Chapter 134


Translated by Tam


“You’re here!”


Jasmine welcomed me with a visibly pleasing attitude.


“Actually, I thought that I wouldn’t be able to see you today, even until I sent the letter.
But you’re coming to see me like this! I’m so happy!”


“You’ve written it down that you can’t come.
This little thing.”


I smiled and patted Jasmine on the shoulder.
Then I passed her and sat on a sofa.


“Shall I bring the tea?”


“That’s good too, but why don’t we go out?”


“I can’t believe I’m going out.
But where?”




I said with my legs crossed.


“I need to buy some dresses.
Did you hear the news? There’s going to be a ball soon to welcome the return of the 2nd Prince.” 


“Oh! That’s right.
I heard it, too.
But I won’t get an invitation.”


I frowned.


“Why do you think so?”


“Because I’m the daughter of a Viscount—?”


“At the same time, you’re a child I like.”


I could see Jasmine’s eyes shaking.
I continued. 


“It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an invitation.
You can come in with me.”


“Oh my!”


Jasmine jumped up and down, covering her mouth.


“I’m so happy! Can I dance?”


“You can’t.”




Jasmine answered and sat quietly on the sofa.
And yet she grinned, and seemed really happy.


“But I’m very happy.
Thank you, Madam.
I didn’t mean to get this kind of favor—”




I squinted at Jasmine.
Jasmine replied, scratching her cheek slightly embarrassed.


“I thought you might be able to help me.”


“That’s right.
You’re so sly.”


Jasmine burst into laughter.
I reached out to her like that.


“Let’s go out now.”


I wanted to get some fresh air too, and Jasmine was looking forward to going out with me, so we could leave her house without difficulty.




“Come to think of it, the completion of school and nursery is coming up soon, right?”


Jasmine said, on the way to the carriage.
I nodded my head.


“That’s right.
So Sylvester is out today.”


“You are two very good people.
I’m sure people will praise Madam and the Duke when this is known!”


“I didn’t mean to be praised.”


Originally, it was planned to find talented people, but the original purpose was already achieved because things worked out easily.



So I could have cancelled building a school or nursery, but I didn’t.


In any case, Sylvester’s ultimate goal is the independence of the Duchy.


For that, it was important to attract many talents.


That’s why I entrusted him with a school and a nursery.


‘I’m really a genius.’


I compliment myself.




I patted my arm and let out a low laugh.


“Madam, you’re not making any strange plans again, are you—?”


Jasmine asked with a terrified expression on her face.
I narrowed my eyes.


“You’re saying you’re scared if I just laugh? You’re such a weird kid.” 


“It’s true that Madam looks scary.”


“I didn’t ask you to tell the truth like that.”




I pouted my mouth and glanced at Jasmine.
Jasmine burst out laughing again and clapped.


I left her behind and looked out the window.


We arrived at the capital before we knew it.


I see a lot of people.
Everyone has a big smile on their face.


The capital was always full of people who were so happy.


So I liked the capital city.


It was at this time that I was watching people like this.




Someone familiar with the view came in.




It was Fleur.


She lives in the capital, so it’s no wonder she’s here.


But something was wrong with her, who kept looking back as if she were being chased by something and was busy walking. 


‘That’s suspicious.’


My gut tells me to follow her. 


“Stop the carriage!”


I shouted in a hurry.
Hiing! The roar of horses was heard and the carriage came to a sudden stop.


“Oh my!”


Jasmine looked at me, barely keeping her body lean forward.


“What’s the matter? What’s wrong with you?”


“Go look around.
It’s okay to go to the cafeteria.
I have a place to visit for a while.” 




“I’ll be right back!”


I hurried out of the carriage over the bewildered Jasmine.


And with my eyes fixed on Fleur, who had become smaller like a dot, I ran with all my might. 


Fleur passed the busy street and turned toward the alley.
I chased Fleur, keeping her at arm’s length. 


