I twisted myself with a groan.
At first glance, I lifted one eye and looked out, and the sun was in the middle.


I think I definitely fell asleep last night, but it’s already daytime.


I barely raised my back.


When I looked back, Sylvester was not there.
Maybe I woke up late and he left me behind.


‘How mean.’


He bullied me like that yesterday and ran away like this.


He must have run away because he thought I would say something when I woke up.


I really need to say a word this evening.


I thought so and pressed my stiff back.


I thought Sylvester was, like, a very rational and cold-hearted person, but he was different when dealing with me.


I always get caught up in it because he shows me something I’ve never seen before.


I was going to say it’s not as much as yesterday—!




Because Sylvester really can’t help it.


I lifted myself up, covering my red cheeks.
Then I pulled the string.
I sat on the sofa waiting for Irene to come.


“Come to think of it…”


Yesterday, Sylvester said that.


There will be a banquet to celebrate Largo’s return.


“He said he wanted me to attend?”


I narrowed my eyes.


Largo, there’s no way he’s saying anything like that.
I’m sure he’s calling me in because he has an ulterior motive.


Then what is it?


What does he have in mind—?


No answer came out even after I thought about it.


At times like this, what is it?


‘Take the bull by the horns.’ (T/n : the meaning like the type of person who solves difficulties or problems by confronting them directly, without avoiding or constraining them.)


No matter what the plan was, I could break through it, so it wasn’t bad to fight against it proudly.


So I opened the door and said to Irene, who came in.


“Bring me this season’s catalog.
in several costume shops.”




Irene opened her eyes wide.


“Are you going to get a new dress?”


There’s going to be an Imperial ball soon.”


“Yes, good job.”


Irene smiled and blushed.


She likes me like that no matter what I say. 


That kid is always the same.


I thought and smiled.


“How about Sylvester?”


“He went out.”




I thought he’s in the office, but where else did he go? I narrowed my eyes. 




“He said he was going to check out the school and nursery.”




The completion ceremony is just around the corner.
After the completion ceremony is over, the children will be able to receive it right away.
Sylvester seemed to have gone to check it out.


It was convincing, so I nodded in agreement.


“What about Madam?”






Irene asked with a smile.


“What are you going to do today?”




Actually, I want to take a rest.


But I had work to do today.


“I’m thinking of going out.”


“Where are you going?”


“The Imperial Palace.”


I answered with a twinkle in my eyes.


“I have something to do.”




Something to do. 


The task is to find the last letter of the former Empress hidden in the imperial palace.


In fact, I had left it for the last time to use it when seducing Callian, but now I don’t need to seduce him, so I left it alone.


But there’s only one reason why I’m looking for it again.


Because I think I can change Callian’s mind.


It contains detailed content, that is, the last request of the former Empress who wants him to become a good and wise king.


Wouldn’t Callian change his mind when he sees it?


And stop doing the weird stuff that separates me and Sylvester like now.


In hopes of doing so, I walked to the place where the letter of the former Empress was, that is, the tomb behind the palace.


It was somewhat uncomfortable and scary to go to the grave, but it was still daylight, so it was okay.
And there are some people, so it’s better—.
I gulped down my dry mouth. 


In fact, an Imperial tomb is a place only the royal family can go to.


But I’m going.


‘Cause the Emperor allowed me to go anywhere.’


When we first met, the Emperor say that.
It’s okay for me to go anywhere in the Imperial Palace.


So I was going to the Imperial tomb believing in that word.


It was then. 




Someone came into view.




As soon as I saw him, I looked around to hide.


But the surrounding area is empty.


There was no place to hide.


So I got caught at once.




It was Callian. 




Callian was taking a walk.


He didn’t run away when Fleur said she was going to come.


He just came out to get some fresh air.





So Callian kept walking aimlessly.


He doesn’t know why he doesn’t want to see Fleur.


No, maybe Callian already knew why.


