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The waves embraced the water and came beautifully.


I stared blankly at the sea.


Sparkling water, blue water.
The clear wind and the transparent sky.


I didn’t know the sea was this pretty.


I smiled as I looked down at the waves that came all the way to my feet.


“Why don’t you dip your feet in it?”


Sylvester, who was standing behind, said.


“Should I?”


I quickly took off my shoes and stepped on the sand.


I feel the rough sand pricking the soles of my feet.
I slowly set my feet towards the sea. 


Whoosh! The waves that came in wet my ankles.


Ah, it’s cold.
I smiled broadly while slightly frowning.
Because I was so happy!


So this is the sea. 


And this is the joy of life.


The thought made me laugh automatically.
I felt like I was flying up in the sky.


“If I knew you’d like it this much,”


Sylvester, who was standing behind, slowly approached and said.


“I should’ve brought you here right away.”


Standing next to me, he smiled and looked back at me.


“I’ve never seen your face like this.”




I tilted my head. 


“How do I look?”


“Expression that you’re going to die of happiness.”


He touched my forehead and said,


“I’ll bring you here from time to time.”


“I will like it.”


“And if there are other good places, let’s go together.”


It’s fun just by saying it.
I smiled and glanced at Sylvester.


“Will you take me around?”


“Let’s go together.”


Sylvester said as if it were too natural.


And came a little closer to me.


“Do you remember?”




At my response, Sylvester faced me with a grin. Whoosh! The waves came again.


“The words I said I would kiss you when you fell in love with me.”


His blue eyes turned to me.
Blue eyes, as if embracing this sea.
I am contained in it.
I raised my chin looking at myself reflected in him.


“…I remember.”


Sylvester rolled up his lips in a round shape.


“I think that’s the time right now.”


He wrapped his hand around the back of my neck.




I didn’t answer, but I closed my eyes instead.


Sylvester’s hand grabbed the back of my head. 


I could feel his face slowly approaching.


His hot breath reached the tip of my nose.




He spoke slowly with his lips about to touch.


“I love you.”


I wanted to say me too, but I couldn’t.
Because his lips touched mine. 


Breaths were tangled through the open lips.


Sylvester grabbed me tighter as if he wouldn’t let me go and began to enter the deep place.


Haa, I was out of breath, but he just hugged me tighter and didn’t let me go.




The waves came again.


The wet ankles and hot lips blended together, giving it a strange feeling. 


But what’s certain was the fact that I was so happy at this moment.




The touch of Sylvester’s lips still remains.


I touched my lips with my fingers and tried to cool my burning cheeks.


Sylvester returned to the Grand Duke. 


Since I had called for a new carriage, I just had to get on the carriage that he and I had been riding in and go to the Grand Duke family.


‘I’m shy, so go to the Grand Duke first.’


‘We’re a married couple.
What’s there to be shy about?’


‘Ah, just go! I think my face is going to explode right now!’


Having said that, he giggled and walked away.
Anyway, he seems like a guy with no shame.


“Whoa, it’s hot.”


I fanned myself and let go of my burning feeling. 


And then I looked around slowly.


“There must be a big tree around here.”


I found it. 


I walked towards the big pine tree that stood tall.


The reason why Sylvester was sent back first.


That is to find the magic circle. 


In the original story, Fleur is said to have been looking at the sea, but the sun was too strong so she hid under a large tree.
In the meantime, she finds a box sticking out of nowhere and searches for the magic circle inside.


That magic circle will be of great help to Callian later.
Because it was a magic circle that summoned the existence of the demon realm.


‘I will find that.’


But I’m not the heroine, so I can’t expect such a coincidence.


So, what is it?


‘It’s a shovel.’


I took out the shovel that I had hidden in the carriage in advance.


And I started digging hard.


‘I have to do this too.’


There was a little time to realize reality, but I couldn’t help it.


I shoveled hard.




How long has it been?


After digging the ground for a long time, it feels like…Tak! I felt like something was getting caught.


Is it this?


