Chapter 135

Translated by Tam


A sudden change of air swept past us.


I just blinked my eyes, holding my head still.


“Tell me the truth.”


Largo said.


“What kind of person is inside this body?”


I was determined to answer well here.
So I pulled Largo’s hand out and backed away.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


I deliberately looked Largo in the eye and said.


“You know, I’ve changed a lot.”


“You suddenly changed.”


“No, there was a sign.
Your Highness just didn’t know because you were gone.”


Largo’s eyes widened.
I didn’t miss the opportunity. 


“Isn’t it too absurd to speculate that my soul would have changed just because I suddenly changed?” 


That’s right.
Largo is guessing right now.
I was thinking that there must be other reasons because I don’t fit in with his own thoughts. 


I lifted my chin and looking at Largo, who was a little embarrassed.


“You’re going to bring this to the temple trial? Okay, go ahead.
But if it turns out it’s not true, I won’t stay still.
I want you to know that.” 


“Y, you—!”


“We’ll have to pretend we don’t have a deal either.”


I didn’t miss this opportunity to say.


“I don’t want to be held by the back of my neck anymore.”


Unlike me, who smiled brightly, Largo’s face was hardened.
The same goes for Fleur, who is standing next to him.
I looked at their faces, and tightened my strength around my eyes. 


“I won’t let it go about what happened today.”


What happened today. 


Fleur and Largo had a secret meeting, and in the meantime, they threatened me.


Ophelia can’t stand it.
I was going to make this public somehow. 


“You can look forward to it.”


So I said with a smile again, and Largo and Fleur’s faces turned white.


Oh, I feel refreshed.


I left the place, rubbing the back of my still sore neck.




“Damn it.”


Largo clenched his fist and spoke in a ferocious voice.


Fleur, who was standing next to him, looked nervous and bit her nails.


“What if the Duchess says we were together?”


“Who are you talking to?”


“His Highness Crown Prince.”


“Do you still care about that bastard?”


Largo spoke in a harsh tone, as if to show off his anger, and looked at Fleur.


“He’s not an emperor anyway.
You’re going to be thrown away! You don’t have to worry about him!”


“B, but—!”


Her love for Callian was sincere in her own way, so she couldn’t say that she was comfortable with betraying him.
So she was so nervous.


Largo, on the other hand, was annoyed by Fleur’s appearance.


What a stupid woman.
Why is she sitting there while she’s only going to see his face?


Largo had no intention of making Fleur the Empress after he became emperor.
He was just saying that.


Isn’t it natural? Who would put a woman from a commoner family, even a divorced woman, to sit as Empress? 


Callian was trying to do something stupid.
But he never intended to do that.


He’ll just use it and throw it away.
Largo thought Fleur just that much—.


‘It doesn’t seem worth using.’


Largo looked at Fleur’s pale face and thought.


“It doesn’t matter whether she tell Callian or not.
The victory will be mine anyway.”


Largo said, clicked his tongue.
And he proudly folded his arms.


“I’m going to bring Ophelia Ryzen to the temple trial.”


“But what if the soul hasn’t changed?”


“It doesn’t matter.”


He twisted his lips.


“Because I can make it look like it’s changed.”






I waved at Jasmine waiting for me in the cafeteria.
Jasmine quickly put down the teacup and welcomed me. 


“Oh really, where have you been? I’ve been waiting for a long time.”


Jasmine whined at me.
I smiled awkwardly and scratched my cheek.


“I’m sorry.
I forgot something.”


“Well, it can’t be helped.
Thanks to you, I was enjoying my leisure time.”


“I’m glad you did.”


I breathed a sigh of relief and patted Jasmine on the shoulder.


And I slowly looked into her eyes.


“By the way, Jasmine.
Let me ask you something.”


“Yes, please tell me.”


“About temple trial.”


I opened my mouth slowly.


“What about that?”


Literally I wasn’t quite sure what a temple trial was.


I’ve heard it many times before, when ladies gossip about it, and today, too, but in fact, I didn’t know exactly what the temple trial meant. 


That’s why I asked, Jasmine’s expression changed strangely.


“What’s wrong?”


I wondered and looked away.
Then Jasmine replied.


You’re asking something too obvious.
Ah, you know everything, but you’re asking to test me, right? You’re deliberately trying to confirm whether I know or not!” 


It wasn’t like that, but I felt like I had to say yes for now.
So I nodded.


“Yes, that’s right.
I asked if you knew, so answer me.”


Jasmine lifted her shoulder with a sound of ‘Them.’


“The temple trial is literally a trial.
However, the difference is that the temple uses divine power to make a judgment.
The divine power is used to examine whether evil spirits exist in the soul of the accused, and to determine whether the accused has acted wrong.”


Using divine power to make a judgement—.
Then, of course, they could see that my soul was different.


“Then what if that was true? What if there was an evil spirit?”


“Ah, then it’s simple.”


Jasmine replied casually.


“It’s the death penalty.”


Oh my. 


I buried my face in my hands, realizing that everything Largo said was right. 


What should I do?


It was difficult to find a corner to break through.


“But it’s not something you should worry about, is it? You’ve never done anything wrong.”


Jasmine, who doesn’t know what I’m thinking, says this.





I sighed and lowered my hand.


“Shall we go back now?”




“I have a headache.”


“Oh, my.
Are you okay?”


Jasmine looked at me with a really worried face.
I said with a frown, feeling more sorry.


“Yes, I’m sorry.
I came out to feel better, but I couldn’t.”


“I’m fine.
I hope Madam doesn’t get sick.”


“Thank you for your concern.”


In fact, it was a time when I had to worry about my neck being cut off rather than being sick.


I grabbed my forehead and left the cafeteria, and went straight home.






As soon as I got home, I found Sylvester.


Sylvester, who was working in the office, glanced at me over his glasses.


“What’s going on?”


He took off his glasses and said.


“I heard you went to the palace, why are you coming back so early?”


“I went to the palace and went out.”


“Then you should come back in the evening.”


“I came in first because I had something to do.
Now, sit here.”


At my words, Sylvester was puzzled, but calmly got up and walked over to the sofa where I was sitting.
I opened my mouth as soon as he came. 


“What I saw today is…”




But Sylvester cut off my words. 


“Did you go to the palace like that today?”




I looked down at my body and looked over my head.


I did.”


“Did you meet the damn Callian?”


“We met by chance.”


Sylvester’s face crumpled up.
What’s wrong with him? 




Sylvester clicked his tongue.


“No, because you’re so pretty.
I’m worried that damn Callian will fall in love with you again.”




Oh my. 


I closed my mouth and blinked my eyes.


“What’s wrong?”


Sylvester tilted his head.
I answered in a hurry.


“I was shocked to hear you say that so casually.”


“I would say my wife is pretty when she’s pretty, what else should I say?”


Oh, goosebumps.


But I feel better.


I glanced at Sylvester as I struggled to lower the corners of my mouth. 


“Anyways, what did you see today?”


Ah, right. 


I had something to say.


I came to my senses in a hurry.


“I saw the 2nd Prince and Countess Fleur together.”




“The two of them were having secret conversations.”


Sylvester’s eyes narrowed.


“There would be no reason for Largo to lure Fleur—”


“No, there is.”


I said firmly.


“The medicine that Countess Fleur gave me.
That’s what the 2nd Prince told her.”




Sylvester clenched his fist instead of answering.


“That bastard.”


His eyes shone brightly.


“It’s definitely not going to work.”


His head must be full of the imagination of killing Largo.
I swallowed dry saliva, feeling a little creepy.




I brought up what I really wanted to say.


“He wants to put me on trial.
What should I do?”

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