Theo swallowed dry saliva.


This is because, looking at Ophelia’s strange deeds in the past, it was likely that she would ask for a strange request.


But who is Ophelia?


Isn’t she the savior who saved him and the one and only Madam!!


Even if she ordered him to kill the dragon, he had to listen to it.


Theo made up his mind once more and waited for Ophelia’s next words.


“Actually, there is one place where I do business without my husband’s knowledge.”


“A business?” 


“Yeah, business.” 


Ophelia’s eyes sparkled.


“But I can’t go there often.
Probably because the Duchess has a dignity.”


The Duchess— Yeah, Ophelia is the Duchess.
The Duke’s wife, whom he dare not overcome—.


Theo smiled bitterly.
Then he nodded his head.
Ophelia continued.


“I want you to go instead.
All you have to do is go and pick up what they deliver.
You’re the only one who should know.”


“…Is that it?” 




Theo let out a sigh.
Ophelia, who was looking at Theo, tilted her head.


“Why do you react like that?”


Theo answered, scratching his cheek shyly.


“I thought Madam would make me do something bigger.
But I’m glad it’s easy.
Don’t worry.”




Ophelia smirked.


“The place you are going to is the Mercenary Guild.”


She tapped Theo on the shoulder and said,


“If a strong kid like you goes, they’ll love it.”


Strong kid—.


Theo was surprised and embarrassed that Ophelia was thinking of him like this.
He bowed his head.


“Why is your face blushing?”


Ophelia did not know what was going on, so she tilted her head.




But Theo didn’t answer.


Because he wanted to keep his heart to himself now.




Callian was in a very bad mood.


Because Duke Sylvester Ryzen has come to visit him.




Callian wrinkled his face.


No one will know how excited he was when he heard the words ‘Duke of Ryzen’ written in the letter.


He thought Ophelia was coming.
But when he opened the letter, the sender was Sylvester Ryzen.


Why the hell did this guy come here?


He didn’t want to accept the meeting, so he wanted to refuse, but he couldn’t because it was the first time Sylvester had come to see him first.
How does he know what he’s going to say?


So Callian was forced to meet Sylvester.


And he was a little surprised that he was waiting for Ophelia.


Did he realize that the part about Ophelia grew in his heart without him knowing?


Callian has been thinking lately that he seems to have spent more time thinking of Ophelia than thinking of Fleur. 


This was a clear danger signal.


Wasn’t there even an order from the emperor?


It is the command to make Ophelia his own.


‘I really hate it, but I can’t help it.’


To carry out his orders, Callian couldn’t stand still.


Somehow he had to win Ophelia’s heart and get it in the eyes of the emperor.


‘I don’t know how to do that.’


He thought he should call Ophelia sooner or later after he had seen Sylvester today.


Callian thought so and headed to the drawing-room.


As he entered the door opened by the servant, he saw Sylvester.


“It’s been a while, Your Highness.” 


Sylvester, who was sitting there, greeted Callian with a smile. 


Callian thought for a moment that he wanted to crush that bastard’s face, but with great reason and self-control, he endured it with all his might.


And he welcomed Sylvester.


Long time no see.”


Callian sat across from Sylvester.


“What’s going on?”


And he asked right away.


Sylvester narrowed his brow and grinned.


“I can’t believe you asked me a question without saying hello.
Your Highness must be really impatient, too.”


“I’m more relaxed than you who come on the same day like this.
So tell me.
What’s the matter?”


Sylvester shrugged his shoulders.


“I’m here to measure up.”




“I’m here to measure who I should support, Your Highness or the 2nd Prince.”




What the hell is he talking about!


Callian snorted in disbelief.


“If you don’t like it, I will go.” 


“No! Wait! Wait!”


Callian shouted. 


He couldn’t beat Sylvester like this.


Sylvester is the leader of the aristocratic faction.


No matter how bad he feels about Sylvester, it doesn’t mean he hates his power.


