After Theo met Countess Fleur, he thought very deeply.


Countess Fleur made Theo choose.


Will he continue living like this? 


Or will he listen to his deep inner voice and take Ophelia as he wants?


Theo was young, and because he was young, he was full of foolishness. 


So he tried to choose the latter.
A path that betrays its owner in order to become a dog that takes over the owner. 


Having made this decision, he decided to act that way.


But it was kind of weird.


He kept thinking that he shouldn’t do that. 


He can’t go like this.
Something’s going wrong.


This thought kept coming, and Theo came to Ophelia like he was possessed.




Ophelia pulled her chin.




Theo took a deep breath.


“I met Countess Fleur.”




Ophelia asked in a trembling voice in surprise.


Fleur met Theo?


What else did she say?


She was worried.


“Tell me.
What happened?”


Theo took another breath.


“She came to see me a while ago.
When I went out.”


“So? What did she say?”


Theo hesitated.


To tell the truth here, should he erase his conscience or push ahead with the first choice?


For a moment, he was deeply troubled, but the answer had already been given. 


“She didn’t say much.
I think she was looking at me to see the trend.” 


Theo didn’t deliver Fleur’s words directly.


He had no choice but to.


Because he still hasn’t made up his mind.


So he lied, and his conscience was stabbed.


Theo kept a calm face, pretending not to know this pricking conscience.


“Is that so?”


Ophelia was unaware of Theo’s feelings at all, so she breathed a sigh of relief and asked. 


“Did you answer well?”




Theo nodded slowly.
Ophelia smiled and put her hand on Theo’s shoulder.


“Then it’s all right.”




“Good job.”


Theo stared down at Ophelia’s hand on his shoulder.


Can I be told that I did a good job?


He asked himself that.




He didn’t do well.
It was rather on the wrong side.
But Madam—.


“Because I believe in you.”


She said this. 


Theo dropped his head.


The idea that this shouldn’t happen again made him raise his head.


Should he say something?


He should say something. 


Having made that decision, he hurriedly raised his head.
But Ophelia was not there.
She looked like she was already out.


Theo turned and looked out the window.


Then he saw Ophelia and Sylvester smiling brightly holding hands together in front of the carriage.


Theo clenched his fist automatically.


It’s not supposed to be like this. 


Also, he couldn’t stand it.


Theo couldn’t focus in his confused mind.




“You’re pretty today, too.”


Sylvester said as soon as he saw me.


I know I’m pretty, but hearing it again like this made me feel different.
I smiled and put my arms around him.


“You’re cool, too.”


“I know.”


Sylvester replied as if it were only natural.


It was shameless, but I can’t say anything because it’s true that he’s cool.


“Let’s go.”


He opened the carriage door and I got into it.


The carriage door closed.
And before long the carriage started.


“You came out a little late.
What happened?”


Sylvester asked.


“It’s nothing.
Theo suddenly talked to me.”




In my answer, Sylvester’s eyes narrowed.


“What’s wrong with him?”


His voice sounds somewhat angry.


What’s wrong? 


I answered with a shrug of my shoulders in confusion.


“The Countess Fleur went to see Theo.”




Sylvester asked in a slightly fierce voice.


“He said she looked at our trends, and Theo seems to have answered appropriately.
So I don’t think you need to worry about it.”


Sylvester snorted and stroked his chin.


He seemed to be lost in thought, so he didn’t talk to me anymore.


How long has it been?


Sylvester’s lips slowly opened.


“When did Fleur and Theo meet?”


I rolled my eyes.


“He said it was when he went out— then it was a few days ago?” 


“Then why didn’t he say it then but now?” 



Sylvester said with a frown.


“Something’s off.
I can smell it.”




I opened my eyes round.


“Don’t tell me, you’re suspicious of Theo?”


Sylvester nodded.
Oh my! I quickly shook my head.


“No way.
Theo is not the kind of person who would do that.”


“How can you be sure?”


Sylvester replied in a sarcastic tone.


“It’s not so easy to check people’s hearts.
Because people’s minds change somehow.”


Then he said, “Ah,” and gently winked at me.


“Of course, my love for you won’t change.”


“…Aren’t you embarrassed to say that?”




It’s because he’s really a person with an iron plate on his face.
I shook my head and sighed. 


Then Sylvester continued. 


“Anyway, I need to investigate it more.” 


He still sounds suspicious of Theo.


“It must be a waste of time.”


I snorted loudly and said. 


“Theo is not the kind of person who would do that.’


Sylvester didn’t answer, but he shrugged his shoulders and smirked, and seemed to say, ‘Is that so?’


That’s why I get angrier. 


“Do you want to make a bet?”


Sylvester’s eyes glistened at my words.




He replied as if he had been waiting.


“I’ll keep an eye on Theo from now on.
And if he gets caught, I win.”


“I’ll keep an eye on Theo, too.
If you don’t get anything, I win.”


Sylvester’s lips rose obliquely.


“What should I bet?”


We can’t bet money.


Because I don’t have money.


So of course I had no choice but to say this.


Sylvester’s eyes grew slightly larger.


“What’s your wish?”


“It’s a secret.”




Sylvester folded his arms and shook his head.


“My wish should be granted on the bed.” 


“Ah, really!”


I jumped up again in embarrassment at the sudden remark.


Sylvester burst into laughter and took my hand and sat back down.


“Anyway, all right.”


He touched my cheek and said, 


“Let’s see who wins.”


That’s what I’m saying.




I snorted and turned my head.




“The Duke and Duchess Ryzen are entering!”


At the gatekeeper’s voice, everyone looked at the open door. 


Today too, the handsome and cool Duke Sylvester and the scary-looking but beautiful Duchess of Ophelia are slowly coming in.


The appearance of two people shining bright enough. 


People looked at them with a slight frown.


In fact, people were guessing that the two were getting divorced soon.


The Duchess of Ophelia is chasing after the Crown Prince, and the Duke of Sylvester has left such a wife behind. 


So, they thought that they might get a divorce soon, but—. 


‘They’re on good terms!’


‘I think it’s better!’


‘It’s very shiny, it’s shiny!’


People whispered. 


The relationship between Sylvester and Ophelia seemed so good.


Sylvester continued to look at Ophelia and didn’t leave her side, while Ophelia stood by, trimming Sylvester’s clothes. 


It was really an ideal couple.


“I’m going to be a godmother.”


At this time, Countess Cardel proudly said.


“So, I’m going to do my best as a godmother.
It’s already decided, so don’t let other people stare!” 


Come to think of it, there were rumors that the Duchess of Ophelia was pregnant—.
Does it mean it wasn’t just a rumor, it was a fact?


Everyone covered their mouths in surprise.


Not only did things get better, but things like that would happen too! 


Perhaps it is true that the Duchess of Ophelia has changed.


Otherwise, the Duke of Ryzen won’t accept Ophelia!


Now that Countess Fleur is slowly out of society.


People thought deeply about whether to dip their feet into Ophelia.


It was then. 


“Your Highness Crown Prince is entering!”


A voice announcing Callian’s entering was heard.


Everyone turned their heads to that side.






Something strange happened. 

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