Fleur, who entered the alleyway, was looking around.
Maybe she was trying to find her way in a complicated alley.


If she’s looking for a way, she’s definitely trying to meet someone, but who would she like to meet with Fleur acting so cautiously?


I held my breath even more and followed Fleur.






I saw an amazing sight.


‘Oh my.’


It was Fleur and Largo together!


I can’t believe it! 


‘What’s with the two?’


I opened my mouth looking at the ridiculous scene.


But they talked without knowing I was there.


“What did you do with the medicine I gave you?” 



Largo said to Fleur.




I shook my head. 


The only ‘medicine’ that Fleur has is the contraceptive that she sent to screw me— does it mean that Largo gave it to her? 


My hand on the wall trembled.


“I gave it to Ophelia, but I don’t think she ate it.”


“Why do you think so?”


“…I’ve heard that she’s pregnant.”




Largo asked in a voice that seemed to be exasperated.


“What do you mean pregnant! The Duke and Ophelia, they don’t get along!”


“No, they’ve gotten along recently.
This is a fact that everyone knows.”


“No way!”


Largo shouted. 


“You might not want to believe it, but it’s true.
They’re really on good terms.” 


“—It’s strange.”


At Fleur’s firm words, Largo stroked his chin and frowned.


“Her relationship with the Duke suddenly improved, and even the Crown Prince and Emperor were on her side—” 


Fleur’s face hardened noticeably as soon as the Crown Prince’s story came out.
But Largo continued without paying any attention.


“It’s kind of strange.
It’s like she has become a different person— Oh!”


Largo opened his lips wide open.


“It can’t be—”


I swallowed dry saliva.


“Did the magic circle I gave her fail, so someone else’s soul came in?”


This bastard Largo, he’s so smart. 


What am I supposed to do?


Should I run in and interrupt their conversation?


I was at a loss what to do.


“T, there’s no way.”


Fleur spoke in a trembling voice.


“B, but, w, what happens if that’s true?”


“It’s a good opportunity.”


Largo’s lips rose obliquely.


“You can open a temple trial.
You can refer her to trial and judge her soul.
If it’s true that there’s another soul in it.”


“…If it’s true?”


“It’s the death penalty.”


Oh my. 


I bowed my head back with my forehead on my hand.


This can’t happen. 


First of all, I thought I should stop their conversation.


So I put it into action.


“Oh my!”


I purposely ran between them with a loud noise.






They looked at me in surprise.
I deliberately looked at them with a calm face.


“I heard a familiar voice on the way, so I came here.
What were you two doing in this quiet place?”


They didn’t answer, just looking at each other.
So I covered my mouth with a fan and frowned. 


“No way.
Is it a secret love affair?”


“Duchess! How can you say that!”


“I’m just kidding.”


Watching Fleur get angry, I twisted my lips even more.


But Fleur shouldn’t be further stimulated here.


Now that Largo is suspicious of me.


I had to take his attention away from me. 


“Even so, I was going to visit Your Highness.”


So I looked right at Largo and said. 


“As an extension of the conversation we had earlier.”




Largo asked back as if he didn’t understand. 


“The deal.
We did.”


Largo’s eyes narrowed.


Half doubting me and half wanting to know me, it seemed to be mixed like that.


So I had to pretend to be Ophelia.


“I’ll send you a letter soon, Your Highness.”


I said with glittering eyes on purpose.


“We have to put an end to our deal.”


Largo looked at me with a slightly relaxed face now.


“So you didn’t forget.”


Looking at his face, he seemed to have erased a little of the suspicion he had just made.


I breathed a sigh of relief and pulled my chin.




Largo turned to me.


And slowly approached me one step at a time.


“Do you know, Ophelia?”


Then he grabbed my neck in the blink of an eye.


“In the past, you couldn’t even look me in the eye.”


Ugh, I groaned and leaned my head back.


“What kind of person are you now?”


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