I knew this would happen.


There’s no way Largo can tell Fleur where to summon the real magic circle! 


This is the middle of the snow mountain.


It was probably like a snow mountain in Ryzen’s estate.


What is the snow mountain in Ryzen estate—.




“Grrr! Grrr!”


It was full of monsters. 


I stopped cursing Largo and gathered mana at my fingertips.


And I looked at the monsters around me.
One, two, three— fifteen.


“Ah, I don’t think I can do this.”


As soon as the words were finished, the monsters rushed in. 




I shot black magic like an arrow at the first monster that rushed in and rolled back.
The claws of other monsters barely scratched my shadow.
It was a good thing, but I couldn’t be relieved.
Because the monsters ran again.


“Ugh, really!”


I turned around and ran away with black magic.
I had no choice but to do so.
There were too many monsters, and it was a level I could never handle!




I rolled over the snow with my shoulders clasped.


It was because the monster bit my shoulder.
Oh, it really hurts! 


“Get out of my way!”


I put the magic in the mouth of the howling monster and immediately ran.
After that, the monsters were chasing after them again. 


Blood drips.
It hurts.
It hurt so much.


But I can’t stop.
I ran with all my might.


I was worried while running like this, because I had nowhere to go.
Even when I looked around, I couldn’t find a place to reach no matter how much I ran.


Do I have to run away like this until Sylvester detects something strange?




“Ugh, go away!”


I kicked the monster’s stomach and ran again. 


I thought so.


What do I have to do?


How can I survive? 


How can I—.




When I tripped, I rolled down as it was.
Fortunately, I wasn’t hurt too much thanks to the heavy snow piled up. 


“I, it’s hurt.”


I sprained my ankle.


At this rate, I won’t be able to escape.


“Grrr! Grr!”




I sat down and took a back step, watching the demons pouring down from above.
I tried to get up, but my body wouldn’t listen.
I’ve lost my mind.
What to do, how to—.


 ‘Will I die like this?’




I felt like I was bleeding.


I can’t, I can’t. 


I can’t die.


I shook my head.
Looking at the monsters approaching right in front of me—!




I hurriedly put my hand into the subspace.
Then the scroll was caught.


The magic circle that was dug up by the beach in the Grand Duke house! 


A magic circle that can summon demons!


Maybe I can use this to survive?


I hurriedly opened the scroll.




I shouted loudly, and soon encountered a great existence.




“W, what’s going on?”


“What just happened now?”


Everyone was confused.
The roaring sound fills the courtroom.


They had no choice but to do so.
Because Ophelia has just been summoned by the magic circle!


A magic circle in a sacred temple!


People were busy panicking in the absurd situation.


Sylvester was the only one looking for a reason.
No, it was just Sylvester and Largo.


Sylvester gazed at the place where Ophelia disappeared, and smiled.




Now, go to the Monster Forest, find Ophelia, and use Theo as a witness to stop Largo’s breath.


Sylvester, thinking so, turned his head towards Largo.






But Largo’s face was strange.


He had an expression of superiority.
And looking at Sylvester clearly.


Sylvester was taken aback for a moment.


Why is he looking so confident?


It looked like a face with a plan.




– But my hunch tells me.
Something’s going wrong—.


Ophelia’s words crossed Sylvester’s mind.


What if what she says is true?


What if her hunch was right?


Sylvester had a sudden chill in his spine.




He shouted at Neil in the audience.


“Contact the Knights in the Forest of the Monster right now.
Whether Ophelia is there!”


“What? Ah, yes! I understand!”


Neil hurried out of the courtroom.
Sylvester could feel nervousness taking over as he couldn’t cover himself.
His hands tremble.
He glared at Largo. 


“As expected, I knew it.”


Largo said. 




He approached Sylvester slowly.
Coming close enough to reach his toes, he grinned and opened his lips.


“Did I look that stupid?”


Sylvester’s face hardened.
Without saying anything, he stared blankly down at Largo.


“She must be dead by now.”


Largo laughs at Sylvester.



“The wife you love so much.”


