Chapter 141

Translated by Tam


To the horror of Ophelia’s words, Sylvester’s expression became mysterious.
He looked gravely at Ophelia.


“Tell me.”




Ophelia swallowed her dry saliva.


She doesn’t know where to start and how to talk.


However, once she mentions ‘I’m not Ophelia,’ she can’t back down.


Ophelia swallowed her dry saliva once again and slowly inhaled.


“I can’t remember, but it seems that Ophelia used the magic circle she received from the 2nd Prince.”


“We already talked about it.
So what?”


Sylvester asked in an unusually sharp voice.
Ophelia held her hands together.


“That time…she dies.
The real Ophelia.”


Sylvester could feel his mind dizzy for a moment.


She’s dead? 


So who is Ophelia in front of him? 


He leaned forward and asked back.


“Then, who are you?”


Ophelia answered cautiously.


“I’m a new soul.”




Sylvester is now understood.


“So, the original Ophelia died and you came into that empty shell.”


“That’s right.”




He snorted back.


“I thought it was weird.
Didn’t you suddenly declare that you wouldn’t go after the Crown Prince you loved so much, or ask for a divorce?”


That’s not all.


Ophelia’s personality, her speech, her behavior, everything changed.


“Why didn’t I know?”


Why didn’t he notice?


He just thinks she’s changed and doesn’t think of any other possibility.


Why did he do that?


Sylvester thought that he was really stupid, and at the same time felt a strange sense of betrayal from Ophelia.




Did she guess what Sylvester was thinking?


Ophelia said cautiously.


“Because you never doubted me.
So you didn’t know.”




That’s true. 


Sylvester had never doubted Ophelia.

Even when he didn’t get along well with her.


So he was fooled by it—.
That’s ridiculously funny.


“I see.”


Sylvester laughed and swept his hair. 


“Why didn’t you tell me?”


This is the source of the betrayal that he feels from Ophelia. 


Why didn’t she say it earlier?


If she was hiding such a big truth, she should have said it right away, why didn’t she say it until now?



Sylvester had nothing to hide from Ophelia, so he hated Ophelia for lying to him.
He hates it. 


“If I told you…”


Ophelia wet her dry lips and bowed her head.


And she answered in a murmuring voice.


“I’m afraid you’ll hate me.”




Sylvester asked in bewilderment, but Ophelia didn’t stop talking.


“Because you know the original Ophelia, you loved the changed Ophelia, so I thought you wouldn’t love me if I told you the truth.
That’s why I couldn’t tell you.” 




Sylvester jumped to his feet.


“Don’t be stupid!”


Then he held Ophelia’s shoulders.


“I love you.
I never really cared about the original Ophelia or anything like that!”


Her heart pounded when she heard such firm words.


Nevertheless, the guilt that remains doesn’t go away easily.


“But the shell is Ophelia.”


Because she is borrowing Ophelia’s appearance—.
So Ophelia became smaller. 


Sylvester looked as if he didn’t understand Ophelia. 


“I love you no matter what you look like.”


He squatted down in front of Ophelia and looked up at her.
And he held Ophelia’s hand tightly.


“I’m already in love, so what does it matter? Did my love look so small to you?”


It was a rather harsh word, but the meaning contained inside was very moving.



Ophelia suddenly felt the tip of her nose getting hot and shook her head.


You didn’t.”


“See, so there’s nothing to worry about.”


Sylvester got up with a face as if it had just happened.
He sat down next to Ophelia again. 


“Is this all right? You don’t hide anything from me anymore, right?”








He sighed and swept his hair away as if he was satisfied with the situation that had been sorted out.


Then he looked at Ophelia again.


“Who knows you’re not Ophelia?”


“There is only you.
But I think His Highness2nd prince noticed it.” 


Sylvester narrowed his eyes. 


“That’s why he’s trying to bring you to the temple trial.
To examine the soul.”


That’s right.”

“I have to stop this somehow—”


Sylvester bit his lips nervously.


If her soul turns out to be different, it’s clear that Ophelia will be executed for using illegal black magic.


Whatever the reason.


So it had to be stopped somehow.


“I’ll take care of it.”


Sylvester said, holding Ophelia’s hand.


“So don’t worry.”



Ophelia’s eyes shook.


What should she say?


What should she say to convey this overwhelming feeling?


Ophelia, who had been thinking for a long time and stuttering for words buried in her mouth, soon lowered her head and murmured.


“I’m sorry.”


She spoke with all her heart.


“I always feel like I’m indebted to you—”


Sylvester chuckled.
Then he put his hand on Ophelia’s head, which was bowed, and messed up her hair.


“You don’t talk like that between a couple.”


Then he whispered softly in her ear.


“And look forward to tonight.
I will punish you for deceiving me.” 


He’s going to say that until this moment?


Ophelia shouted that he should stop, and Sylvester was happy to see Ophelia returned to her original state and hugged her tightly. 




The temple trial is coming tomorrow. 


I wandered nervously around the room.


In fact, it was just my heart, and I couldn’t really move around.


I couldn’t move my body properly because I was so tired last night.


So I was just sitting on the sofa biting my nails, holding back my desire to move.


Sylvester told me to trust him.
Will that work?


Shouldn’t I be doing something?


I thought about it, but it wouldn’t make much difference if I came forward.
I will only get in the way. 


So I was just sitting like this without doing anything.




At this time, Irene opened the door and came in.


“Are you okay? I brought you tea that will help you relax.
Please try this.”


I stared at Irene’s tea water.


“This isn’t from Countess Fleur, right?”


“No way! It’s tea leaves that we brought ourselves.
You don’t have to worry.”




I lifted the tea cup.


As Irene said, a sip of tea made me feel a little relieved.
Whoo, I sighed and tilted my head back.


“What will happen?”




Irene asked back.


“I was asking about what will happen tomorrow?” 




Irene walked up to me and said. 


“Actually, it’s a nonsensical trial.
How much did the Madam use black magic? It’s sure it’s come to an end.
So don’t worry.
Everyone was thinking that way!” 




Not only Irene but others would think I was put on trial just because I used “black magic,” so it was natural for this to be said. 


But for another reason, I couldn’t just say yes.




I sighed deeply and put down the tea cup.


“Let’s get out and get some fresh air.
It will help you refresh yourself.”


Irene pushed me. 


As she said, going out for a walk would calm me down a little.


But in my current physical condition—.


‘I can’t even move.’


How can I walk when it’s so hard just sitting here?


I shook my head.


“Please make room on the terrace.
I’ll get some fresh air there.”


“I will!”


Irene moved in a hurry, and soon showed me around.
I sat down on the terrace and greeted the spring breeze. 


It’s such a nice day, but my heart is dry.


I hope nothing happens tomorrow.


I thought so and looked around.


But then. 




I saw Sylvester.




I saw him grab Theo by the collar and drag him away.


What the hell is going on?


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