Because he doesn’t love Fleur anymore.


But Callian didn’t want to admit it.


Was love something that changes easily? He can’t believe it.


But it was true that he didn’t love her.
Callian was very disappointed in himself.




Callian sighed and swept his hair.


What should he do in the future?


How can he get everything back to normal?


It’s fine for him.
He’s not married to Fleur, he’s just dating her. 


But not to Fleur. 


Isn’t she in the process of divorce from her husband?


In the midst of this, abandoning her was like destroying her whole life.


So Callian had no choice but to think deeply.


‘What should I do—?’


While thinking so hard, someone came into Callian’s sight.




It was none other than Ophelia!


Why is Ophelia in the Imperial Palace?


And alone? 


Callian was both surprised and delighted.
So he hurried up to Ophelia.


Unlike him, Ophelia doesn’t show any signs of bewildered.


Well, Ophelia was always like this.


She always seemed so indifferent and detached from everything.


Callian like this looks.
It seems to show her unwavering spirit.


“What brings you here?”


Callian asked, rolling up his lips.


“…I was going to the imperial tombs.”


But Ophelia’s answer was surprising.
Callian widened his eyes.


“Imperial tombs? Why are you going to imperial tombs?”


“I’m going to visit the former Empress.”


Ophelia added hastily.


“As I said, I was close to the former Empress, so I wanted to say hello after a long time.” 


Of course, it’s a lie.


Ophelia before the possession may have been close, but she’s not who she is now.


But now Ophelia had to go out shamelessly.


That way, Callian won’t be suspicious of the strange behavior of going to the imperial tombs. 


Callian pulled his chin as if he was convinced.


It’s a fact that I know that you and my mother were close.” 


Callian said, recalling the relationship that the Emperor also acknowledged.


“Then let’s go together.”




Ophelia, who was planning to go alone, asked in surprise.


“Let’s go together.
I want to see my mother after a long time.”




Ophelia rolled her head. 


If she say no here, Callian would think it’s suspicious, right?




She doesn’t want to go with him. 


But she couldn’t help it.


Let’s go, Your Highness.”


Callian reached out his arm, Ophelia was unwilling but was forced to cross her arm.
And walked slowly toward the imperial tombs.


“Did you think about what I said?”


“What do you mean?”


Callian stared intently at Ophelia. 


“The condition that you and the Duke have to get divorced.”


Ophelia’s eyes trembled.


She didn’t want to run into him because she thought this would happen.


Ophelia sighed and replied.


“I thought Your Highness were just joking.”


And then she continued. 


“My husband and I can’t be divorce.
We’ve been married for over 5 years already.”


“That’s the perfect time to say goodbye.”


“It’s also a time when we get along better.”


Callian’s eyes narrowed.
Ophelia looked at Callian like that and said.


“Is there any benefit to Your Highness by divorcing me and my husband?”


Callian was silent for a moment.


Is there any political benefit to him just because these two are getting divorced?


No, there’s nothing like that.




Callian said, looking down at Ophelia. 


“My father likes you.”




Callian said in a slightly brag tone.


“I’m saying he’s going to allow you to remarry with me.”


Oh, this is crazy. 


Ophelia could feel a twitch in her face.


What is she supposed to do with this jerk?


Ophelia was overwhelmed by the urge to scratch the back of Callian’s head once.
But she holds it in.
She tries to endure it again and again. 


“We’re here.”


Before they knew it, they arrived at the Imperial tomb.


Ophelia walked toward the gatekeeper without hesitation, shaking her arms with Callian.




She needs to find the letter and get Callian to come to his senses.


While thinking about it. 


May I help you?”


The gatekeeper said.


He was a fairly old grandfather.
His waist was bent and he was carrying a cane, and although he had a rather old-fashioned appearance, his voice and manner of speaking were as imposing and confident as any other knight.


Ophelia smiled, bent her knees, and made eye contact with the gatekeeper.

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