Sylvester has been watching Theo since the very beginning.


This is because he knew that the way he looked at Ophelia was unusual from the first time she brought Theo.


In addition, Sylvester sensed that he had met Countess Fleur later on.


Ah, what the hell is this bastard doing? 


That’s why he came straight to Theo.


“Don’t you think you should be honest?”




When Theo heard something unexpected on the way out of the training ground, he was surprised and asked back. 


Then he turned his head to the side where the voice was heard.
Immediately, Sylvester appeared with a grim expression on his face.


No, why is the master, who has never visited since he came to the mansion, come to him all of a sudden? 


Theo was a little surprised inside.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


But he answered with the utmost composure.
Sylvester’s eyes then narrowed sharply.


“So you don’t want to be honest.”




Sylvester grabbed Theo by the neck and lifted him up.


No matter how the future Swordmaster he may be, Theo is only a boy now.
He couldn’t easily shake off the touch of Sylvester. 


“Let—go off this—!”


So Theo hung on to Sylvester’s hand and scratched it, but Sylvester wouldn’t let go of it at all.


“Do you think I don’t know you’re going out?”


Sylvester gritted his teeth, lifting Theo higher.


“Tell me.
What did the Countess Fleur tell you.”




“If you don’t tell me, you’ll die here.”


A black energy emanated from Sylvester’s body.
Half-human half-demon thing.
Sensing this, Theo could feel his breath suffocating.
His mind is dizzy.
He looks like he’s going to die anytime soon. 




At this time, the same voice as the savior was heard.


It was Ophelia.


“W, what’s wrong? What’s going on?”


Ophelia shouted and ran.
Sylvester clicked his tongue briefly and threw Theo away.




“It’s nothing.”


Sylvester said with an indifferent face, though Theo was coughing furiously right next to him.


“We just had a conversation.
Right, Theo?”


“Cough, cough.”


“That’s true.”


Ophelia opened her mouth in amazement.


What do you mean nothing? Theo looks like he’s going to die!


Ophelia stamped her foot and held Sylvester by the arm.


“Honey! What the hell are you going to do to him—!”


“Now, now.
You’re not feeling well, so you should go in and rest.
Running around like this is too much.” 


But Sylvester wouldn’t let go.
He said, pushing Ophelia on the back.


“You can’t overdo it.


He’s saying this because of what happened last night. 


However, Theo seems to have taken it differently.


“Cough, I guess the words that were circulating in the streets were true.”


Theo, who was still coughing, slowly rose up and looked at Ophelia and Sylvester.


“What words?”


Ophelia asked, her eyes wide open.


“They said Madam is pregnant.”


“Ah, about that.”


Ophelia tried to say it was a lie.
But Theo’s words were faster.


“As expected, I guess I can’t do it.”


He dropped his head.


When Theo found out that Ophelia was pregnant, he was very upset.
He was shaken by the words of the Countess of Fleur, and he felt ashamed of himself. 


Ophelia and Sylvester.


How did he think to intervene when the two are so close?


No matter how hard he tries to keep Ophelia next to him—.


‘I wouldn’t have been able to win her heart.’


Theo was frustrated and wanted to boil his knees.


But he endured.
Because he didn’t want to show Ophelia that ugly side of him. 


No matter how much he gives up on Ophelia, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to look good to her.


So Theo held back and raised his head.


“The Countess of Fleur ordered me to do something.”


“Tell me.”


Sylvester answered with arms crossed.


Theo swallowed his dry saliva. 


“He wants to put Madam in trouble.”


Theo took something out of his arms.
It was a scroll.


“A magic circle that summons you to the middle of the monster forest.” 




Ophelia opened her mouth wide.


What does he mean in the middle of the monster forest? 


She’s just telling me to die!


Of course, at the first hunting competition, Ophelia dealt with the monsters. 


But they were only low-level monsters at the edge of the monster forest.


It is obvious that Ophelia will not be able to deal with just the high-level, no, intermediate-level monsters. 


But she tried to push her into the middle of the monster forest—!


‘She tried to kill me.’


Ophelia shrugged her shoulders with a shudder.


“If she fell there, Ophelia would have died?”


“I was going to go before that.”




Sylvester’s lips rose obliquely.


“It sounds like you were trying to save Ophelia and play the role of a hero.”


He spat out a ridiculous laugh.


“You idiot.
Do you think Ophelia will like you because of that?”


Theo didn’t answer, but he looked embarrassed by the fact that he lowered his head.


Sylvester clicked his tongue at the sight of Theo, and only Ophelia, who didn’t know the situation, was puzzled. 


“Anyway, I’d say it’s a pretty decent way.
There’s no better way to deal with Ophelia than this.”


“Oh, are you going to talk like that?”


Ophelia pouted.
Sylvester burst into laughter and hugged Ophelia’s shoulder.



“Then should I talk more like I’m talking to someone else?”


She’s nervous about how it is.


Ophelia shook her head, but Sylvester didn’t shut up.




He lifted the tip of Ophelia’s chin.


“Summon, will you try it?”




Sylvester’s plan was this.


On the day of the trial, tomorrow, Theo uses a magic circle to summon Ophelia.


Of course, this is after Sylvester dispatched an army to the monster forest area in advance to be summoned to clear the monsters.


Ophelia escapes to a safe place and hides, and Sylvester attacks Largo by nitpicking at Ophelia’s disappearance. 


That would reveal Largo’s illegal collection of magic circles and even raise charges of trying to kill Ophelia. 


Come to think of it, it wasn’t a bad plan.


But Ophelia felt something uncomfortable. 


Because it was unlikely that Largo would come up with such an easy plan to break. 


“It’s going to be okay, right?”


Ophelia asked.


Sylvester, who was wearing his tie right away, slightly turned his eyes.


“What makes my wife so nervous?”


Sylvester pulled his tie together and approached Ophelia.


And held her by the shoulder.


“Don’t worry.
I’ve already sent the knights and cleared the monster forest.”




Ophelia asked back, her eyes wide open.


It was amazing that he could do it in just a few hours.


“Then that’s a relief—”


Yeah, it’s a relief. 


But, like, this strange feeling of uneasiness—.


It’s definitely coming from intuition, but she doesn’t know what makes her anxious.
Ophelia narrowed her eyes.


“Still, I don’t think the 2nd Prince would have chosen such an easy path.”


Sylvester, who was listening to Ophelia, immediately nodded.


“That’s what I think.”


He also didn’t think Largo would have only prepared this.


There may be other measures in place.


“But there is no other way than this.”


However, at the moment, there was no other way but to respond like this.


If he doesn’t hit Largo now, he won’t be able to stop the temple trial tomorrow.


“Or will you go straight to the temple trial?”


“I’ll be summoned.”


Ophelia answered with her head bowed.
Sylvester burst out laughing.


“My wife is very pretty.”


He stroked Ophelia’s cheek.
She felt his cold fingers caressing her cheek.
Ophelia slowly closed her eyes.


“Today will be the last.”


Sylvester whispered in a soft voice.


“To fight them.”


He removed the hand that was stroking Ophelia, and soon embraced her tightly.
Ophelia, in Sylvester’s arms, gently grabbed his back.


“Now we’re going to be independent, and all we have to do is live happily.”


Sylvester said, stroking Ophelia on the back of the head repeatedly.


“So don’t worry.”


Having said this, her anxious mind calmed down a little. 


She felt fortunate.


So Ophelia smiled quietly and pulled her chin.




She spoke with all her heart.


“I won’t worry.”


But soon there was something to worry about.


Ah, she knew this would happen.

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