother. 


As Sylvester’s trembling voice came out, the witch, or Sylvester’s mother, slowly turned her head.


A startled light flashed in the witch’s eyes.
But it was a moment.
The witch, who returned to her original state, looked at Sylvester with an indifferent gaze.


“It’s been a while.”


A while? 


Is it okay to say so?


Is it so easy for you to greet me when you leave me behind?


Sylvester remembered his mother who had abandoned him a long time ago, so long ago that he couldn’t even remember. 


She was a black wizard.
So she used black magic using emotion.
But she didn’t take advantage of her feelings.
She just used Sylvester’s emotions.


The mother took advantage of Sylvester’s love for her, which gave her a lot of strength.


But she didn’t take care of Sylvester.
As a parent, she didn’t give the care he deserved and loved. 


As a result, his love for his mother finally faded.


But that didn’t mean that he didn’t love his mother.


Just for a moment, he had calmed down because he was tired of yelling and hearing nothing back.


But as soon as Sylvester was so tired, his mother abandoned him and left.


It is twenty years or so. 


For this long time, Sylvester wanted to find his mother.


He wanted to find her and get revenge, and at the same time, he wanted to find her and ask her if she really loved him.
At the same time, he wanted to confess that his love was sincere.


It’s a complicated feeling. 


That’s why Sylvester joined hands with Largo.
To see his mother.




There’s his mother, in front of him. 


Sylvester couldn’t believe the situation and at the same time felt fortunate.
Because his long-cherished desire came true.


“…Are you saying it’s been a while?”


Sylvester spoke in short bursts.
Then the witch treated Sylvester with a strange expression on him.


“It’s been a while, so let’s say it’s been a while.
Then what should I tell you?”


Sylvester could have had a dizzying experience.


It’s the same.


That’s what he thought.


His mother is still the same. 


Nothing has changed.


Shameless and selfish.
He thought it was really too much.
Sylvester clenched his fist.




He took a breath out of joy at the same time that he was unfamiliar with the call he had for the first time in a long time.


And slowly opened his lips.


“Have you ever thought of me?”


The witch tilted her head down and looked at Sylvester.


“I always thought of you.”


She twisted her lips.


“I think I would have been stronger if you were a kid who felt a little more deeply.”




Sylvester shouted. 


He didn’t expect it.
He never imagined his mother would say something warm to him. 


But he didn’t know this would come out.
He didn’t expect it.


“Baby, admit it.
The reason I left you is because of you.
It was because you didn’t love me.”


The witch said, facing Sylvester, who was shaking.


“But why are you blaming me now?”


A cold wind blows with the chill of the snowy mountains.
The wind blew through Sylvester and swayed over the witch.
A strange aura passed between the witch and Sylvester.
It was at this time.


“You shouldn’t say that!”


Ophelia, who had been listening silently the whole time, shouted.


Realizing that the witch was Sylvester’s mother and Sylvester had been looking for her, Ophelia deeply sympathized with Sylvester.
At the same time, she was angry at the witch who was spouting nonsense at her own son! 


“Love is a feeling of both sides.
It means that neither side can keep pouring.
But why does the witch force him to love you?”


Ophelia said sharply to the witch.


“Did the witch love him?”


There is no answer to the question.


She can only hear Sylvester’s bitter laugh. 




Sylvester swiped down his dripping hair and twisted his lips.


“That can’t be true.
My mother never loves me—”


“I love him.”


But a surprising remark came back.
Sylvester looked back at the witch with wide eyes.


“I loved you with my own way.
But you must have been unsatisfied.”


Sylvester’s eyes shook.


What do you mean love?


My mother, to me? 


He thought his mother didn’t change, but she did.
He didn’t expect her to lie.


He spit out bitter laugh. 


“I don’t believe it.”


“Look, you don’t believe it.
So what am I gonna say?”


The witch shrugged and said.
When Sylvester didn”t answer, the witch turned her head away from Sylvester toward Ophelia.


“Are you his wife?”


Ophelia nodded slowly.
The witch murmured. 


“You just picked something like that.”


“…I don’t think it’s a compliment.”


“You’re just like Sylvester.
You don’t lose a word.”


To Ophelia’s words, the witch burst into laughter and answered.
Then he turns to Sylvester again.
Look at him.


“I’m glad you grew up well.”


Sylvester frowned slightly.


After saying a lot of harsh words, she’s think he grew up well.
Sylvester couldn’t understand his mother at all. 


“That’s what parents who raise their children properly can say.”


Sylvester replied ferociously.


“I don’t forgive you, mother.”


The witch’s eyes shook slightly.


But it was a split second.
She tilted her head at an angle, sweeping over her pitch-black hair.


“I don’t ask for your forgiveness.
I don’t think I did anything wrong.”




“If I’m to blame—”



The witch bit her lip slightly.
Then she spits out her words.


“Is to meet your father.”


Sylvester’s eyes grew bigger.


This is because it was the first time that the story of the father came out of his mother’s mouth. 


So he was going to ask her more. 


“Enough, I don’t want to talk about the past anymore.”


The witch exclaimed and interrupted.
She spoke with her arms outstretched.


“I saw you, and I saw the person who became your wife, so I can say that this visit to the human world was quite enjoyable.” 


Then she lift the cloak and wrap it around her body. 


“Take care.”


It’s a cold stare.
Sylvester lowered his eyes.
Because he didn’t want to see it anymore.


“You too, human.”


The witch hit Ophelia’s forehead and caused the wind.


And then she disappeared.


Like it never existed before, just like that. 


As soon as the witch disappeared, Sylvester sat down.
Ophelia ran to Sylvester in surprise.




She asked, helping Sylvester.


“Are you okay?”


Sylvester turned and looked at Ophelia in the eyes.


“Are you asking me if I’m okay?”


He bit his lips.


“With blood dripping from your shoulder?”


Then he hurriedly takes out a handkerchief and stops the bleeding.
She finally realized that Ophelia had not felt her pain.
She seemed to have forgotten the pain as something so great had happened.


Ophelia shook her head.


“But you met your mother.


He didn’t hear a lot of good things.


Ophelia swallowed what she couldn’t say and closed her lips tightly.


Sylvester looked like he was about to cry and laughed at the same time.


“A wife who cares about her husband before her body.
I think I got married very well.” 


He joked.
Then he stroked Ophelia’s head.


“That’s enough.
I’ve always wanted to see her, and now I’ve seen her once, and it’s over.
I don’t even have to look anymore.”




“Your treatment comes first.”


Sylvester held Ophelia in his arms.




Ophelia, who was suddenly hugged like a princess, unknowingly hugged Sylvester’s neck.
Sylvester patted Ophelia like that. 


“There’s a group of knights over there.
Just hang in there and you’ll get in the carriage.”


“But—isn’t it heavy?”


“Is that important now?”


Sylvester shook his head.


There are many important things.
The way I saw your mother, the way I was summoned here, and the 2nd Prince—.
What happened?”


Ophelia asked with her eyes wide open.
Sylvester then returned to his original expression and grinned. 


“It’s just the beginning.”


Then he gently buries his face in Ophelia’s neck.
And then he whispers.


“Thanks to you, it’s okay to burn down all of the 2nd Prince’s magic circle.”


Probably because he met his mother.


So Largo’s magic circle was no longer needed.


“Thank you.”




Ophelia couldn’t figure out what answer to give here.


Sylvester must have been looking forward to meeting his mother— can he just end it like this? She thought like that. 


But the witch had already gone back, and she could never be called again.


Therefore, he had to give up.


For the time being.

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