The next day, I opened my eyes slowly, still half awake.

I looked to the side, and Sylvester wasn’t there.
I felt like he had gone out first. 


I stared blankly down at his vacancy.

Then I remembered what he said yesterday.

‘Are you just going to sleep?’

‘How can you leave me alone and try to sleep?’

As soon as I remembered the word, my face heated up.
It got hot in an instant.
I fanned my hand and kept my mouth shut.

“No, I just sleep.
How do I sleep then?”

I murmured and stood up.

It seemed that Sylvester’s heart was sincere.

That… What is that… To have a child… Something like that.

It hasn’t been long since we confirmed how we feel, but is our progress already this far? I wanted to, but seeing Sylvester going straight, it didn’t seem to be that fast.


I’m the only one who feels embarrassed and stomping like this.

I still covered my heated face with my hands and pouted my mouth.

‘It’ll be like that again today, right?’

I felt even more embarrassed when I thought about it.

I can’t pretend to be asleep forever.

I mean, I really have to do something big—.

‘It’s embarrassing!’

It was only yesterday that I kissed him.
But we’re already doing the next one?

‘I can never do it.’

Again, I have been single since birth.

This situation is unfamiliar and embarrassing.

‘I’ll have to try to convince Sylvester somehow.’

Of course, Sylvester doesn’t seem like the kind of person who will let me go no matter what I do.


I sighed and swept my hair back.

Then I pulled the string.
Immediately after that, Irene came in.

“Madam! Good morning!”

How come this kid’s face is getting brighter? 

I gently waved my hand towards her.

“Yeah, good morning.”

“Did you sleep well last night!”

asked Irene, her eyes sparkling.

What is this? What’s wrong with her? 

“Yeah, I slept well?”


Irene shouted. 

“Why do you sleep well? You shouldn’t have slept well—”


It seemed to mean why I didn’t sleep together with Sylvester.

I smiled at Irene like that.

“I know what you want, but don’t say it so openly, will you?”

“Yes? Why?”

“Because it’s embarrassing.”

Irene grabbed her stomach and laughed.

“This is because Madam is so cute!’

I’m sure that until a few months ago, she was still trembling with fear—.

I swallowed my saliva thinking of the distant past.

“First of all, would you help me get ready?”

“Yes! I’ll wash you!”

“And then call Theo for me.”


Irene narrowed her forehead slightly.

“Why Theo?”

“I have something to tell him.”

I answered casually.

But Irene’s reaction was a little strange.

She came close to me with her eyes wide open.

You don’t think he’s good, do you?”

I looked up at her with my eyes blinking.

“He’s good, though?”

“Ah, you can’t!”

“Why? What’s the matter?”

I asked, just in case.

I was wondering if Theo had done something wrong.

But Irene’s answer was—.

“No, that kid is too handsome.”

I knew it. 

I dropped my shoulder with a cold heart. 

“So, just in case the Madam looked at him—”

“Stop it.”

I cut Irene’s words. 

I can’t even look him in the eye because Theo is handsome?

“Is there a man more handsome than Sylvester?”

If I were such a child, as soon as I saw Sylvester, I would fall in love with him and follow him around.

We’ve only just been connected, what are you talking about? 

When I said this, Irene said, “Ah!” As if satisfied and laughed. 

“Okay! I’ll get it ready for you!”

I entrusted myself to Irene, and soon I was able to leave the room.


Knock, knock. 

Sylvester was lost in thought, tapping his finger on the sofa of the carriage.

Now he is on his way to see Callian.

There is only one reason.

‘To see his qualities.’

In fact, he can assure that no one is as stupid as him.
Nevertheless, the reason he wants to confirm is—.

‘Because it’s more advantageous to deal with someone stupid.’

After regaining the magic circle from Largo, Sylvester plans to make the Duchy independent.

However, this is only possible with the Emperor’s permission.

In this context, he had been contemplating whether to make Largo an emperor or Callian an emperor, but now he made a decision. 


To make him an Emperor. 

The reason was simple.

Because Largo was the one who tormented Ophelia.

How can he support and grant the throne for a man who’s bad to his one and only wife?

Sylvester didn’t want to do that.

Furthermore, Largo—.

‘He can’t do the Emperor’s work.’

Smart, quick, and strong.

But he is too evil to be emperor.

If he thinks about the people, and when he thinks about the time when they will form an alliance with their own independent state later, Largo is better than Callian.

Sylvester made that decision and slowly got off the stopped carriage.

Maybe it was because he had already contacted him that he was going to meet Callian, so the servant was out to greet him.
Sylvester looked down at the servant.

“It’s clearly you.”

He narrowed his forehead slightly.

“Aren’t you the one who cursed my wife in the past?”

The servant flinched a little.

He has done that before. 

This is what he said to the Duchess Ophelia Ryzen, at the order of the Crown Prince, to ‘get lost’.

He was so relieved back then!

But hasn’t Sylvester beaten him afterwards?

But is he going to hit him again?

The servant hurriedly rolled his shoulders and took a step backwards.

“T, that’s right.
But I think I’ve been punished enough—”

“Enough punishment?”

Sylvester laughed in vain.

How dare he swear at the Duchess and think getting hit is enough punishment?

“You should be grateful I’m not hanging you.”

Sylvester said as he touched his neck with his fingers.

“If it were me now, you would have died then.”


The servant was terrified and flinched. 

He just did what he was told—.
He wanted to say that, but he couldn’t because Sylvester was too scary.
Instead, the servant kept his mouth shut and bowed his head.

“Guide me.”

Sylvester beckoned lightly to such a servant, who hurried to guide him.

To the Crown Prince’s Palace, where Callian is. 



It was nice to see Theo for the first time in a while.
So as soon as I saw Theo sitting in the drawing-room, I ran to him.

“How are you? How have you been? Are you sick?”

Theo said, “Uh-huh,” and looked embarrassed for a moment, then smiled softly and nodded.

“Thanks to you, I’ve been well.
How about Madam?”

“It’s the same for me, well.”

I sat down opposite Theo with a grin.

Then I looked at Theo’s face.

Theo, who boasts slightly dark skin, had grown into a much more skillful adult than I had seen before.

I could see why Irene said, “Theo is handsome.”

Theo is really handsome.
Of course, it’s not as good as Sylvester.

‘Oh my, I guess I’m a fool.’

I wrapped my hands around my cheeks in astonishment at the thought I had made.

No matter what I think, it all comes down to Sylvester.

Is this what love is?

It was unfamiliar because I didn’t know it well, but at the same time, it was a little itchy.
And it was also good.

It was such a happy thing to like someone except myself.

I felt my heart soften.

Now is not the time.’

I shook my head in a hurry.
Then I looked at Theo again.

“I told you to tell me if someone is bothering you.
Is there anyone like that?”

Theo shook his head firmly.

“Everyone at Duke is kind to me.
I don’t think you need to worry about it.”

“Is that so? That’s a relief then.”

Seeing that no matter how many times I ask, I get the same answer, it seems that no one really bothers him 

I breathed a sigh of relief and slowly looked into Theo’s eyes.

“Have you ever met the Countess Fleur?”

Theo narrowed his forehead slightly.

“You ask the same question from the beginning, but I don’t even know who she is.”

“Yes, that’s really good.
That’s the way it is.”

I raised my thumb and said,

“I hope you will continue to do so.
Don’t ever get involved with her, okay?”

“I don’t go out of the mansion.
There’s nothing to get involved with.”

“Yes, that’s why I called you.”

I leaned forward with my eyes shining.

“Will you do me an errand?”

“An errand?”


I said with a smile. 

“It’s simple.”

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