It was none other than Fleur who came in with the 2nd Prince. 


Why are you coming out of there?


Everyone, not just Ophelia, looked at Largo and Fleur in bewilderment.


But they walked in with a casual attitude.
With their arms crossed casually! 


‘What the hell happened?’


Ophelia was bewildered, and she immediately looked at Callian, who was not far away.
Because she thought he must have been surprised too. 


But strangely, Callian looked fine.


‘Why are you so calm?’


No way—did he already know? 


Ophelia shuddered as she looked at Callian’s face.


In fact, Callian knew this was going to happen.
He was kind of expecting it. 


After much consideration, he sent Fleur an invitation to the ball.


She was a partner who was supposed to be at the ball together.


However, Fleur refused.
She says that she has made a promise to go with someone first.


Callian was sure it was with Largo.
What is the result? His prediction was correct. 


Callian looked at Fleur with a slightly bitter expression on his face.


It’s not because he still has feelings for Fleur, or because he hates the way she’s with someone else.
Callian was just bitter about the way the relationship had ended like this. 


The woman he once really loved.


But now he doesn’t feel anything.


Oh, what an easy feeling! 


Callian was disappointed with himself, and further disappointed with Fleur for causing such disappointment, and was angry with Largo who enticed Fleur.


‘I’ll make sure—’


Callian murmured, clenched his fist.


‘I will be the Emperor.’


He raised his chin.


“It’s pretty amazing.”


Sylvester, who was standing next to him, whispered.


“I didn’t know they’d show up so openly.”


It must mean Fleur.
Callian shook his head.


“Human feelings are like a reed.”


This was also a word to himself.
Anyway, he continued, glancing at Sylvester.


“You better be careful.
You never know when or how your wife will change.”


Sylvester’s eyes grew somewhat larger.


Then he answered with a smirk.


That’s right.
She used to love His Highness, but now she’s in love with me.”


Callian nodded.
Then he thought.
The things Ophelia used to do in the past when she loved him—.
Oh, it’s terrifying to think about it again.


But how did Ophelia change as it is now?


While he thought it was really fortunate, he had doubts.


But now it’s not a big deal, so Callian decided to put his doubts away.


“But even if Ophelia changes her mind again, I’m fine.”


Sylvester said. 


Callian looked at him with a little surprised eyes.


“Is it okay for Ophelia to fall in love with someone else?”




Sylvester answered with a triumphant face.


“I can get her back to me.”


He laughed. 


“You have to have some confidence, don’t you?”




Callian sighed. 


What an incredibly confident guy.


He can’t beat him. 


He shook his head and looked again at Largo and Fleur.


It was then, his eyes met with Largo. 


To be exact, he found Largo looking at Sylvester.


As soon as that happened, Largo strode toward them.


“Who is this, isn’t this my close friend, Duke Sylvester Ryzen!”


He reached out towards Sylvester with a noticeably exaggerated attitude.
Sylvester narrowed his brow slightly, but shook Largo’s hand as if he couldn’t help it.
Largo smiled in satisfaction. 


“Why are you here? You didn’t come to me!”


“I was talking with the Crown Prince for a moment.”


“What do you have to say to my brother?”


Largo asked back a little sharply.


“You are my one and only helper! When you’re with my brother like this, I can’t help but be suspicious of you.
Don’t you think so?”


It was clear that he was speaking openly like this to make people know Sylvester was completely on his side.


Sylvester’s eyes narrowed.
At the same time, people’s attention was focused.


What would Sylvester say?


Everyone gulped dry saliva and looked at Sylvester. 


It was the same with Ophelia.


She looked at Sylvester unconsciously with her hands together.


‘Please don’t make trouble.’


That’s what she’s saying.


After a little long silence, Sylvester’s lips opened.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


He said with a puzzled expression as if he didn’t understand. 


“Right now, I was expressing my deepest gratitude to the Crown Prince, who was the most helpful to me.”


