The morning has come.


Sylvester said he would go out first when I was half-asleep. 


When I roughly answered, he kissed my forehead and left.


After waking up completely, it came to me that he had done something embarrassing again.


Ah, really! 


I gently rubbed my forehead, which seemed to be still warm, and pouted my mouth.


Yesterday, Sylvester fell asleep holding me tight the whole time, so I couldn’t sleep properly.


I thought Sylvester wouldn’t sleep similarly, but he  slept very well.


So I hate him a little bit. 




For some reason, I thought that Sylvester was always drying up.


But I couldn’t turn it back now.


As long as I say I like him, I can’t go back. 


‘So, I have to find a way to live well without getting a divorce.’


So what is it? 


‘Find the magic circle.’


I clenched my fist and raised myself.


And I pulled the rope.
Soon after, Irene came in.


Are you awake?”




I stood up from bed and said.


“I’m going out today.
Please help me get ready.”


“Oh, my.
Today too?”


Irene tilted her head. 


“You go out a lot these days.
Where are you going?”


“Mercenary guild.”




Even before I finished talking, Irene freaked out and stepped back.


“Y, you’re not going to ask me to go with you, are you?”


Speaking like this, I want to tease her for no reason.


I said with a frown.


“I want you to go with me.
You can’t?”


“B, but—!”


Irene’s eyes trembled as if there were an earthquake.
She breathed heavily and looked at my eyes. 


“O, okay.
I, I’ll go with you.
But I’ll be hiding behind you—!”


When she’s afraid like this, I can’t say we’re not going together.


Because she looks like a cute rabbit.


I smiled and shook my head.


“I’m joking.
I’m going alone.”




Irene swept her chest and dropped her shoulders as if she had lost her breath.


“Madam, please don’t make jokes like this often.
I have a weak heart!”


It’s so cute. 


I burst into laughter and nodded.


“Okay, okay.
So please help me get ready.”




Irene replied energetically.


“Oh, do you need the robe that you wore before?”


It’d be nice if you brought it.”




Irene moved her body. 


Then she asked me


“What are you going for today?”


I answered casually.


“I have something to look for.”


I’m going to go to the mercenary guild today and ask for information about the magic circle.


“I wish I knew already.”


If you do, it’s really Eureka, if not—.


“I’ll let you know even if you don’t know.”


I plan to let her know.




I smiled slyly and shrugged my shoulders.


I’m scared—” 


Ignoring Irene’s worried voice.




Sylvester was in a good mood.




‘I like my husband.’


‘Really, I love it more than words can express.’


How could he feel bad when he heard the confession he had been longing for?


He felt like he was going to fly in the sky.


Sylvester sang his hum and turned the next page of the document.


It was none other than Neil who looked down on Sylvester like that.


“You look so happy?” 


Neil said in a sarcastic tone.


“I have received a letter from the 2nd Prince.
This is not the time for this!”


He shouted, waving the letter.
Sylvester glanced at Neil and replied back.


“Pretend you didn’t see it and throw it away.”




Neil took a deep breath.


“This is already the third time.
I can’t do it anymore.”


Oh my.


Sylvester acknowledged that Neil was fairly competent, and reached out with an inevitable look.


“Give it to me.”




Neil hurriedly brought the letter.


Sylvester tore the envelope with a knife and took out the letter paper.


[If you don’t fix what your wife has done right away, I’ll burn the magic circle right in front of you.]


He also thought it would be something like this.


Ugh, headache.


Sylvester let out a long sigh as he put pressure on his temples as if he was getting a headache.


“His Highness the Prince must be angry because of Madam, isn’t he?” 





When Sylvester answered, Neil clenched his fist as if he knew it would.


“So why Madam do such a thing!” 


It was because she seemed to have touched Largo, who was staying still.


Why would you do such a thing!!


He shouted again.


“If she just stays quiet, I think Your Excellency will do well on his own.
Madam always causes trouble!”


“Just now.”


At this time, Sylvester’s cold voice touched Neil’s ears.


“Are you swearing  at Ophelia?”




Neil turned his head and looked at Sylvester.
Sylvester’s face seemed to be firmly angry.


Neil shook his hand in a hurry.


Who is swearing at her? Is that even possible?” 


Sylvester narrowed his eyes.
Neil waved his hand again.


“I’ve never cursed at Madam! Who said that? What a terrible person!”


Sylvester just released his expression.
And he glanced down at the letter.


“It seems that the 2nd Prince is very angry.”


There’s no choice but to do so.


Sylvester’s wife, Ophelia, personally screws him.


At first, he was unable to do anything because of the prohibition order issued by the emperor, but he did not know how he would come out after the prohibition order was lifted.


Therefore, he has to take initiative before that. 


Will Ophelia be able to do it?


“So my wife has to do something for me.”


Sylvester murmured, hitting the desk with his finger.


“For now, use the information.”


He raised his chin.


“Come to know about all the magic circles that the 2nd Prince has gathered over the years.”




“And about the magic circles we can get.”


“Uh, why?”


“I’m going to use it.”


Sylvester smiled.


“Isn’t there something called an emergency?”


He hummed and put the letter between his fingers.
And he threw it towards the fireplace.


The letter burned.


Sylvester looked down at the burning letter and smiled.






When I opened the door of the mercenary guild, a cheerful bell welcomed me.


I went inside with the robe pressed down.


Shortly after pressing the chime, Joseph appeared.


“Are you here again?”


Joseph said.


“If you reply to the letter quickly, I won’t come.”


“Oh, I’m sorry.
I’ve been so busy lately.”


“You’re busy?”


I laughed.


“Why are you busy? Isn’t this store operating normally anyway?”


“Oh, I’ve been really busy.
There’s something that Yujin doesn’t know.”


I narrowed my eyes.


Seeing him say this, it seems that there is something serious going on.


I wondered.


“What the hell are you doing?”


I took a step towards the counter and said.


“Tell me.”




“I might be able to solve it for you.”


Joseph frowned.


Then he leaned over to me.


“About that.” 


He whispered in a small voice.


“Recently, someone coming here is a bit strange….”




At this time, the door opened.


At the same time, I and Joseph turned our heads toward that side.


Then, there…


“…Your Highness?”




There was the Crown Prince.




Callian also widened his eyes as if he was surprised to see me.


Then he started pointing his finger.


“Y, you—!”


He exclaimed with a look of clear understanding.


“All this time, you’ve been asking for information here! Isn’t it?”


What does this mean?


I listened to the next word.


“I thought this place must be informative.
But that guy kept taking away.
That’s why I’m here today, again! As expected”




So, Callian was harassing Joseph by guessing that this was an information business.


Joseph was still holding on to it.


Now I understand the situation.


“Now, am I right?”


Callian walked over to Joseph with a proud expression on his face.


“So, give me the information.”


Joseph didn’t hide his bewildered expression.


I intervened between them.


“What are you talking about?”

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