Amidst people chattering.


Fleur is standing alone.


She looked around slowly.


The Ladies and Young Ladies who, until not long ago, ran up to her as soon as they saw her and talked to her, are no longer around.


Only hateful glances have been directed at her.


This was expected from the moment she decided to appear at the ballroom with Largo.
So she thought she had to prepared her heart to some extent—.


‘I guess not.’


Fleur smiled and gripped the fan.


Actually, it was natural for people to treat her coldly.


It’s ridiculous that she’s a Countess, but she’s preparing to divorce the Count because it’s not enough for her to be the Crown Prince’s woman.
Then she abandoned the Crown Prince and appeared with the 2nd Prince.


How could it be any worse?


In the meantime, people have congratulated Fleur because they thought that she could become the Crown Prince’s wife, but people couldn’t treat Fleur with kindness, who had abandoned the Crown Prince and sat next to the 2nd Prince.


It was natural. 


Fleur took a deep breath, struggling to regain her composure. 


Looking around like that, she suddenly turned to Ophelia.




She was one of the biggest reasons why she has changed like this.


It’s that woman.


Ophelia was glittering as if the lights were pouring on her.
So Fleur was even angrier.
She’s a bad girl, a really bad and vicious woman, but why she caught everyone’s attention! 


Everyone seemed to have forgotten that Ophelia had harrassed them.
Forgetting all the past, they praises Ophelia who has changed.
Fleur became angry and sad at the same time.


No matter how hard she tried, it didn’t seem like she could even reach Ophelia’s toes.


‘No, that’s not true.’


It’s different now.


Now that’s she’s joined hands with 2nd Prince. 


And now she is aiming for the position of Empress.


Fleur was able to bring everything that Ophelia had.


‘Is it Theo?’


That kid should do well.


Fleur thought, still clutching at the fan.


It was at this time.


“Everyone’s here!”


Largo has appeared.


Appearing with an exaggerated attitude, he put his hand on Sylvester’s shoulder.


What’s wrong with him? 


Fleur looked nervously at Largo.


Fleur wasn’t the only one who wondered why this guy was doing this.


Ophelia, Sylvester, and Callian also looked at Largo with absurd expressions.


But Largo remained calm.


“I feel like I have to say this here.
I have prepared a very great present for you guys.”


Largo smiled meanly and grabbed Sylvester’s shoulder tighter.


Sylvester looked at his hand on his shoulder, then stepped back and shook it off.
Largo narrowed his brow slightly.


“Originally, I didn’t want to give you this gift, but seeing what the Duke is saying today, I think I should give it to you.”


He’s literally going to give him a real present he wasn’t supposed to give him because he was rude.


What is that? 


Everyone focused on Largo’s next words.


“I will bring Duchess Ophelia Ryzen to the temple trial.”




Ophelia was expecting this to come out.


But she didn’t expect him to speak in such a public place.


Is it because it’s more effective if he declare it in public?


People were all buzzing.
Some of them responded that it was natural, while others raised their voices saying what was going on. 


The former were those who didn’t like Ophelia very much, and the latter were those who were completely on the side of Ophelia.


A distinctly different reactions.
A chaos. 


In the meantime, Sylvester, Callian, and Ophelia are just standing there.


Sylvester, who came to his senses first, opened his mouth.


“My wife—”


He brushed his hair with a rather angry expression.


“You bring her to temple trial?”




“For what reason?”


Sylvester was really annoyed.


After listening to Ophelia, he knew that Largo was going to bring Ophelia to the Temple Trial.


In this case, it is usually delivered in writing or contacted directly from the temple.


I mean, don’t humiliate yourself in public in such a crowded place! 


So annoyed Sylvester opened his eyes sharply and glared at Largo.


“We can’t hold a trial without a clear reason.
Of course it doesn’t make sense to be referred.”


Largo, who was slightly startled by those eyes, rubs his shoulders and flattens his shoulders. 


“The Duchess of Ophelia recently enjoyed using black magic.”


“I’ve never enjoyed using it though.”


Ophelia stepped in.


“Don’t lie.
Everyone knows that you’ve been using black magic for your own benefits.”


What a nonsense! 


She wanted to shout, but Ophelia tried to hold back.
Because there were many eyes to see.


“There’s a lot of evidence.
It’s possible enough to say it for days.”


It must be all fabricated evidence.


Ophelia feel dizzy. 


“So, I’ll see you in the trial in two days.”


It seems that the trial has already been scheduled.
Then there is no stopping the trial from taking place.


First of all, she have to accept the trial and find a way out from there—.


Ophelia touched her forehead.
She sighs again.


“Isn’t it fun?”


Largo smirked at such Ophelia.


“It’s a great present, isn’t it?”


Before moving on, he looked at Sylvester who annoyed, Ophelia who surprised, and the people who were murmuring.


“Then I’ll be on my way.
Have a fun night!”


Watching his back as he left, Callian, who had been silent the whole time, opened his mouth.


“When are you going to start the fire?”


He gritted his teeth.


“That shameless bastard.”






Riding the carriage, I sighed and buried my face in my hands.



A trial in two days.


It gets a little terrifying.


It is unlikely that I will be punished for using black magic.
Even Largo wouldn’t blame it. 


All he wants is my soul.
That is, whether or not my soul was changed.


It is clear that soul will be detected in the trial.


And I can’t avoid it. 


I bit my nails in a nervousness.




At this time, Sylvester, who came in with the carriage door open, spoke to me. 


“What’s the matter?”


He sat right next to me and poked his head out, as if he sensed my nervousness.


“Are you doing this because of the trial?”


I didn’t answer, but Sylvester seems to think so.


“I told you there’s nothing to worry about.
I don’t think it’s a big deal.”


He said putting his hand on mine.
As I felt the warm body temperature, my heart, which was beating fast, calmed down a little.
However, that didn’t mean that the anxiety was completely gone. 


“Right, it’s not a big deal…”




I sighed and bowed my head.
Sylvester asked again.


“But what’s wrong with you?”


He narrowed his eyes and looked at me. 


“Don’t tell me, you…”


He raised my chin and made me raise my head.


“Are you hiding something from me?”


The moment I met his blue eyes, I had no choice but to hold my breath.


Because Sylvester seemed more sincere than anyone else.


Yeah, Sylvester was always sincere.


He didn’t lie to me, he told me everything honestly, and he always look at me first.


To keep lying to him like this—.


‘My conscience hurts so much.’


It wasn’t the right thing to do.


I took a deep breath.


Then I turned a little bit and sat face to face with Sylvester.


“Yes, I do.”


My hand on my thigh trembled.
But I didn’t stop talking.


“And it’s really big.”


Sylvester pressed the flesh inside his mouth with his tongue and narrowed his brows slightly.


“Tell me.”


I gently raised my eyes.


“Will you forgive me?”


“Let’s hear what it is first.”


“Ah, really!”


When I burst into a rage, Sylvester finally let go of his expression and laughed. 


“It’s a joke.”


He put his hand on the top of my head, then patted my head and said. 


“I can accept whatever lies you told me.
So tell me.”


I was relieved to hear that.


Can I really tell him? 


I bit my lip.


But I couldn’t keep it hidden like this.


Because now that the trial is about to be held.


I have to prevent the fact that I’m a different person somehow.


It was right to ask Sylvester for help.


And it’s too hurt to keep hiding from Sylvester—.




I swallowed dry saliva.


“I’m not the real Ophelia.”

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