“W, what?”


Largo looked bewildered.
But the words that followed were more shocking.


“It was at the moment when I swore I would be loyal to Your Highness.”


Sylvester said with a grin.


“Well, is there a problem?”


It was only natural that the hall was turned upside down.




Largo groaned and left the hall. 


It’s bound to be like that.
He was betrayed by a reliable ally he trusted. 


It was refreshing to give Largo a punch like this, but on the other hand, I was worried.


The magic circle Sylvester needed, what if he couldn’t find it? 


I’m sure Largo will shake Sylvester again under the pretext of that magic circle—.


I’ve got a lot on my mind.


So I grabbed Sylvester for now.




Sylvester, who was talking to Callian, turned his head.


“Where were you? I’m looking for you.”



“When did you tell me to go somewhere else?”


“Still, you should have come to me based on the situation.”


“Cry for what to cry.” (T/n: I don’t know what this means, if you have any idea feel free to comment.) 


I clicked my tongue and looked at Sylvester. 


Fortunately, he looked fine. 




I took Sylvester by the arm with a sigh.


“Is it okay to do that?”


“About what?”


“Was it okay to say such a rude thing to the 2nd Prince?”


“What do you mean? I’m just telling the truth.”


Sylvester shrugged. 


“But we’re still—”


I lowered my voice so that Callian wouldn’t hear me.


“We haven’t found the magic circle.”


“Ah, that’s.”


Sylvester replied casually.


“I wasn’t too worried about it because you said you will find it.” 




I asked back in a loud voice in surprise.


“But what if I can’t find it?”


“Then you’ll feel sorry.”


“Why don’t you have a plan!”


What should I do with this?


I rolled my eyes in confusion.


It was then. 


“What are you talking about?”


Callian stepped in.


I look into Sylvester’s eyes.
It’s because I don’t know how far to say it.


Sylvester then nodded his hand.


It was a gesture to speak, so I answered Callian in a slightly lower voice.


“My husband has something to receive from the 2nd Prince.
As a condition for receiving it, it’s as good as joining hands with the 2nd Prince—”


“What will you get?”


Callian’s eyes narrowed.


“Magic circle?”


How does he know that?


I looked at Sylvester, and he looked at me.


Looking at each other, we looked straight back at Callian.


“Do you know where it is?”


“Just a hint!”


Guess we were too much, Callian took a half step back, showing a slight bewildered look.


“Calm down.”


He talked to us and calmed us down.


“I know where it is.
I’ve bribed Largo’s servants before.”


Sylvester and I had glistening eyes.


“But it’s going to be hard to get it.”




“It’s a magical place, so you can’t get to it without him.”


“Oh my.”


I clicked my tongue and narrowed my forehead. 


But Sylvester didn’t give up.
He asked Callian again.




He made a separate secret room in his room.”


“Then there must have been no other magical devices.”


“Maybe—? Secret space alone will provide sufficient security.”




Sylvester folded his arms.


“Then it’s simple.”


Then, his eyes sparkled as if he had a good idea.


“Let’s burn it.”




What nonsense is he talking about? 


I pulled Sylvester’s arm in surprise.


“Stop doing crazy things—”


“It could be a good way.”


But to my surprise, Callian responded!


“When people are in extreme situations, they take out the most important thing they have.
In that context, it might be a good idea to burn the Imperial Palace.”


Are you both crazy?


How do you even think about setting fire to the Imperial Palace?


I was so bewildered that I opened my mouth, Sylvester and Callian were talking back and forth.


“Then when should we do it?”


“You’d better do it while it’s quiet enough.
Let me help you.”


Callian continued.


“Because we’re in the same boat.”


Sylvester grinned at Callian’s words.


Then he reached out to Callian.
It meant to ask for a handshake, and Callian, who knew this, also smiled and held Sylvester’s hand.




And I looked at them and murmured to myself.


They’re both crazy. 

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