Chapter 125

Translated by Tam


You want to sleep?




I wrapped my arms around my chest.
Sylvester smiled vainly at me.


“It was just talking about sleeping.
I can sleep well when I hold you.”




What the hell? That’s what it is?


I breathed a mixture of half regret and half joy.
No, wait a second..
What do you mean regret! 


I wrapped my arms around my chest once again.
Sylvester’s eyebrows went up.


“What? What are you thinking?”


He looked me in the face and said, I shook my head in a hurry.


“I didn’t think of anything,”


“Don’t lie to me.
I can tell everything on your face.”


“It’s not like that!”


Sylvester burst into laughter.




Then Sylvester pulled me away.


I raised myself up in vain and hugged him naturally, and he put his hand behind my knees and on my back and lifted me up with the princess’s hug.


“W, what is it? Why do you lift me up like this?”


“Let’s go to bed.”


Sylvester strode over to the bed and put me down. 


Then he came up on top of me as if it was too natural.


“W, wait a minute.
You said you were just going to sleep!”


“It was a lie.”


Sylvester smiled as he kissed me on the cheek.


“You can’t keep avoiding it.
We lied about being pregnant, so we have to make it true.” 


“What do you mean us? I’ve never lied like that!”


“The couple are together.
Don’t you know?”


I don’t know, though? 


I really don’t know. 


While I was wandering about like this, Sylvester buried his face around my neck.
His hot breath came to me.
My whole body was tense. 


“I met the Crown Prince today.”


“W, wait—.


“I met the Crown Prince.”


Sylvester said, still squeezing my neck.


“And I said, I will support him in exchange for making the Duchy independent.”


“S, so what did he say?”


“He said he will think about it.”


I wrapped my arms around Sylvester’s cheeks and lifted his face.


Sylvester accepted my hand and raised his head.
Our eyes meet. 


“Are you going to make the same proposal to the 2nd Prince?”


“No.” said Sylvester firmly.
“How can I join hands with the man who threatened you?”


I’m grateful to hear that.




“His Highness the Crown Prince has troubled me a lot, too—”


When it comes to harassing, wouldn’t it be sad if Callian was the second?


Sylvester must have known this too— frightening to think,


“You’ve been harassing the Crown Prince too, so let’s call it a tie.”


He says this.




In a way, it was reasonable.
I nodded.
Then Sylvester kissed my cheek again and tickled my earlobe.


“Uh— can’t you get away from me a little bit?”


“I can’t.”


But Sylvester lifted my hand up and held it tightly, as if he wouldn’t let me go, and looked into my eyes.


“Let’s just not sleep today.”


Seeing Sylvester’s eyes, it seemed sincere.


I felt like I was going to have a really big day today.


I, I can’t—.


I squeezed my eyes shut and shouted.


“I, I’m so embarrassed!”


I thought Sylvester would laugh at me if I said this.
I thought he’d say that a grown-up would be ashamed of something like this.


“Me too.”


It wasn’t.


Sylvester took my hand and put it on his chest.


Badump, badump.
I can feel his heart beating fast.
I opened my eyes wide.


“Do you think I’ve ever had this experience?”




Sylvester also married me at the right age to marry, so there was no way he had any experience with anyone.
—It’s actually trash if there is.— So it seems that his heart is beating so fast.
Like me.


“That’s why.”


Sylvester loosened his grip on me, put his hand under my back and grabbed my shoulder.


“Let’s try it together from the beginning.”


His lips touched my forehead, eyebrows, nose, and lips.
His hot breath leaked through his open lips.


Sylvester hugged me tighter.


Then he gently removed his lips and whispered softly.


“I will love you until I die.”


Oh my. 


Not knowing what to do, I had no choice but to close my eyes tightly.






The morning sun pierced my eyes.


At the same time, I screamed with pain all over my body.
There was no place that didn’t hurt from the waist to the legs.


Ugh! I crouched down with my face buried in the pillow.


“Are you awake?”


I heard Sylvester’s voice.


