The contents of the note were short.


[We’ve discovered the type of magic circle.]




I think I’ve found out what Largo’s magic circle is.


‘I didn’t know this because it wasn’t shown in the original.’


If I know the type of magic circle, I will be able to find out what weakness Sylvester had against Largo.
And it becomes clear what I should bring. 


‘I wish Sylvester just told me.’


But Sylvester always ignored me when it came to magic circles.


There must be a reason, but I couldn’t help but feel sad.


I also wanted to know what the hell he wanted.


I tore a piece of paper and scribbled it down.


[I’ll send someone soon]


Then I put it in the pocket and hung it around the crow’s neck.


Leaving behind the flying crow, I fell into thoughts for a moment.


It will be a little hard for me to visit the mercenary guild.


Sylvester was attaching people to me, and I was also entangled with Callian, so if I made a mistake, they could find out that it was a mercenary guild.
I didn’t want that.


So someone who deserves to be sent—.




I thought Theo would be fine.


He’s from the slums anyway, so I don’t think it’s strange to walk around there, and she listens to me very well.


‘I’ll have to talk to Theo tomorrow..’


I finished my thoughts and walked towards the desk.


I glanced at the piles of letters.


Ah, it’s annoying to look at—.
Shall I call Irene tomorrow and ask her to take care of it—?


As I was contemplating, something suddenly came into my sight.




It was a letter with Fleur’s name on it.


Why is she sending me a letter?


I hurriedly pulled the letter with Fleur’s name from the pile of letters.
And I took out the paper.


The content of the letter was quite long, but when I ignored the long greetings and looked at the contents, only one sentence came out.


[I would like to invite you to the tea party.]




I laughed in vain.


“You’re inviting me? Fleur?”


I was dumbfounded.


Was it not enough to send tea mixed with contraceptives as a gift? What are you going to do about inviting me to a tea party?


It was clear that she was planning to harm me.


I mean, Fleur was definitely not this kind of character, but where and how did it go wrong?




‘I guess everything went wrong since I became possessed.’


Fleur must have been nervous since I fell into Callian’s eyes and got closer to him than before.




My hand holding the letter paper trembled.


Because I’m angry.


At some point, whenever I thought of Fleur, I became so angry.


It’s only natural because there’s been a lot going on.


I’ve been too easy on Fleur lately.


I had to win Callian’s heart, so I’ve been too easy on her, too easy, and too easy on her more, no matter what she did—.


Not anymore. 


Now that I have given up on seducing Callian.


I can say that I don’t know him.
There is no need to look into his eyes anymore.


‘You’re done.’


Fleur, you just wait for me.


That’s what I thought, and I was burning with enthusiasm.




Sylvester had a busy evening.


Once he arrived at the mansion, he had Ophelia bring the tea that Fleur had given her as a gift, and entrusted it with a request for an analysis of the ingredients.


The ingredients analysis didn’t take long.


In fact, it took quite a while, but Sylvester grabbed it by the collar and threatened it, so it could come out within today.


Anyway, the tea was found to contain contraceptives as a result of the analysis.


As soon as he heard the result, Sylvester felt a sense of pulling his back.


‘She’s crazy.’


The reason Fleur sent Ophelia contraceptives was obvious.


It seems that his relationship with Ophelia has improved recently, so she must have tried to prevent pregnancy somehow.


In the current situation, if Ophelia becomes pregnant and gives birth to a child, Fleur’s situation becomes a little complicated.


Once Sylvester and Ophelia have a child, the Grand Duke himself will step out and bless the child.
That means he will give them full support.


If such a child followed the 2nd prince, Largo, the power of the Grand Duke would naturally be directed to Largo.


Then the Crown Prince’s power will decrease more than it is now.


He is still unable to do anything properly, so when that time comes, he may have to worry about whether he will be expelled from the throne rather than inheriting the throne.


Fleur must have thought this far.


So, isn’t she already trying to prevent Ophelia’s pregnancy?


‘Damn this woman.’


And yet she’s a terribly clever woman.


Why did he leave such a woman alone?


He should have dealt with it right away!


Sylvester was furious and going crazy.


Fortunately, Ophelia didn’t drink the tea.
He told her to keep them all as evidence, so Ophelia will never eat this in the future.




Sylvester sighed and loosened his tie a little.


And today he recalled what he had said in front of the Grand Duke and his wife.


‘She almost took the life of a child who was about to be born.’


At that, the Grand Duke couple was startled and asked if Ophelia was pregnant.


Sylvester didn’t deny it.


The reason for doing so was that, as he had told Ophelia, only then would Fleur’s guilt be heavy.


Sylvester wanted to make sure Fleur was put on trial and punished severely.
In order to do so—.


‘Can’t we just make it into something that isn’t a lie?’


As such, he planned to make what he had said in front of the Grand Duke to be true, not a lie.


‘You won’t be able to sleep right away today.’


Sylvester jumped to his feet.


He looked out and it was still early at night.


Ophelia must be awake.


Sylvester walked out of the office a little faster.



To see Ophelia.






As soon as Sylvester opened the door, he found Ophelia.


“…Are you sleeping?”


Ophelia lay in bed with her eyes closed.
He heard a small snore, and it felt like she was really asleep.


He definitely told her not to sleep! 


Sylvester, feeling unfair, sat next to Ophelia with a rustling sound on purpose.
Then Ophelia flinched a little.




Ophelia tossed and turned, frowning slightly awake.


“Why are you sleeping?”


Sylvester didn’t miss the opportunity to ask.


“I think I told you to wait.”


Ophelia answered mumbled as she reached for Sylvester.


“Who came so late…”


“It’s not too late.
I’m burning right now.” 


Sylvester said.
Then he slowly looked into Ophelia’s eyes.


“Are you just going to sleep?”


He climbed over Ophelia and buried his face around her neck. Uh—. Ophelia’s teeth burst into a low moan.


However, Ophelia didn’t wake up despite the explicit touch.
She still just close her eyes.


Sylvester droops his shoulder. 


“How can you leave me alone and try to sleep?”


He groaned and muttered.


Ophelia burst out laughing at him and hugged Sylvester’s neck.


“Come here.”


“I’m already here.”


“Then stay by my side.”


It’s a bit of a whining tone.


Sylvester found Ophelia very cute.


He laid himself beside Ophelia, supporting his arm behind Ophelia’s head.


Ophelia tossed and turned a few times before crawling into Sylvester’s arms.


“I, what is it… I will definitely find the magic circle…”


And then she mumbles.


“Let’s live independently on our own.”


Sylvester looked down at Ophelia in surprise.


But Ophelia seemed to be completely asleep now.


Sylvester burst into a low laugh.




He softly kissed Ophelia’s messy hair on her forehead.


“I will only trust you.”


But he couldn’t stay like that, so it seemed that the time had come for him to move slowly.




He had to meet him.


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