I started digging more focused there.
And it’s only natural that my hands and arms are covered in dirt.




I found the box.


I smiled and opened the box.
There was, of course, a magic circle scroll in it.


“Ah, I’m happy.”


I wanted to brush my nose, but I couldn’t because my hands were covered with dirt.
I hugged the box carefully.


“I’ll be able to use this.”


A magic circle that summons the beings of the demon realm.


It is a magic circle that Largo can covet immensely.


I’m thinking of making a deal with him with this.


What if we don’t make a trade? 


‘Then I’ll summon it, well.’


Of course, if you’re in a demon realm, you’ll know where Largo hid the magic circle.


That’s how I should’ve taken it out.


I turned my feet while humming Lululala.


To go to the Grand Duke. 


It was then. 




“Grand Duchess?”


I heard a voice calling me.


Looking back, Sylvester and the Grand Duchess were standing.


Huh? Why are you guys here?


I looked at them in perplexed.


“W, why do you like that?”


Said Grand Duchess. 


“I didn’t think you were crazy these days, but you’re still crazy.
What did you do after you sent me first?”


Sylvester moved again.


“Ah— That’s.”




I put my hands covered in dirt behind my back and said, haha, and smiled low. 


“I tried playing house while thinking about the past.” (Mean: For children to play a game of imitating the domestic life of adults with toys such as small dishes, etc.) 




I washed up as soon as I went to the Grand Duke. 


It really couldn’t have been more rude.


He strongly insisted that I could not be invited to the dinner, so I had no choice but to wash up.


It feels like I’m washing up at someone else’s house.


It’s very nice.


With that in mind, I put on my dress and left the bathroom.


As soon as I did that, I saw Sylvester leaning against the wall.


“Playing house?”


As soon as he saw me, he said.


“Don’t lie.”


Sylvester approached me with great strides.


“What’s that box?”


And he pointed to the box that I brought carefully.


“Didn’t you open it?”


Of course, I thought he would open it, but I guess it wasn’t.


“How can I touch it when it’s your item? So tell me.
What’s that?”


Oh, this part was also neat Sylvester.


I shrugged my shoulders.


“I’m not going to tell you.”


“Say it.
Before I force myself to open it.”


“When are you saying you shouldn’t touch my things?”




Sylvester shouted and removed the body from the wall.


“What else did you find?”


He says, ‘again’. 




I’ve been doing some strange things so far.


That’s why Sylvester seemed to say this.


“It’s just… It’s nothing.
Literally, I just found something while playing house.”


“Did you prepare a shovel in advance and playing house?”


“It was my dream to do it in front of the sea.”


“Ophelia Ryzen.”


Sylvester narrowed his eyes. 


“Are you really not going to tell me?”


I thought about it for a moment.


Well, I don’t have to hide it. 


Since Sylvester’s help was also needed to trade with Largo anyway.


So I said casually. 


“It’s a magic circle.”




“I think we can use that to make a deal with the 2nd Prince.
What do you think? It’s clean, right?”


Sylvester opened his mouth wide.
He clenched his fist and repeated it.


“Ha, really—”


He narrowed his forehead.


“How do you know such things?”




“From finding Theo and Rivert to the magic circle.”


Sylvester grabbed my shoulder and said.


“You seem to know everything.




I swallowed dry saliva without realizing it.


I thought I might be caught in my possession by any chance.


So I deliberately chatted.


“Can you say it’s all thanks to me being smart?”




Sylvester let go of his hand, clicked his tongue.


“I don’t like it.”


He murmured.


“I liked it until we kissed before.”


“Ah, why are you talking about that now!”


“I’m thinking about doing it one more time.”


“In this situation?”


Are you out of your mind?


Aren’t we had a fight just now? 


I was speechless.


Sylvester smiled down at me like this.


“First of all, good job.”


Then he slightly kissed my cheek.


“So let’s go out.
Since everyone is waiting.”


No I mean,  how can you keep doing skinship to me like this all the time?


It’s so nice.


I followed Sylvester, trying to lower the corners of my mouth that kept going up. 

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