Chapter 128

Translated by Tam


“Who is it?”


said Sylvester.


I answered, folding the letter roughly.


“His Highness the Crown Prince.” 


“Why is he?”


asked Sylvester, expressing his displeasure with his whole face.


“What do you mean why? He must have done this after hearing that I hit Countess Fleur.”




Sylvester nodded.


Then he said, frowning.


“Don’t go,”




“Don’t go, you don’t have to go, do you?”


“But then…”


In fact, that’s true.


There’s no reason for me to run away saying ‘Yeah’ just because Callian is calling.


Now, I don’t have to seduce Callian anymore, and it’s not me who has to maintain a good relationship with him, it’s Sylvester.




I blinked my eyes.


“Still, I will go.” 




“I have to go and make sure.”


I said with a smirk.


“Now that I don’t suffer anymore.”




Callian was very, very, very, in a very bad mood.


It’s not just because Fleur was beaten by Ophelia.
It was more complicated than that.


Had it been the original Callian, he would have been furious when he found out that Fleur had been beaten to the dust by Ophelia on a rainy day.
He must have comforted Fleur by threatening to put Ophelia to death right now.


But Callian right now is—.


He only sent a letter of consolation to Fleur but didn’t call her into the palace.
Instead, he summoned Ophelia.


Calling Ophelia, Callian thought. ‘Oh, it’s this excuse for him to be able to see her.’


Callian came to think that his heart had changed a little, no, a lot.


He realized that his love for Fleur was not the same as before, and he was thinking of Ophelia more often than before.


So Callian was in a very bad mood.




Why the hell? 


He loves Fleur. 


However, it has disappeared whether this is the ongoing love for her or the past she loved.
It seemed to be closer to ‘I loved you.’  


But what about Ophelia?


Even when he closed her eyes, he kept thinking of her.


He keep thinking of her bold words, her smirking smile, and the things she said she would help him—.


‘Damn it.’


Callian had to admit it now.


The fact that Ophelia’s weight has grown in his mind.
More than Fleur.


But Ophelia said she likes Sylvester.


Their relationship seemed to be getting better than before.
To hear people’s stories.


Is there room for him to intervene?


Probably not. 


However, it wasn’t like he had to give up.


He was the Crown Prince and was in a position to have everything he wanted.


He had to have it.


He could never let her go, even more so as the Emperor said that.


Callian opened the door to the drawing-room and entered.


“Oh, you’re here?”


Ophelia, who knew nothing of Calian’s heart, greeted him with a bright smile.


Today’s Ophelia was dressed more modestly than usual.


This didn’t reduce her sparkling appearance, though.


Callian looked at Ophelia and Fleur for a moment.


And he thought that Ophelia was much more beautiful.


Damn it. 


Callian was angry with herself for having this thought in his unconscious mind, and also angry with Ophelia.


So he treated Ophelia in a rather curt manner.


“You know your fault, don’t you?”


He said as he sat down across from Ophelia.
Then Ophelia tilted her head.


“I don’t know.”


Ophelia said with her smile still on her face.


“I don’t know why Your Highness called me.
Why did you call me?”


“Ophelia Ryzen.” 


“Is it because I hit Fleur?”


“That’s right!”


Callian raised his voice.


“You’ve given me a hell of a lot of trouble.
What do you mean by nosebleed on the lady’s face!” 


“If I hadn’t, she would have been lied to again.”


Ophelia said with an expression of real resentment.


“I didn’t do anything, and she screamed that I hit her.
That’s why I made it true.
That’s all.
Did I do something wrong?”


Callian’s eyes narrowed.


If what Ophelia said is true, that is, if Fleur has offended her with a lie—.
No, it’s still not right for violence!


Callian somehow frowned at Ophelia, pounding his head against which he had leaned.


“It’s hard to let this go.”


“I understand, too.
But what can I do? It’s already happened.”


Ophelia shrugged her shoulders.


“I really can’t stop you.”


Callian smiled sadly and shook his head.


“I’m not going to take responsibility.”


“I know.
Your Highness loves Countess Fleur, so you must be angry that I hit her.”


Ophelia said.
Callian frowned.


“Who said that? Who said that I love Countess Fleur?”




Ophelia was confused for the first time.


What kind of nonsense is this?


“Were you a woman who listened to such gossip? Then I’ll say it again.
I am not in love with Countess Fleur, but I am close to her.”


Callian’s heart was aching as he spoke this way.
But he had to make sure it was like this.
Only then will he be able to gain Ophelia’s trust.



As if this was the correct answer, Ophelia’s eyes were trembling a little.


“It’s…very frustrating.”


Ophelia’s head was hurt.


What is this?


Did Callian change his plan?


In the direction of pretending not to know Fleur?


Then he tries to make Fleur the Empress?


No, in that case, it would be better for him to just show her all that he loves Fleur as he is now.
Why the hell?


Ophelia was very confused.


“Anyway, it happened, so you know.”


“I don’t know what you mean to know, but I get it.”


She nodded her head, thinking that she should think about this a little more later.


Callian’s lips rose as if they were satisfied.


“By the way, about the Duke.” 


Please speak.”


“The Duke came to me and asked for a deal.”


Callian said with a twinkle in his eyes.


“I want to put a condition on him.”






Ophelia wondered what the conditions were, but on the other hand, she had a strong intuition that she shouldn’t ask.
She bit her mouth tight for that.


“I’m going to join hands on the condition that he needs to accept the conditions…”


Callian looked into Ophelia’s eyes and asked.


“What do you think?”


My thoughts?


He has no idea.


Ophelia scratched her cheek.


And she decided to give Callian a word he might like.


No, he’s going to join hands with Sylvester anyway.
Wouldn’t it be nice to lift his mood?


“Your Highness is better than the 2nd Prince.”


“I know right?” 


Callian smiled contentedly and leaned back on the sofa.


“The condition is no big deal.”


She doesn’t think she needs to say anything.
Ophelia shook her head, slightly nervous.


“You should talk to my husband about that…”


However, Callian didn’t understand Ophelia’s heart at all.


“The two of you are getting a divorce.”


He continued.


“That’s what I want.” 




Largo stood around the room.


Because of the Emperor’s anger, he couldn’t go out, and it was quite frustrating.


But this thing didn’t last long.


Now, in a few days, the forbidden rule will be lifted, and he will be able to move as he pleases.


The first thing to do is—.


‘Ophelia Ryzen.’ 


Of course, she doesn’t have much power, so just ignoring her could be beneficial to his mind and body.


But Largo’s strong intuition was telling him.


If he left it as it is, it would definitely hurt him.


Therefore, as soon as Largo left the palace, he planned to destroy Ophelia Ryzen.


To do that—.




It would be best to make it like that.


Largo approached the desk.


On the desk, there were papers with personal information of the people working for the Duke Ryzen.


“Who should I choose?”


As he muttered, he immediately grinned and lifted a piece of paper.


“You would be fine.”


His mean laughter filled the room.


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