Callian decided to suppress his emotions as much as possible and listen to Sylvester’s words.


“Tell me more.”


So he said with a dignified look on his face.
The corners of Sylvester’s lips rose.


“For now, you must keep what I’m about to tell you completely secret.”


“I know.” 


“If it leaked…”


“I know.
So tell me what you want.


Sylvester smirked.


Then he leaned forward and placed his elbows on his thighs.
He puts his two hands together and clasps them.


“I want the Duchy’s independence as the cost.” 


As soon as he heard his words, Callian’s face hardened.


“Ah, hoo…” 


He rubbed his face down with a dry palm and bit his lips tightly.
Then he glared at Sylvester as if he were going to kill him.



“Are you in your right mind?”


“Very much.”


“I don’t think you’re in your right mind.”


Callian gritted his teeth.


“The land you have belongs to the Empire! You can’t go anywhere!”


He knew it would come out like this.


Sylvester chuckled and shook his head.


“Well, then.
There’s nothing I can do about it.
I’ll have to go see the 2nd Prince.” 


He pretended to get up.


“Because His Highness has accepted my offer.” 




Callian’s eyes shook. 


The 2nd Prince has already accepted this offer?


So, if he refuses here, it’s like attaching Sylvester to the 2nd Prince.


If it turns out that Sylvester is enthusiastically supporting the 2nd Prince at the upcoming aristocratic conference—!


‘I can’t.’


That had to be stopped.


“Sit down.
First, let’s sit down.” 


Callian stopped Sylvester.


Sylvester, with a helpless look on his face, sat down again.


Why do you want it?”


“Because I don’t want to be interfered with by the Empire anymore.”


Sylvester replied as if he had been waiting.


“And the North, after all, was left alone.
What do you mean the empire’s territory when you don’t look at it properly?” 


“If you’re going to keep talking like that, get out.”


“You told me to sit down, but you kept changing your words.”


Sylvester chuckled.


“Think about it.”


Then he leaned forward again.


“It’s very simple.
Even if we become independent as a duchy, we don’t completely separate ourselves from the empire.
We’re just paying a little less in taxes than we do now.
That’s all, why should you refuse?”




“If Your Highness takes the throne in return, wouldn’t it be worth it?”


Callian let out a deep sigh.


Then he leaned his head back.




His neck was moved violently.


“You said my brother accepted this offer too.”




“Then why did you come to me?”


Sylvester stared at Callian, whose head was leaning back.


Why did he abandon Largo to find Callian?


There is only one.


Because he was trying to harm Ophelia.


Callian hated Ophelia, but he didn’t want to hurt her.


However, Largo is different.


Didn’t he threaten Ophelia!


He couldn’t put such a guy on the throne with his own hands.


“It’s  annoying.”


“The reason?” 


“Because he’s also arrogant.” 


Callian turned his head back with a troubled smile on his face.


Sylvester would be the only one who can say that the 2nd Prince of the Empire is annoying and arrogant.


A really shameless brat. 




The current situation was that he had to win the support of such a shameless bastard.




If he makes the Duke independent, he won’t have to see him wield power in the imperial family anymore.


In a way, it was a good thing.


So it seems that Largo also gave permission.


Callian rolled his head tight.


“I’ll think about it more.”


Sylvester smiled and nodded.


“You’ll have to give me an answer as soon as possible.”


Then he got up slowly and left the drawing-room.


“People in the North can’t wait.”


He hummed and said. 




Sylvester returned home and headed straight to his room.




He opened the door. 


He saw Ophelia, half lying on the sofa, reading a book.


“Oh, you’re back?” 


Ophelia glanced at Sylvester and waved her hand.


Sylvester took a deep breath and loosened his tie.


I’m tired.” 




“What do you mean?” 


Sylvester moved closer to Ophelia.


Then he grabbed her by the hand.


“Let’s sleep, now.”

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