Strength enters Sylvester’s fist.
His fists trembled.


“Oh, I will definitely attend the funeral.
I’ll have to offer my condolences anyway.”


Sylvester raised his fist. 


“Your Excellency! No!”


Despite Neil’s cries, Sylvester still punched Largo in the face.


“Where’s Ophelia, you bastard!”




Ophelia is in the snowy mountain of the Duke of Ryzen.


With her ankle sprained when she fell while being chased by the monsters.






While summoning a great being from the demon realm.


Ophelia hiccuped as she looked at the back of the being standing in front of her. 


Even if she doesn’t ask who it is, she can tell that it is a great being.
Because she’s overwhelmed by the energy.


Ophelia took a deep breath, trying to hold her trembling hand.
The demonic being slowly turned towards Ophelia.


“Did you call me?”


That being was a woman.
Her dark hair is hanging long, and her bright red lips are raised with her pure white face. 


Ophelia nodded slowly at her.


“It’s so funny.
I’ve never been summoned by a human.”


She folded her arms looking down at Ophelia.


“You must have a lot of magic, huh?”


Ophelia pursed her lips.
She wanted to answer, but she couldn’t.
Because her great energy was pressing her.
The existence of the demon world is so strong.
Ophelia recalled her past when she was confident that she was strong, and she felt ashamed for a moment. 


“Grrr! Grrr!”




At this time, the monsters barked and surrounded them.
The woman looked down at the monsters and placed her finger on her lips.




Then, she lightly flick two fingers.


“You know mother is talking right now.”




Contrary to the word “mother,” her behavior was truly cruel.


The head of all the monsters was cut off at one gesture.




Ophelia swallowed dry saliva unknowingly.


“Well, why did you summon me?”


Ophelia was slightly stunned by the woman’s question.




Doesn’t she know when she looks around—?


“To…save me?”


Ophelia managed to answer.
Then the woman narrowed her brows slightly.


“Did you call me to deal with such a low-class monster?”


“They were a great opponents to me—”


Ophelia muttered, but said nothing more.
The woman still looked down at Ophelia and asked.


“Well, is your business done now?”


“N, no!”


Ophelia was afraid of the women, but she had to say something nonetheless.
So she grabbed the woman’s arm.


“Can you take me somewhere safe? If I stay here alone, I’m afraid the monsters will attack me again.”




The woman snorted at Ophelia’s hand holding her arm.


“Looking at me and answering my questions, I think you’re a tough kid, but you can’t even deal with low-class monsters?”


The woman clicked her tongue. 


“What a shame.
What a shame.”


Then she grabbed Ophelia’s chin.


“You could be stronger.”


Ophelia’s eyes shook.
The woman’s lips are raised more obliquely.


“Why don’t you give it a try?”


She said, raising her index finger.


“A drop of witch’s blood will do.”


—A drop of witch’s blood?


Ophelia blinked several times.


“D, don’t tell me, are you a witch?”


When Ophelia asked, the woman burst out laughing.


“Then who do I look like?”


Come to think of it, she looked like a witch.
Black hair, bright red eyes, snow-white skin like a snow mountain, and red lips like blood—. 


It was obviously a witch, but Ophelia had never thought that far.
Who would have imagined that her first summoner would be a witch!


“Tell me quickly.
I am very busy.”


Besides, she says that it will make her stronger.
What could be more surprising than this?


Ophelia didn’t know what to do, and the witch didn’t wait for her to figure it out.


“I see no answer, so I’ll have to go back.
Now, let me take you to a safe place.”


The witch snapped her fingers.
No, she was about to do it.




A voice was heard looking for Ophelia.
Ophelia and the witch turned their heads to the side where they heard the sound.


“Here you are.
Do you know how much I look for you? How many flare shots did I fire!”


The main character of the voice was, of course, Sylvester.
He ran towards Ophelia in a cold sweat.


“There were no injuries—”


Then he suddenly stops.




His gaze wasn’t directed to Ophelia.


It’s the witch.
To her. 


Sylvester frowned and bit his lip.


Then he slowly let out a voice.



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