Chapter 131

Translated by Tam


“I mean, something is wrong.”


Sitting on the terrace drinking tea, I suddenly murmured.


Then Irene, who was standing next to me, tilted her head.


“What are you talking about?”




I folded my arms and frowned.


“My strange feeling tells me that something bad is happening right now.
I don’t know what this is, but it doesn’t feel right.”


Irene still looks puzzled.


“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”


I don’t know either.”


I don’t know what I’m talking about.


But the gut feeling that boils deep inside me speaks strongly.
Something is wrong.


What is that “something”?


Is it Largo?


I still looked back at Irene with my arms folded.


“When will the 2nd Prince go back?”


“I don’t know.
I told them to let me know as soon as he go back.”


“Good job.
You do everything on your own even if I don’t tell you right? What a pretty thing.”


Irene smiled and blushed.


I left her behind and thought again.


My heart doesn’t beat so much when I talk about Largo.
I mean, there’s no anxiety.
Then what is it? While I was wondering— what was making me feel so uncomfortable, I raised my head by mistake.


“How about Theo?”


My heart pounded as soon as I asked about Theo. 


Yeah, it’s Theo! The cause of this uneasiness!


When I was going to get myself up right away.
Irene replied, trying to stop me.


“Madam sent him for an errand.
He’s not here yet.”


“Ah, right.”


Come to think of it, I told Theo to go to the mercenary guild this morning.


Is it because of that?


What kind of news do I expect to hear from the Mercenary Guild?


“He’ll be here soon.
It hasn’t been long since he left.”


I know.”


I tried to calm myself by answering.


My intuition is quite right, so I shouldn’t have ignored it at times like this.
So I had to talk to Theo when he came back.


It was time to continue thinking like this.


“H, huh?”


Irene pointed outside the terrace in a slightly surprised voice.


What happened? 


I stuck my head out and looked where Irene pointed.


There was none other than Largo!


“What? Why is he over there?”


I was so surprised that I muttered, forgetting to even call him a prince.


Because Largo was looking at me!


Then our eyes met. 


His bloodthirsty face, the way he stared at me as if to tear me to death, was so frightening.




Dry saliva goes straight through.


Largo raised his hand.


Then he put it on his neck and made a gesture of cutting his neck.
While looking straight to me. 


“—I think he’s making a gesture like he want to kill me.
Did I see something wrong?”


I think you see it very well.”


“Oh my.”


I touched my forehead.


No matter how much he hate me, it’s so childish!


I thought I shouldn’t show my fear here.


So I looked straight at Largo and raised my hand carefully.


And spread out the middle finger.


Screw you.




Theo moved slowly, very slowly.


He is headed to the Duke of Ryzen’s mansion.


Because that was his home and nest.


Usually, his feet weren’t this heavy on the way back.
But why? Why are his feet so heavy today?


This was definitely because of the woman who came to visit him earlier.


It was precisely because of what she said.


– If you listen to me, you can make Ophelia yours.


He shouldn’t have heard that.
What is she talking about? He should have let go and run away.


But Theo couldn’t.


As the woman said, Ophelia to him—.


‘I want her.’


He know this desire should be ignored.


He knows well that he should not have such a bad desire for the benefactor who saved him.


But the mind doesn’t always move as people think.
Theo had greed, and the small greed grew from meeting Fleur.
He stuck his head out. 


– If you do as I say, you can make Ophelia apart from the Duke. 


– Then you could be by Ophelia’s side.


– How, don’t you want it? 


If Theo had been a little more mature, that is, if he had been an adult and able to think more intelligently, he would have known just how absurd Fleur’s words were.


But Theo was young.
Young and immature.
That is why he didn’t notice the blackness hidden in Fleur’s words.


‘If only I could be with Madam—’


Theo recalled Ophelia.


He recalled the moment she saved his life.
At that time, she was more like a hero than anyone else, so Theo vowed to be loyal to her.


Can’t he keep that vow by her side?


Theo’s mind shook in confusion.


It was then. 




A familiar voice was heard. 


It was Ophelia. 




Theo looked back a little surprised, wondering if Ophelia would welcome him.
He saw Ophelia running towards him. 


“Ugh, I’m tired.”


Ophelia breathed heavily and wiped the corners of her mouth with the back of her hand.


“Did you have a good trip?”



Then she smiles at Theo.


The smile was so dazzling that Theo couldn’t help but frowning for a moment.
Ophelia felt like a bright sun, maybe more.




“Ah, yes.”


Theo hurriedly came to his senses.


“The mercenary guild only asked me to tell you that there was no profit.
I’ll look into it a little more.”


“Is that so?”


Ophelia bit her lips softly.


“This can’t be—”


What she had to ask the Mercenary Guild to find out was the magic circle Largo had.




You have to pay for it!


She wanted to shout, but since the Duchess has the dignity, she try to put up with it.
Ophelia took a deep breath. 




Ophelia asked Theo.


“Is there something happened?”


Theo’s eyes shook.


Something happened. 


There is one. 


Didn’t he meet Countess Fleur, whom Ophelia told him not to meet?


Should he talk about this or not? Theo is at a crossroads.


The worry was not long.




Theo replied indifferently.


“Nothing happened.”


Ophelia replied it was okay then, and Theo said goodbye and hurriedly left the place.


At that moment, he thought. 


Can I have her? 


With such a wicked heart.




Back in the room, I could see Sylvester sitting on the sofa.


“What’s going on, at such an early hour?”


I said while pointing out the still clear view.
Sylvester tilted his head back and looked at me.


“I was tired, so I left early.”


Talking to Largo must have been exhausting. 


I asked, sitting next to Sylvester.


“What did you talk about with 2nd Prince?”


“Well, we didn’t talk much.
It was just a superficial conversation.”


Sylvester replied, pressing down between his brows.
Then he glanced back and looked at me.


“But he was quite angry at you.”


“I don’t know why.”


“I heard you broke your promise.”


I felt a slight guilty conscience and dropped my shoulder without realizing it.


“Is that true?”


That’s true. 


It’s not me, it’s Ophelia’s dealings with Largo and the magic circle. 


But how can I tell him the truth?




I shook my head in a hurry.


“What promise? I have no idea.”


Sylvester’s eyes narrowed.


“My wife is a terrible liar.”


He reached out and stroked my cheek.
Then, in an instant, he grabbed me by the back of my neck and laid me down on the sofa.


“Are you not going to tell me?”


“Ah, wait!”


I tried to shake it off, but Sylvester never got away from me.
He buried his face in the back of my neck.






“No, I can’t stop unless while talking.”


His hard thighs touched.
In an instant, heat rose through my body. 


“Uh, it’s still the middle of the day!”


“Who cares? As long as we like it.”


Sylvester kissed me slightly on the cheek and put his hand into my dress.


“And soon there will be a ball to celebrate the return of the 2nd Prince.”


Then he whispers in my ear.


“He was hoping you to attend.”


Oh, this is kind of strange.


I wanted to talk and think, but I couldn’t because Sylvester’s hand came in mercilessly.


“Ah, honey!”


I tried to stop him somehow, but I was helpless.


As it is, we spent the evening together.

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