They arrived at the Marquis of Richel, where the charity party was held.


People were surprisingly quite large.
But all of them are ordinary people. 


There seemed to be only people who did not know that Marquis Richel and Count Amber would be investigated for spy charges. 


Among them, the one that stands out is the Marquis of Iathan.
He is blind in politics and has only eyes on a lot of money.
That’s why Marquis Richel and Count Amber didn’t stay away from him.


“What a fool.”


Sylvester, who was standing next to Ophelia, said.


“They are probably going to steal some money from here and come back.
And sooner or later, he’ll regret it.
Oh, he gave money to traitors!” 


Sylvester hummed as if in a good mood.
So Ophelia was a little puzzled.


“You, are you not on good terms with Marquis of Iathan?”


He’s such a shameless punk.”


Sylvester immediately frowned and said.


“I’ll ask you one thing.”


Ophelia narrowed her eyes. 


“Are there any nobles who are close with you? Except for His Highness the Grand Duke.”


Ha? Sylvester snorted and shrugged.


“Your husband is the head of the aristocracy.
Of course, there are many people who get along well with me.” 


“Then tell me.”


“A typical example is Count Cardel.”


“But he’s afraid of you.”




Sylvester tried to speak, but hardened with his mouth open.




Ophelia pushed him.
But Sylvester couldn’t speak right away.
Because he couldn’t think of it.




He ruffled his hair and wrinkled one eye.


“I don’t know.
Why are you asking me this? It’s none of your business.”


Ophelia thought such a Sylvester was cute.






Tsk, really. 


Ophelia shakes her head and tries to shake off the emotions she just felt.


Sylvester, who had no idea of Ophelia’s mind, approached her and said quietly.


“Can you put a spirit on them?”


It’s too close.


Ophelia cautiously stepped aside, shaking the breath of Sylvester felt in her ears.


“Even if it’s not, I’m going to try it now.”




Ophelia calmed down and focused her mind.


And stroked the spirits on her shoulder.




The spirit flew straight toward Marquis Richel and Count Amber.


Then, they clapped and settled on the top of their heads.


Ophelia smiled satisfactorily and said to Sylvester.


“I put it on, so I’ll tell you as soon as I find something.”


Thank you.”


Thank you? 


Ophelia looked a little surprised.


Sylvester immediately recognized her change.


“Why do you look like that?”


“It’s the first time you’ve ever said thank you.”


“You didn’t mean I was that rude, did you?”




“Don’t answer me right away.”


He frowned and messed up his hair.


This was a part where he had to reflect on himself a little.


How could he not say thank you after using Ophelia like that?


Sylvester looked a little sorry and said to Ophelia.


“In the future, I’ll say thank you every time.”


“Well, okay.”


Ophelia answered indifferently.
Sylvester spoke straight away.


“Will you like me more if I do that?”




Ophelia could feel the heat rising on her cheek again.


No but, why does he keep confessing his feelings like this?


He’s going to make her heart flutter. 


Ophelia narrowed her eyes. 


“You weren’t originally like this.”


Sylvester shrugged his shoulders. 


“People say that love changes your personality.
That’s all.
What’s wrong with it?”


Ophelia took a big breath.
Oh, it’s hot.
She opened the fan and shook it to cool off her face.


“You don’t look embarrassed at all.”


“Does it look like that?”


Sylvester asked, frowning one eye.


And he snatched Ophelia’s hand.


Then he placed his hand on his chest.


“Really, does it look like that?”


Badump, badump. 


She felt his heart beating again. 


She could feel his emotions coming. 


Ophelia tried to remove her hand quickly, but Sylvester wouldn’t let go.
Ophelia blushed and said.


“Don’t do this in a crowded place.”


“Why? Are you shy?”


Sylvester smiled and slowly let go of her hand.


“You’re so cute.”


Then he spits out his words.
It’s something Ophelia would be flustered about again.


No, how far does this man intend to go straight?


Ophelia raised the fan more and barely calmed her burning face.


“I’m always nervous when I talk to you.”


Sylvester put his hand on his chest and said.
Ophelia swallowed her dry saliva.




“Just, to make you know.”


Sylvester winked one eye and said.



“I don’t say useless things every time.”




Ophelia grabbed the fan tightly.
Then she catches her breath slowly.
She was trying to calm her breath, which had been flustered because of him. 


Seeing Ophelia like that, Sylvester felt nervous inside.


‘Until when…’


How long does Ophelia intend to make him wait?


Sylvester could sense that his patience was slowly running out.


What should he do to get Ophelia? 


Sylvester glanced at Ophelia.


He thought it would be better to try changing the direction of seduction.


Now that he is saying that he likes her only with words, he thought it would be a good idea to spend money to shake Ophelia’s heart.


‘What should I buy?’


Sylvester thought seriously.


What would Ophelia like—, but still expensive?


