Sylvester looked at Ophelia with a rather surprised face.


“Temple trial? All of a sudden?”




His eyes narrowed.
He looks at Ophelia with uncomfortable eyes as if he is suspicious of her.


“Speak properly this time.
What the hell were you doing with that damn Largo?”




Ophelia thought it was natural for Sylvester to say this.


No matter how evil Largo is, there must be a reason for trying to drag her to the temple trial out of nowhere. 


It was worth trying to figure out what kind of work they had done in the past. 


Oh, what can I say?


While her head was taut, Ophelia suddenly thought.


I can’t lie forever, right?


So, even if she doesn’t reveal everything, shouldn’t she at least say something? 


Ophelia swallowed dry saliva.




Sylvester listened to Ophelia with sparkling eyes.


“A long time ago, it’s really a long time ago.”




“I have tried to kill Countess Fleur.”


“I know that.




Ophelia looked into Sylvester’s eyes and said. 


“I have received a magic circle.”




Sylvester jumped to his feet.
Ophelia continued her words, avoiding Sylvester’s gaze like that. 


“It’s a magic circle that makes you grow stronger.
A witch’s magic circle or something—.
So, the 2nd Prince is telling me to do as much as I’ve been given.
From the 2nd Prince’s point of view, it’s just like I’m just  pretending I don’t know about the magic circle.” 


“No, wait.


Sylvester shook his hand holding his forehead as if he was dizzy by too much information.
Then ‘ah!’, he looked back at Ophelia.


“So that’s why you became so strong?”


He said, recalling what Ophelia had shown in hunting competitions in the past.
Ophelia nodded slowly.


“Why are you saying that now!”


‘Ugh!’ Sylvester groaned. 


“I wondered why Largo was chasing you around.
If there was a reason for that, you should have said it!” 


Ophelia closed her lips.
Then she glanced at Sylvester’s eyes. 


“Are you mad at me now?”




Sylvester glared at Ophelia.
Then he sighed and sat back down on the sofa. 


“It should not be revealed that you used a magic circle.
The temple will be very angry, too.”


“Perhaps it is?”


Ophelia said, pulling her chin.


“So I think we need to make sure that they don’t hold a trial—”


“That’s impossible.”


But Sylvester firmly shook his head.


“Because Largo is a kid who pushes through to the end of what he makes up his mind to.
It’s better to find a way to win the trial.
I’ll find out.” 


It’s reassuring to say this.


But Ophelia couldn’t relax.


Largo doesn’t want to expose the fact that she uses a magic circle—but to test her soul. 


So Ophelia slowly uses her luck. 


“By the way.”


“Say it.”


“If, really just in case…”


Ophelia continued to speak cautiously while still watching Sylvester’s eyes. 


“What if they ask to examine my soul?”




Sylvester asked, narrowing his brow.


“Tell me the details.”




Ophelia gently put her hands together.


“Largo, no, the 2nd Prince is suspicious of me.
He said I looked too different and that my soul had changed—.  That’s why he said he would put me to trial.”




Sylvester snorted dumbfoundedly.


“That kind of test is fine.
It’s not like that, right? So you can turn the table upside down by saying it’s an unnecessary slander.” 


That’s true. 


Ophelia wondered if she should tell the truth here.


The worry was not long.


She couldn’t even say that, so she shut her mouth. 




Ophelia was forced to nod and agree with Sylvester.


Sylvester was absorbed in thought without knowing any of Ophelia’s discomfort.


“For now, I’ll find a way to win the trial.
So don’t worry too much.”


Then he glances up and looks at Ophelia.


“I’m sorry I got angry.”




Ophelia was surprised.
Because she didn’t expect Sylvester to apologize.


Actually, he wasn’t even angry.
It was just that he raised his voice a little.
But apologizing—.
Ophelia could feel her chest sting.


“But I hope you don’t hide anything from me in the future.”


After Sylvester’s words, Ophelia held her heart again.


“Because I have nothing to hide from you.”


Because she was so guilty.


There’s something she’s hiding.


That the original Ophelia disappeared and a new soul, me, came in.


But how the hell is she supposed to tell Sylvester about this? 


So Ophelia nodded quietly.


“Okay, I’ll try to do that.”


Her heart ached the whole time she spoke.


It hurt so much that she couldn’t breathe well.




Callian is leaning back, burying himself deep in the armchair.


His eyes are closed.
He is in deep thought.


He received the contents through his aide.


So, Fleur is meeting Largo.


‘Damn it.’



Why would they meet?


The reason was clear.


In order to take away his place. 


Largo must have seduced Fleur by giving her the position of Empress.
Noticing that Callian’s heart had changed, Fleur fell for him. 


Oh, how can humans be so weak at this! 


Callian could feel deep anger.


This was because Fleur, the only savior who saved him, betrayed him.
Nothing is as easy to betray as love.


He was about to give up everything for that love.


He gave up having someone in power to put her in the place of the Empress, giving up his reputation, and even giving up the trust of the Emperor.
But what comes back is betrayal in the end.


Callian recalled the last letter his mother had left.


[I want you to lead this country.


Wise and warm.]


Callian clenched his fist.


[I hope you make your own world. 


I love you.


He flashed his eyes up.


My world. 


To make it, love is a luxury now.


Fleur too, and Ophelia—.




A woman he had in his heart for a while. 


He thought he wanted to have her.
Not because of the Emperor’s orders, but because of his own greed.




That shouldn’t be the case now.


He has to erase everything from his mind and try to regain what he owns.


Callian jumped up and hurried to the desk.


And write a letter. 


The recipient is Sylvester Rezen.


And the content is—.


[I accept the deal]


Callian smiled satisfactorily, as if it had come to the end. 




It was the day of the ball that welcomed Largo’s return.


I was very tired because I prepared early in the morning.
I yawned and closed my eyes.


“Oh, you can’t keep your eyes closed.
Your makeup!” 


Irene shouted.
I slowly opened my eyes.


“You’re the maid who stops me from sleeping.
You’re such a pretty person.”


Irene smiled and applied the make up to me again. 


“It’s because our Madam is always so pretty whenever I see her.” 


She said, bringing a mirror to me.


As Irene said, I was really beautiful in the mirror.


A white dress similar to my silver hair.
The chest is decorated with diamonds and the waist is decorated with red rubies.
The laces that went down to the fingertips were as elaborate as if they were drawn by a craftsman. 


“Where is this dress from?”


“Madam Ante!”


“It’s pretty.”


She certainly did have a good hand.


I smiled contentedly and blinked at Irene.


“Leave it to this from now on.”




Irene nodded happily.


“How about Sylvester?”


“He’ll be out first.”


“Then let’s go out.”




Irene answered vigorously, and after arranging my dress for the last time, she hurriedly opened the door.


I slowly opened my eyes and walked out of the room.




An unexpected man stood at the door.




It was Theo.


Isn’t Theo supposed to be in the training ground at this time? 


But why is he here?


“Why are you here?”


I titled my head. 


“Do you have something to say?”


Theo bit his lower lip.


Then he looked at me with a look of determination.




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