‘You two are getting divorced.’


‘That’s what I want.’


Isn’t he crazy? 


On my way home in a carriage, I kept muttering.


Callian, what are you trying to make me and Sylvester get divorce?


He is a person who has nothing to do with our marriage.
Divorce? How ridiculous. 


It was so ridiculous that I almost couldn’t believe it.


What was Callian thinking when he said that to me?


“Ah, my head.”


I had a headache and tilted my head back.


It would be nice if it was something to ignore, but I couldn’t easily swallow Callian’s determined expression or confident speech.


I have no intention of divorce now.


As long as I like Sylvester, I don’t want to break up with him.


Therefore, Callian’s words had to be somehow prevented from being fulfilled.


But even so, if I completely turn my back on Callian—.


‘I have to choose Largo?’


If you ask me if it’s a dump car or a funeral car, it’s better than a dump car.
I mean Callian.


I didn’t want to risk my life by choosing a transport car.


I’m sure Largo hates me and wants to get rid of me somehow.


‘I got off to a wrong start.’


Everything was done by the original Ophelia.


Who should I blame? 


There was no one to blame.


Anyway I had to tell Sylvester about today’s conversation with Callian. 


So as soon as the carriage stopped, I jumped out of the carriage.
Then I ran to the office.




When I opened the door, Sylvester welcomed me with a slightly perplexed look on his eyes.


“Why did you come so early?”


He glanced at his watch and said,


It was less than half an hour since I had spoken to Callian, so I came home early. 


It was natural for Sylvester to be so surprised because we would have talked for more than an hour normally.


“I didn’t have much to say, so I finished it quickly.”


“Is that so?”


Sylvester swept his chin and smiled slightly.


“Well done.”


He nodded and said,


“You’re no longer going after the Crown Prince.”


“How long are you going to talk about it?!”


I was speechless and raised my voice a little.


“I said I no longer liked the Crown Prince.
I think I’ve said it a hundred times.”


“A hundred times.
It wasn’t like that.”


“Just say yes, I’m sure that’s what I’m talking about.”


I grumbled, glancing at Sylvester.
Sylvester burst into laughter when he saw me like that.


“So, what’s the matter?”


“It’s serious.”


I pointed to the sofa.
Sylvester’s eyebrows went up.


“You want me to sit down?”




“You’re giving me orders now, aren’t you?”


Contrary to his words, Sylvester rose quietly, approached the sofa, and sat down.
His body is like an honest guy.
I sat across from him with a smirk.


“Tell me.”


Whoo. I took a big breath.


“His Highness Crown Prince says he will join hands with you.”


“Of course he should.”


“But he said there was a condition.”




I gulped down my breath.


“She wants me and you to divorce.”




Sylvester, it didn’t say anything.
Instead, he glared at me with a cold, frightening look on his face.


No, why are you glaring at me?


It’s scary. 


I crept away from his gaze.


A sigh escaped from his mouth. 


“Why don’t we just kill him?”


He spoke in a really sincere voice.


“I think that’s better.
What do you think, Neil?”


Neil, who was working at another desk, answered in a delicate way.


“If you want to run away for the rest of your life for murdering the royal family, please do so.”




Sylvester swept his bangs back and tilted his head back.
His mouth, shut like a brute, clearly showed how angry he was.


“They’re so annoying.”


He clenched and unfolded his fists.


“I’ll take care of it.
You mind your own business.”


Then he said, I opened my eyes wide.


“What are you going to do?”


“Just make a rough threat.
That’s enough.”


“I don’t think it’s enough—.”


I shook my head frowning.


“I’ll help you, too.”




“Well, roughly.”


I said this, but I had a separate idea.


Start with—.


‘The last letter left by a former Empress.’


I know the contents of the letter because it came out in the original story. 


If he receives that letter, Callian will be able to change his mind a little.


‘If that doesn’t work then—’


There was really no answer then.


I felt a little uneasy.


“What if we can’t persuade the Crown Prince?”


“What do you mean?”



Sylvester grinned and turned his head back.


“Even if there is a war, we have to become independent.”


The war was that simple.”


He’s really crazy.
I clicked my tongue at Sylvester.
Sylvester looked at me like this and said firmly.


“I’d rather go to war than divorce you.”


He said, giving strength to his voice as if he really meant it.


“That much.
My feelings.”


Now, I can feel his sincerity.


At the same time as I felt my heart beating, I couldn’t resist the shame.


That’s because this was the office!


Not only Neil, but also the servants and maids!


When I looked around, my face was slightly flushed, as if they had all heard it.


Argh, really! 


“It’s not just the two of us here right now.”




“Speak quietly because others will hear you!”


“I don’t want to.
Everyone needs to know how much I like you.”


I feel like he’s a person who doesn’t have 1g of embarrassment.


I struggled with my hands covering my face.
But Sylvester did not stop here.


“Go into the room.
I’ll be there soon.”


He went on casually.


“We have work to do, don’t we?”




I jumped up to my feet.
And shouted at everyone.


“Pretend you didn’t hear it! All right? You didn’t hear it all!”


People avoided my eyes by trying to hold back their giggles.
Oh, I’m so ashamed of myself.
I glared at Sylvester, covering my bright red face.


“I don’t know.
I’m just going to bed.”


“I’m going to wake you up.”


said Sylvester firmly.


“We really have to do it.”


“Ah, that’s why please say that when only the two of us are together! Ah, I don’t know! I’m leaving!”




I struggled with shame and ran toward the door.


Before going out, I made sure the servants were tightly shut. 


“The words you heard here, never let it leak outside.”


The servants answer that they understand. 


That evening Irene came running to me and said. 


“Madam, I heard you were on good terms with His Excellency today!”


Don’t talk! 


I really can’t believe people here don’t talk!




Fleur wandered impatiently in the room.


Her cheek and head still hurt from being beaten by Ophelia.


Usually, at this point, Callian would come to visit, or he would send someone to find out about her condition and bring her to the imperial family—.


Callian only sent a short letter without any gestures.


Fleur could feel it.


That his feelings are already over. 


Love is like a burning flame, so if she doesn’t keep putting firewood, it will fade at some point.


Knowing this very well, Fleur has constantly put firewood in Callian. 


However, that alone was not enough.


The embers were extinguished, and the small embers were carried over by the wind and transferred to other firewood.
That’s Ophelia.


‘Ophelia Ryzen—’


Fleur clenched her fist.


She has been sick of her from the first time she saw her.
Perhaps because Fleur had a hunch.
Ophelia is going to take her place—.


Fleur bit her lips softly.


Now that this was the case, the only rope that came down to her was the 2nd Prince, Largo.


Fleur slowly swept the letter from Largo, then opened the letter and took out the contents.


The contents of the letter were as short and clear as ever.


[Make this kid on your side]


And underneath it was a montage-like portrait.


Fleur slowly said the name under the portrait.




She looked down at the letter and made up her mind.


She’ll never miss the rope this time. 

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