He was deeply troubled by touching his chin.


It was then. 


“Your Highness the Crown Prince is entering!”




Sylvester and Ophelia were surprised and looked toward the door.


There was really Callian.


‘Why did Callian come?’


Ophelia thought.


Then, she decided that he, like them, had come to check the Marquis Richel and Count Amber.


Callian must be curious too. 


They, who will soon be hanged for treason, are now dreaming about what they are doing.


Callian confidently walked into the hall.


Marquis Richel and Count Amber exchanged glances and looked at Callian.


“It’s been a while.”


Callian spoke to Marquis Richel and Count Amber.
The Marquis and the Count hurriedly greeted Callian.


“Y, yes, Your Highness.”


“I didn’t know Your Highness was coming.
If I had known, I would have prepared a little more.”


“No, it’s enough now.
It’s enough to surprise me.”


Callian said in a sarcastic tone to anyone who could see it.


At this time, Sylvester tilted his head to Ophelia.


“If none of that is enough, why is he talking like that?”


Ophelia looked at Sylvester with an expression of getting tired of it.


“He’s being sarcastic.”




Sylvester kept his mouth shut.
Judging that his speaking skills don’t seem to be good.


Callian, Marquis Richel, and Count Amber had a long conversation after that.
Roughly speaking, it was a cliché about what was planned for this charity party.


Ophelia delivered the contents to Sylvester through the spirit.


“The spirit is quite useful.”


“Who made this?”


Ophelia said, shrugging her shoulders.
Sylvester laughed for a while because Ophelia was so cute.


It was then. 




Suddenly, Callian approached.
Ophelia and Sylvester looked back at Callian, slightly stiffened.


“Yes, Your Highness.
How are you?”


“It’s been a while.”


They greeted Callian together.


However, Callian didn’t even look at Sylvester.


He just looks at Ophelia.


What is this? What’s wrong with him? 


Ophelia was reluctant to see Callian’s slightly different attitude, so she took a step back.
Callian reached out to Ophelia like that.


“Shall we dance together?”




Ophelia’s eyes shook.


What’s wrong with this brat? 


Come to think of it, something strange has happened since the last time they met in front of the main palace.
Even then, he was muttering strange things.


Ophelia thought she should definitely reject Callian. 


Because she doesn’t have to seduce Callian anymore.


That’s why she refused the last time, but Callian didn’t seem to know properly. 


So Ophelia said firmly.


“Thank you for the offer, but I’m alright.”


And she pointed to Sylvester.


“I have to dance with my husband.”


Sylvester looked moved next to her. 


On the contrary, Callian’s face was crumpled.




He snatched Ophelia’s wrist.


“You said you like me.”




“But why do you reject me?”


Callian gritted his teeth.


“I think it’s better to do it moderately now.
Don’t you think so?”


Callian decided that another way for Ophelia to seduce him was to show something like this. 


On that basis, isn’t Ophelia shaking her hands now?


Callian laughed slyly. 


“I like you— Your Highness.”


“That’s right.”


Callian continued to speak.


“You’ve been chasing me everywhere.
To the point where I’m tired of it.
I think you changed your strategy now, okay.
I’ll let you off, so dance with me.”




Ophelia was blank for a moment. 


Does she like Callian? 


Of course, never. 


She’s pretty sure it wasn’t, because she’d never even thought of Callian except when she remembered Sylvester’s orders.


‘I don’t know what it feels like to be in love.
What the hell is that?’


‘It’s when everything reminds you of that person.’




This has never happened.


Actually, she thought of Sylvester much more than she thought of Callian—.


Ophelia unknowingly looked down at the dress she was wearing.


A velvet dress.


She remembered Sylvester liked it and chose this dress.


As such, unconsciously, she was thinking of Sylvester.


‘It’s when everything reminds you of that person.’




Ophelia sighed briefly as if she had finally realized.


‘It’s when everything reminds you of that person.’


After she possessed herself, she thought about anything in connection with Sylvester.


From the moment she wakes up in the morning, does her daily life, and goes to sleep.


There wasn’t a day when she didn’t think of Sylvester.


And so, I —.


‘I’ve been liking him from the beginning.’


Ophelia looked back at Sylvester.


Sylvester looked as if he was going to hit Calian at any moment.


Ophelia rolled her lips up.




She clasped her hand caught by Callian and pulled it out. 


“I don’t like Your Highness.”


And she crossed her arms with Sylvester.




Ophelia looked clearly at Callian and said.


“I like my husband.”




She likes him.


After saying this, she felt like her heart was being suffocated in an instant.


‘You’re so easygoing.’


‘So when I see you, I feel at ease.’


As Sylvester said, right now, this moment with her arms crossed and her face leaning against him.


Ophelia could feel truly comfortable.


So she spoke with all her heart.


“Really, I really like him more than words can describe.”

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