Chapter 138

Translated by Tam


Everyone was surprised.


Because the Crown Prince was alone! And he’s supposed to come in with Countess Fleur!


So what happened?


People murmured and looked into the eyes of the Crown Prince, Callian. 


But Calian didn’t seem to mind.
He lightly greeted those people who approached and looked around.


Then his eyes met Sylvester.
Callian’s lips went up.


As soon as Sylvester made eye contact with Callian, he opened a slight distance from Ophelia.
And he said to her.


“I have something to talk to the Crown Prince, so go somewhere else and come back.”


“Oh, do you know that if I go, I go and if I come, I come?”


“I’ll give you a jewel when I get back.”


“I’ll be playing with Countess Cardel!”


Ophelia answered excitedly and left.


Sylvester approached Callian after confirming Ophelia had left.


“It’s been a while.”


Callian brought it up first.


“I didn’t expect you to be here.”


It was true. 


Because today’s ball is a welcome ceremony to the return of Largo.
And Sylvester who thought that Callian, who had an opposite relationship with Largo, wouldn’t attend.


“I can’t just pass the welcome ceremony of my one and only brother.”


“Do you think you don’t know that you’re here to check?”


Sylvester asked with a grin.


“It’s too bad if you think so.”


Callian shrugged his shoulders.
Then he said in a whisper in a low voice.


“Did you read the letter I sent you?”


Sylvester nodded his head.


“You said you accepted my offer.”




Sylvester frowned with Callian’s casual answer.


“Didn’t you say no?”


“I said I’d think about it, but I never said no.”


“You asked for a divorce between me and my wife.”




Callian hesitated for a moment.


What should he say?


He really intended to, but he changed his mind after seeing his mother’s letter.
Should he say that he made up his mind to live a proper life of a monarch now?


Callian kept his words in his mouth for a long time, then shook his head and responded briefly.


“It was a joke.”


Sylvester’s eyes narrowed.


It certainly wasn’t a joke.
Callian seemed to like Ophelia.


He has no idea what caused his change of heart.


But in any case, it turned out well.


So Sylvester smiled obliquely and nodded his head.


“Then we came to a dramatic agreement.”


“You can say that.”


Sylvester’s lips rounded with satisfaction at Callian’s answer.


“Well, let’s talk about it later.”


There’s a lot of eyes here.” 


Callian looked around and said.
Then suddenly, with a meaningful smile, he said.


“No, isn’t it good to have a lot of eyes?” 


“I’m not sure.”


Sylvester shrugged his shoulders with a vague answer.


“Aren’t you wondering what I will say to the 2nd Prince?”


As soon as the words were finished, a shout of the gatekeeper was heard. 


“Your Highness 2nd Prince is entering!”


Everyone looked around the ballroom door.




Having been ordered by Sylvester, I naturally walked towards Countess Cardel. 


Next to Countess Cardel is Jasmine.
Jasmine waved her hand hard at me. 


The jackpot exploded in the mine she gave me, and the people who ignored Jasmine claimed they couldn’t use their power now, right?


It was the right cider.


I greeted Jasmine lightly, then spoke to Countess Cardel. 


“I heard you were talking about the godmother or something.”


“Oh my, maybe I shouldn’t have said that?”


Countess Cardel said, with her eyes wide open.


“No, you can do it.”


“I knew it! Actually, even if you said no, I was going to tell them.
If I don’t, someone is going to take it away!”


What do you mean, take it away?


I nodded my head.


“Who else can be the godmother to my child?”


“A lot!”


Countess Cardel answered aloud, then spoke in a low voice, as if whispering to me. 


“Look at the eyes looking at Madam.
Isn’t it different from before?”


I followed her words and looked around.


I felt some favorable views, which are different from before.


It was a great improvement compared to when I first entered society.


Why did this happen? Come to think of it, the answer came out quickly.


Rumors had already spread that I had become close to the Grand Duchess, and now that everything has been revealed that I have gotten closer with Sylvester and that I have even become pregnant. 


No one would want to get stuck with me.


“I have no doubt that Madam will be the queen of society!”