I glanced up at Sylvester.


Unlike me, who was sick to death, Sylvester looked really fine.
No, I should say he looks more lively.


That’s why I hate him even more.


“I don’t know.
I’m going to sleep more.”


I said as I rolled the blanket over.
Then I felt Sylvester flop down and sit next to me.


“But I bring you breakfast?”


He said as he walked gently through the blankets surrounding me.
I poked my head out.


“What did you bring?”


“Warm soup and bread.
I think this is just right for you.”





I straightened my back.
As soon as I did, it was like screaming that my whole joint hurts.


I groaned and rolled my shoulders.


“Why are you in such pain?”


Sylvester tilted his head as if he didn’t understand me.


“I tried my best to control myself.”


Oh my! 


I covered my mouth with my hands in astonishment.


“After restraining twice, I will die!”


“I can’t do that.
If my pretty wife dies, it’ll be a disaster.”


Sylvester smirked and kissed my forehead.
And he put the tray on my thigh.


“Eat it.
I’m going to watch you eat before I go.”


“…Are you not busy?”


“I’m busy, but I have time to spend with you in the morning.”


He meant it very nicely.
I ate a spoonful of soup and spoke slowly to him.


“I didn’t know you were such a sweet person.”


As I said, Sylvester has become a really sweet man since he confessed his feelings.


Of course, the way of speaking and expression are still rude, but I could forgive them because the meaning of the words contained was kind thing. 


That’s why Sylvester’s eyes trembled finely.


“Me too.”


He smiled. 


“I didn’t know I could be this sweet.”


Then, he looked at me, and it was a gaze full of love so much that I could see at once what the expression “honey is falling.”


I was embarrassed again and lowered my head slightly.


Then Sylvester patted his chin and said proudly.


“You think I’m really cool, right?”


“—I would have said it was cool if you hadn’t said anything.”


Because he always hit the second. 


I clicked my tongue and shook my head.


Sylvester smiled again at me, and said, tapping his finger at the end of the bed.


“It’s the day after tomorrow.”




“It’s about the completion ceremony of schools and nurseries.”




I was wondering when it would be built, but it’s completed now.
I replied, thinking it had been quite a while.


“It’s already done.”




Sylvester continued.


“It said that the Grand Duchess would come and give a congratulatory speech in the nursery.” 


“Yes, I remember that.”


“However, I’m worried about school.”


He folded his arms and spat out a low sound.


“Who would be better?”


His eyes sparkled, and I could read his thoughts clearly.


I burst into laughter.


“I think you’re thinking the same thing as me.”


Sylvester’s lips twisted.


“The Crown Prince?”




I nodded.


“It would be good to convince His Highness the Crown Prince as a condition of yesterday’s deal.” 


“I think the same.
Then let’s say it that way.”




I opened the bread, dipped it in soup, and answered.
Sylvester stared at me drinking water and burst into laughter again.
Then he raised his thumb and pointed to the back.


“And there were a lot of letters for you.”




“I’ll bring it to you.”


He doesn’t have to do that, but Sylvester himself got up and brought me a letter.


Oh, that’s sweet.


It’s awkward.


But I need to get used to it, right?


I chuckled and received a letter from Sylvester.


Then I examined the letter.


“What useless people—.
Huh? Countess Cardel?”


Now that I mention it, it’s been a while since I met Countess Cardel.


I thought I’d have to contact her sooner or later, but it just turned out well.


That’s what I thought when I read the letter.


“Why do you narrow your forehead so much? What’s the matter?”


As I was concentrating, my forehead seemed to have narrowed.


I shook my head in a hurry.


“Oh, it’s no big deal.
She’s having a tea party.”






“I see.”




Hmm, I tilted my head with a low sound.


“The Countess Fleur is coming, too?”


“Is that so?”


Sylvester raised his eyebrows.
Then he glanced at the letter.




He put his hand on the top of my head and said. 


“Go and press her arrogance.”


I nodded confidently toward Sylvester, who said so. 


And I had another accident.


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