As soon as Ophelia finished speaking, the silence fell.


Callian stood with his mouth wide open, and Sylvester—.


His legs stumbled.




Ophelia was surprised and helped Sylvester.


Sylvester was closing his eyes, covering his face with his hands.


What’s wrong with him? 


Ophelia was flustered.


“W, what’s wrong with you? Are you okay?”




Sylvester took a deep breath and got up.


“What do you mean okay? Your legs just lost strength.
Why did you do that? Should I call a doctor?”


“No, it’s not.
It’s just.”


Sylvester swept his hair back.


“Because I like it.”


He said, hugging Ophelia’s shoulder tightly.


“It’s because I like it.
Because I really like it.


Speaking like this, Ophelia was also embarrassed at the moment.


No, it was something to be embarrassed of.


Because she just confessed to Sylvester like that! 


‘Oh my.’


Ophelia now knew what she had done.


Shame came rushing up.


Ophelia breathed heavily, covering her face with a fan.




At this time, Callian intervened.


He glared at Ophelia with a stiff face than ever before.


“Are you kidding me now?”


Callian raised his voice. 


“Just when are you chasing after me because you love me so much!”


Ah, she’s so embarrassed to talk about that again.


Ophelia smiled, pretending not to know.


“Not now.
I don’t like you anymore, Your Highness.’


Callian looked quite shocked.


He clenched and opened his fist and repeated it.


Then Ha! He shouted and stared at Ophelia.


“You said you would help me!”


He shouted without taking back his gaze.


“Didn’t you say many times that you would help me by my side! But, then, all of a sudden?”


Callian had a face that was truly betrayed.
He opened and closed his mouth, continuing to stare with his dazed eyes.
Then he shouted again. 


“Ophelia, you’re really—!”


Callian was really angry.


It was only just yesterday that she was chasing him and liked him. 


But she likes Sylvester now?


You don’t like me anymore?


Does this make sense?


Clearly, he thought she had a different plan.


Isn’t it a trick to make him jealous by saying that she likes Sylvester on purpose?


The truth is, she probably doesn’t like Sylvester.


She really likes me, but she’s doing this to make me angry.


Callian thought like this.


That’s why he hated Sylvester more.


And he felt betrayed by Ophelia.


He will never let her go.


“You two.”


Callian stretched out two fingers and pointed at Ophelia and Sylvester.


“Look carefully at how I come out.”


He glared his eyes.


“I will make you regret what happened today.”


Then he left, and if that was the case, she wouldn’t know why he had come to the charity party.


Ophelia shrugged at Callian. 


“We’re not worried at all.”


She hummed around Sylvester.


“Right, honey?”




Sylvester shook his head as if he had just come to his senses.


We’re not worried.”


However, contrary to such words, his face was full of worries.


What’s wrong with him? 


Ophelia tilted her head. 


“What I’m worried about is—”




Doesn’t he say he’s not worried? 


Ophelia listened with concern.


Sylvester said.


“I want to kiss you right now, but I’m holding back.”




“I don’t know how long I can endure it.
I’m worried about this.”




What to do with this man? 


Ophelia sighed while touching her forehead.




After the charity party was roughly over, I left the spirit alone and left the mansion.


I’ve put a watch on it, so I’m sure they’ll get caught in anything.


Thinking so, I got into the carriage through the door opened by Sylvester.


I sat down.


But Sylvester was not entering the carriage.




I tilted my head. 


“What are you doing?”


“Go to the side.”





I was wondering, but I moved a little and sat on the side as I was told.
Then Sylvester came in and sat right next to me.


“…What is it?”


Sylvester replied back.


“I want to be next to you.”


“Isn’t it too close now?”


I asked, looking down at his thigh, which was tightly attached.


“You said you liked me.”


Sylvester took a step further and wrapped his arms around my shoulder.


“So, of course, you have to be next to me.”


His cold body odor came to the fullest.
My heart began to beat fast.


“I don’t know what that has to do with this—.
Oh, it’s too close! Get away from me!”


“I don’t want to.”


My heart is really about to explode, but Sylvester looked fine.
And was a little cheeky.


I narrowed my eyes. 


“Why are you acting like a child?”


“Originally, a man becomes a child when they are in love.”


“Do you love me now?”


Sylvester paused for a moment.




What are you thinking about now?


I opened my mouth because I was speechless.
I can’t with this guy—.




Sylvester grabbed my chin and made me make eye contact.
And smiled.


“I love you.”


Oh my. 


I’ve hardened as it is.


Because I didn’t even imagine hearing this confession.


And I never imagined he would kiss me on the cheek—.


“What are you doing!”


I leaned back, wrapping my cheeks.
It seems that his lip touch still remains on my cheek.
I really felt like my heart was going to explode.




But Sylvester really looked fine.
He said, narrowing his forehead slightly.


“We like each other.
Can’t we kiss each other? I did it lightly on your cheek, too.”


“B, but!”


“Come here.”


Sylvester reached out to me, ignoring my cry.


“For so long.”


I glanced down at the hand that stretched out to me and slowly approached him again.


Sylvester smiled and wrapped around my shoulder again.
Then he whispered in my ear in a low voice.


“I love you, Ophelia.”


It was soft, and the touch on my cheek was low, but I didn’t hate it.


I rolled up my lips and bowed my head.


Ah, I really don’t know anymore.


That’s what I think.




‘His Highness is so strange these days.’


Fleur bit his lips.




Callian is strange. 


Originally, she had to come to see him once every two days.
Or she had to send a letter.


But these days, Callian has been too quiet.


He didn’t look for her, and he didn’t even welcome her when she went to visit him.


A while ago, even when dancing, wasn’t his mind was somewhere else? 


It’s probably from after the hunting competition—.


‘No way, did he notice it—?’


Fleur opened her eyes wide and jumped up.


Did Callian notice that she was trying to kill Ophelia?


Fleur’s hand trembled.


If he really notice then—.


‘It’s over.’


She knew better than anyone that the reason Callian liked her was because of her innocence. 


In the midst of this, if it was discovered that she was trying to kill Ophelia, it was clear that Callian would be greatly disappointed.
And if his nature cools down—. 


‘I can’t.’


Fleur shook her head.


It shouldn’t be like this.


Now that she is already in the divorce process, she couldn’t avoid the public eye.


A world in which women look bad to live alone and are forbidden to do so. 


Callian was the only one she could trust in this world.


But what if he changes his mind?


It can’t happen. 


She had to put Callian’s mind somehow back.


Otherwise, she will never be able to become the Empress.
And she will be abandoned. 


No, no way! 


Fleur clasped her head with both hands, imagining a terrible future.


It was then. 


Knock, knock. 


She heard a knock on the door.


We have received a letter.”




Fleur quickly cleaned up and opened the door.
The servant handed out a letter to Fleur.


Who is it? 


By any chance, is it Callian?


Fleur was handed over the letter with excitement.


The sender is—.


‘The 2nd Prince?’


It was none other than Largo.


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