The conversation with Largo was surprisingly good.


From Fleur’s point of view.


Largo knew exactly what Fleur wanted.
The greed for the position of Empress.


Largo knew that her greed was greater than her love for Callian.


It didn’t matter how he got to know.


Fleur thanked Largo for recognizing her deep innermost thoughts and decided to obey him.


‘Kill Ophelia.’


Kill her.


Could there be a word as simple and cruel as this?


Fleur affirmed that there was no such thing.




Fleur stared at Ophelia, who stood in front of her.


Ophelia seemed more alive than anyone else.


Her face was full of life and her eyes were full of intelligence.
It looks like it will never die.
But Fleur had to kill Ophelia like that.


‘For her to become the Empress.’


Largo said that Callian had no chance of becoming Emperor.


The Emperor said that he was more pleased with him and that he was gaining the trust of the people superior to him.


Fleur agreed with this.
Because today’s Callian didn’t seem to have any power—.


Largo made an offer to Fleur, affirming that he could become Emperor.


‘If you kill Ophelia, I will make you my wife’


‘You will become the Empress.’




Oh, what a beautiful position!!


Fleur fell into ecstasy for a moment.
While imagining the moment when she herself becomes the Empress and the mother of all peoples—.


“What are you doing?”


But she came to her senses again at the words of Ophelia that she had heard.
Fleur met Ophelia’s eyes.


“What are you so lost in your thoughts? If you have nothing to say, get out of my way.
I have to go in.”


Ophelia said firmly.
Fleur looked at Ophelia and smiled at her.


“If I say I was mesmerized by Duchess’ beauty, would you believe it?”


“I don’t believe you,”


“I knew it.”


Fleur burst into a low laugh.


“I heard the good news and came to congratulate you.”


Ophelia stared at Fleur.


“I heard you had a celebration.


This must be a pregnancy story.


That’s why it’s so funny.


She just sent me birth control pills then celebrate my pregnancy?


What a wicked woman she is!


Ophelia gave a new definition of Fleur.


It’s something to celebrate.”


Ophelia crossed her arms and shook her head.


“Maybe it’s because I didn’t drink the tea you gave me.”


Fleur’s lips hardened slightly.
However, she soon returns to her original state.
She shrugged her shoulders with her usual face.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Fleur asked with a gentle smile.


“Did I give you tea?”


That’s how it turns out.


Ophelia took a breath as she wet her lips.
And said to Countess Cardel, who was restless by her side.


“You should step back now.”




Countess Cardel looked at her for a moment, then nodded.


“Yes, I understand.” 


After Countess Cardel had step back, Ophelia took a step closer to Fleur.


“Are you pretending not to know?”


“What do you mean pretending not to know?” 


Fleur replied with a smile.


“I’m telling you this because I really don’t know.”


She’s afraid she’s going to screw it up.


Afterward, Ophelia blew her bangs with the wind in her mouth and opened her eyes.


“You make me angry.”


She moved closer to Fleur.


Then he looked her in the eye and said,






Ophelia pushed Fleur’s forehead with her finger.


“Come to your sense.” 


Ophelia pushed Fleur’s forehead a few more times.


“There’s nothing good for you to come out like this.”


Fleur’s eyes trembled finely.


There is Ophelia in her pink eyes.


Ophelia, who is never afraid, and Ophelia, who is always at the center of attention.


It was then that Fleur’s eyes narrowed.




Fleur screamed and sat still.


Then she wrapped her cheek and closed her eyes tightly.


“I, I’m sorry Duchess!” 


What is this? What’s wrong with her? 


Ophelia hesitated for a moment in embarrassment.


Immediately, a murmur began to be heard from behind.


The ladies, who had just finished their tea-time, came out for a walk!


It was clear that Fleur saw the ladies and fell down on purpose.


“I’m so sorry.
Please forgive me just once!”




Ophelia pointed to her forehead and uttered a vain smile.


“Oh, what’s going on here?”


“The Duchess must have beaten the Countess again!”


“Oh my God! I thought she had changed a little, but it seems it wasn’t.”


Everyone knows that Ophelia beat Fleur.


So that’s why they’re talking like this.


Ophelia closed her eyes and inhaled her breath slowly.


This wasn’t the first time this happened to her, so she knew very well how to deal with Fleur.





Ophelia opened her eyes wide open.


“Do you think I’ll fall for it twice?”


And she just raised her hand.




Fleur’s cheek turned.


Fleur stared blankly at Ophelia as if she couldn’t believe she had been really beaten.


Then, perhaps she felt pain, she covered her cheek and clenched her mouth.


“D, did you hit—?”


“Yeah, I did.”


Ophelia rolled up her arms.


“Let’s get more.
You should get hit more.”




Ophelia grabbed Fleur’s hair as it was, and she really slapped her to the dust on a rainy day.


Until the other wives came running to stop them.


“Let me go! I’ll kill her!”




Whoo, whoo.


I still can’t stop being angry. 


On my way home, I fanned with my hands and tried to cool off the heat on my face.


My palms are going to be washed.
It was also very hot.
It’s because I hit Fleur so many times.


Fleur blew out her nosebleeds and ran away.
Ophelia had not been able to get rid of her anger until then and went mad. 


“Still, I feel refreshed.” 


Whenever I saw Fleur, I wanted to beat her to death, but after hitting her like this, I felt like the hind legs of the squid I ate a few years ago went down.


However, I’m a little unsure of how to deal with it.


It’ll be in the papers by tomorrow morning.


[Ophelia Ryzen, causing trouble again!]




[Ophelia Ryzen, blinded by love and even violence!]


Will it come out that bad?


Whatever it is, it is true that it has destroyed the reputation that it has barely built up.


But what can I do?


I’m angry.


And it wasn’t good to show that I was constantly being attacked by Fleur.
I liked to show the world that I could grab her at any time and that I had the power to do so.


Fleur too, well.
She’ll be quiet for a while now that she had been beaten like that today.


I laughed at the thought of the nosebleed that flowed from her pretty nose.


“Madam, we have arrived.”


At the horseman’s words, I quickly got up.
And as soon as I opened the door, I saw Sylvester waiting for me at the gate.


The reason why he was out was obvious.


“I told you to press her nose, and you really came with a nosebleed?”


He’s trying to scold me.




I calmly put my hands together and rolled my shoulders.


“It’s not like I wanted to.”




“She’s being shameless.
There’s a limit to how much I can put up with it—” 


I got strangely irritated while talking.
So I raised my head suddenly and raised my voice.


“And now I don’t have to look at Fleur or Crown Prince! That’s why I hit her.
What! Why!”


I was just as angry with Sylvester as it’s getting more annoying. 


Sylvester looked at me with a puzzled expression on his face. 


“I don’t care what you do out there.”


He put his hand on my bent shoulder and said.


“But you have to be careful.
Because you’re in a situation where you’re pregnant.”


I didn’t quite understand what he meant, so I tilted my head, and then immediately nodded with an ‘Ah’ sound.


“So, are you telling me to be careful to lie?”




“You don’t blame me for hitting Fleur?”


You hit her well.” 


Oh, it’s coming out like this.


“As expected, my husband.” 


I chuckled.


It was then. 


“Excuse me, Madam.” 


Neil approached me and called me with a cautious expression.


What’s the matter? I turned my head. 


“What’s the matter?”


“T, that’s—” 


Neil said with a troubled face.


Then he handed out a letter.


What is written in it is quite obvious,


[Come here right away.] 



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