Fleur pressed down her wide-brimmed hat.


No one recognized that she was Fleur, thanks to the blonde hair pulled up and tucked inside the hat. 


However, Fleur was not relieved, so she looked around and was busy taking care of her body.


She’s in the slums now.


According to information from Largo, a child named Theo often comes and goes here. 


She had to meet him somehow.


Fleur looked around and tried to find the boy with green hair.


It was then. 


A green-haired boy came into her eyes.


Dark skin and tall figure.
It is just as pictured in the portrait.




Fleur hurried up to Theo.


Then she grabbed his arm.


“You’re Theo, right?”


Theo was embarrassed by the sudden appearance of a woman and couldn’t even think of shaking off her arm.
Fleur continued.


“Theo, right? You’re working for the Duke of Ryzen.”


“…That’s true.”


Theo unexpectedly answered.
Fleur’s lips rose brightly.


“I came here because I have something to tell you.”


“Who are you?”


Theo asked in a very alert voice.
Fleur smiled and pulled her chin. 


“Who do you think I am?”


Then she gently lifts her hat.


Her outstanding beauty is known throughout the empire.
She showed her face because she thought there’s no way Theo couldn’t know.




“I don’t know.”


Theo is a slum boy.


No wonder he doesn’t know Fleur’s face.


Embarrassed by Theo’s reaction, Fleur lowered her hat again and mumbled.


“….Fleur William.”


For a moment, Theo recalled what Ophelia had said.


‘Have you met the Countess of Fleur before?’


The ‘Fleur’ that Ophelia was talking about seemed to be the woman in front of him. 


But why did she come to him?


No, did the madam know that this woman would come to him?


It’s a very confusing situation.


Theo frowned slightly.


“But, what’s the matter?”


“I told you.
I came to tell you something.”


“What do you want to say?”


Theo still spoke in a vigilant voice.
So Fleur paused for a moment.


What should she say first?


Fleur rolled the words in her mouth.


“How’s your relationship with Ophelia?”




“I mean, how’s your relationship with Duchess Ophelia Ryzen?”


Theo had no idea why the woman in front of him was saying this.


So he decided to answer briefly.


“It’s very nice.”


“Is that so?”




Fleur narrowed her eyes. 


“As much as between Ophelia and Duke Sylvester?” 


As soon as Fleur’s question was finished, Theo’s face twisted. 


This is it.


Fleur’s lips twisted up.


“You want to get closer to Ophelia.


Theo’s eyes shook.


It’s true that he wants to be closer to Ophelia.


Doesn’t he wish for that every day?


When will Madam find him, will it come today, will it come—tomorrow?


But he doesn’t know why he should listen to a woman he doesn’t know. 


Theo shook his head a couple of times before answering firmly.


“I don’t know why you’re saying this.
I’ll be on my way now.
I’m busy.”




Fleur grabbed Theo’s arm again as he was leaving.


“If you listen to me, you can make Ophelia yours.”


And spoke in an urgent voice.


“I’m telling you, I’ll make it yours.”


Fleur’s eyes, speaking so, were flashing with great greed.






When I woke up in the morning, I struggled with the pain I felt again.


It’s because Sylvester bullied me last night.


Ah, muscle pain.


This is the part where I can see how much I haven’t exercised regularly. 


I slowly lifted myself up, turning my stiff shoulders.
Sylvester came into the room just in time.


“Are you awake?”


He had a really clean face.


Unlike me, who is sick and is about to fall asleep again.


He’s so annoying. 




I snorted and rolled my eyes.


“Why are you so fine?”




Sylvester raised his eyebrows and said. 


“Of course I can’t be sick, because if I did, then I won’t be able to do it today.”


“Ah, really!”


He really never let it slide!


I covered my chest with a blanket and glared at him.


“I’m not going to eat breakfast.
I have no appetite.”


“I thought so, so I only brought coffee.
Drink it.”



Sylvester picked up a kettle and poured coffee into the cup, then held out a cup of coffee to me. 


I can’t just insist that I won’t eat it even if he does this for me.


I sipped my coffee.


And I looked at Sylvester’s eyes. 


“You’re not going to go out until I eat again, right?”


“That’s right.”


“Then I have no choice but to eat it all.”


I took a sip of coffee again.


The coffee is especially good today.
It’s delicious.
I thought so.


“By the way,”


Listening to Sylvester, I took another sip of coffee.


“The 2nd Prince is coming.”




And then I spit it out.


“Cough, cough!”


“Are you okay?”


Sylvester took me by the chin in surprise.


He picks up a handkerchief and cleans my mouth and looks at me here and there.


I frowned as I pushed away such a Sylvester.


“I’m not okay.
It’s not okay at all.
Why is he coming?”


Sylvester replied, wiping the coffee that ran down my chin. 


“They said that the ban has just been lifted.
That is why he comes to see us first.”






“He must have heard somewhere that I met the Crown Prince.”




Now I understand.


It seemed as if he had run in a single step, fearing that Sylvester might be taken away by Callian.


“That’s why he came to you with concern?”






I rubbed my forehead and let out a long sigh.


“What are you going to do?”


“I can’t send it back, so I’ll have to welcome it first.”


Sylvester continued. 


“And I’ll talk in moderation.
First of all, I won’t let him notice that I betrayed him.”


“Of course you should.”


Sylvester is right in what he does.


Now he is looking to join hands with Callian.
So first of all, it was good to move without Largo knowing.




There is something that bothers me.


“The 2nd Prince doesn’t like me.
Is it okay?”


It’s me.


Largo hates me terribly.


If he ran into me, it was clear that he would pour a lot of verbal abuse at me.


What should I do?


I bit my lips nervously.


“So I have something to say.”


This is what Sylvester said to me.


“About what?”


Sylvester took a deep breath.


“Don’t come out of the room.
Until the 2nd Prince leaves.”




Well, this—.


I frowned.


“It’s an excellent solution.
How can you be such a genius?”


At my words, Sylvester smiled and blushed.


“Really? I’m embarrassed.”


“It’s not a compliment!”


He’s such a tactless man.


I clicked my tongue and shook my head.


“First of all I understand, I also think it would be better if we didn’t run into each other.” 


It’s a relief.”


Sylvester, who had an awkward look, soon smiled and nodded.


“Then I’ll go out.”


Then he kisses my forehead gently.


“See you in the evening.”


As I traced his warmth, I put a shy smile on my lips.


“Come here.”




“Your necktie is crooked.” 



I fixed his tie.


It feels like we’re a married couple. 


No wonder I felt shy.


But I didn’t reveal it.


Because we were really married.




We are a married couple.


We can never break up, and we have to overcome any hardships together.


Thinking so, I patted Sylvester on the back.


Sylvester stood blankly, then smiled brightly at me and kissed my cheek again.


It was a day where something bad was going to happen, but nevertheless, we were happy.

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