That’s why Countess Cardel is saying this.


“That’s a funny thing to say.”


I laughed, but it wasn’t that I wasn’t greedy at all.


Wouldn’t it be better to live properly, since I promised to settle down and live in peace?


I will press down Fleur’s nose too. 


“Come to think of it, I don’t see Countess Fleur today?”


said Jasmine, who was standing next to me.
I followed her and turned my gaze all the way around the hall. 


There really was no Fleur.


She always attends this kind of imperial ball, so why not now? 


Looking back, she didn’t even come with Callian.


Is she on a completely different path with Callian now?


‘It could be.’


When I think of Fleur, who seemed very close to Largo—it’s not like there’s no chance at all.



If Callian notices, and Fleur pretends not to know and takes her foot away from Callian, it is possible that they have become so distant that they don’t even come together to the ball. 




If she had just stayed still, Callian would have become the Emperor on his own, and she would have naturally become the empress.


She ruined everything by being greedy—.


‘Because we don’t know what the human mind is.’


It’s not my business anyway, so I don’t have to worry.


And think about what Fleur has done so far.


It was also strange that I had sympathy for her.


I’m not a saint and I’m a terribly selfish person, so I 

couldn’t afford to sympathize with anyone who hates me.


So, I thought that this kind of heart was too natural, I was reading it myself like that.


It was then. 


“Actually, I heard something.”


Someone stepped in between us.


When I looked back, I saw a woman with brown hair tied up high.


Who is it?


“Ah, my name is Abigail Hoyle, Madam.
It’s my first time saying hello.” 


The wife of Count Hoyle.


I wondered why Count Hoyle’s wife, who was not on very good terms with Sylvester, talked to me.


And this was the person who was attached to Fleur’s side, not me.
But why?


I looked at Countess Abigail with a slight doubt. 


“What did you hear?”


Abigail held her breath and answered.


“I’ve heard that Countess Fleur and the 2nd Prince often meet.”


As expected. 


I knew this would come out.


No wonder they stood out so much!


What could be the reason I recognized Fleur at a glance in the crowded capital? Because it stands out right away!


But how noticeable is the 2nd Prince? 


Two people who stood out were met, so it was natural for people to see and talk about it.


I narrowed my forehead a little.




“Ah, so there are rumors circulating that the Countess Fleur has now passed on to the 2nd Prince.” 


“I see.”


Countess Abigail’s face darkened a little when I answered half-heartedly.


She came a little closer to me and whispered.


“No matter how hard I try, I must be under the Duchess, right?”




This must have been the reason for talking to me out of the blue.


To abandon Fleur and choose me. 


I looked back at Countess Abigail with a sneaky smile, now that I could see what she was thinking.


“You must be—”


I brought up Countess Abigail’s past track record from memory.


“You were with Countess Fleur when she spilled her perfume on me.”


“Ah, t, that’s.”


“And you were laughing together.”


Countess Abigail’s face turned white.
I opened my mouth, looking straight at her.


“I don’t like people who change their attitude like flipping the palm of their hand.”


Countess Abigail couldn’t say a word and her eyes were shaking.
I smiled and waved to her.


“Go back.”


Countess Abigail stood back, biting her lips tightly.


After seeing her fully step back, I turned to Countess Cardel and Jasmine, who were holding back their laughter. 


“What’s so funny?”


“It’s fun!”


Jasmine answered. 


“That’s right.
It’s fun.”


Countess Cardel also spoke in a slightly excited tone.


“She was a person who had been talking bad things about Madam for a long time.
But now, she suddenly approached you, and I was surprised, and I thought it was fortunate that Madam refused appropriately.”


“I’m a little upset that I looked like a pushover.”


“No way!”


Countess Cardel waved her hands and said.


I relieved Countess Cardel’s embarrassment with the word ‘joke,’ and Jasmine’s aegyo made the atmosphere better. 


It was at this time, when such a warm conversation took place.


A shout of the gatekeeper was heard.


“Your Highness 2nd Prince is entering!”


Everyone turned to the door.


Of course it was the same for me. 






Why is that person there? 

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