Why can’t I open my eyes today?


I barely opened my tightly closed eyes, rubbing them up.


As soon as that happens,


“Oh my! You surprised me!”


I could see Sylvester’s face looking down at me.


Ugh, seeing Sylvester’s face since morning is very harmful to my eye health.
It’s too bright. 


I coughed out a small cough.


“W, what? Are you going to keep doing that?”




“Why are you looking at the sleeping person’s face?!”


“I saw it because it was pretty.”


Ah, what are you saying! 


Why are you talking like this again! 


I could feel a heat on my cheek.
Sylvester smiled and pinched my cheek.


“You snored, too.”


“Me?! When?!” 


“Until just now.
It’s okay.
You were cute.”


“No, why is snoring so cute!”


“If it were another brat, they would have been killed for being noisy.
But it was cute because it was you.”




I looked at Sylvester with a look of half shyness and half absurdity.


However, Sylvester, who made such an unusual remark, looked really fine.


He smiled and asked lightly.


“Do you want me to bring you breakfast?”


Oh, he must be thinking of bringing another tray like the first one.


I thought I should say no.


“No, I’ll go and eat.”


“Then let’s go eat together.” Sylvester held my hand and said. 


I looked down at my hand caught by him, and soon looked up at him and asked.


“Aren’t you busy?”


“I’m busy.”


“Then go to work.”


“But being with you is more important to me.”




I feel a heat on my face again. 


No, my heart was pounding enough until I went to bed last night.


But do you really do this as soon as you open your eyes?


I closed my mouth and closed my eyes tightly.


“Okay, let’s sort it out.”


I opened my eyes wide.


“Why are you doing this?”


At my question, Sylvester tilted his head, puzzled.


“About what?”


“What kind of wind is suddenly blowing and you’re doing this to me?”




Then he nodded as if he understood.


“I thought of you as I saw you who returned safely after meeting the Emperor yesterday.”


“What are you thinking?”


“You are a very precious woman, so I shouldn’t miss it.”


Sylvester smiled and continued.


“That’s why I’m trying to make you like me.
Can’t I?”


“You can’t.”


“I’ll still do it.”


“Ah, you can’t!”


I sounded like a child who was acting up, but Sylvester didn’t let it go.


He pinched my cheek one more time and said.


“Let’s go eat breakfast.
Hurry up and get ready.”




While eating breakfast, Sylvester continued to work on me.


Since it’s hard to eat salad, he takes it and cuts it and gives it to me, or when the water runs out, he notices it so well that he talks to the servant first, or wipes my mouth first—. 


It was such a wonderful treatment.


So I was uncomfortable.


I haven’t made up my mind yet!


I haven’t even figured out whether I like Sylvester or not, but my judgment continued to blur as Sylvester kept seducing me.


So I thought I should be away from Sylvester for now.


“I’m going for a walk.”


“Let’s go together.”


Sylvester said as if he would get up at any moment.
I shook my head in a hurry.


“I’m going alone.”


“I don’t want to.”




I asked back as if I heard it wrong.
Then Sylvester said. 


“I don’t want to.
Let’s go together.
I wanted to walk, too.”


“No, I said I wanted to go alone.”


“That’s why I told you I don’t want to?”


“What does your opinion have to do with my walk—?”


I was so speechless that I asked back.


“It’s matter.”


Sylvester said with a triumphant look.


“Because this Duke’s estate belongs to me.
You must be with me as you walk on my land.”


Oh my. 


How can you be so childish?


“You’re not saying this in your right mind, are you?”


“If you were in your right mind, would you say this? I think I’m crazy, too.”


“It’s a relief that you know.”


Sylvester rolled his eyes.


“Do you have to catch up with me like that?”


“From whom did I learn it?”


“I hope it’s not me.”


“Are you sure?”


“Ophelia Ryzen.”



Sylvester opened his eyes sharply.


It’s time to get angry.


I closed my eyes, intuitively feeling his roar.


But what I heard was,


“If you like me, this Duke estate is yours too.”


It was a sweet word that was completely different from what I expected.


“I’ll give you everything.”




It really shook for a second right now.


But if I don’t get swayed by this temptation, that’s even weirder.


Sylvester’s lips went up obliquely, perhaps because he saw my pupils shaking.


“As expected, I can handle you with money.”


Sylvester smiled satisfactorily and reached out to me.


“Like I said, I have enough money my whole life to be sucked in by you.”


It’s true.


The Duke of Ryzen is unrivaled in wealth.


“And I’m handsome enough to fill your stomach just by looking at me.”


This is also shameless, but it’s true. 


Look now.
Isn’t my heart pounding even when we only see each other face to face?


“That’s why.
Isn’t it nice?”


Sylvester said, gently touching my cheek.


“Being with me for the rest of my life.”


Who said he’s not a half demon? 


He’s the best in seduce.


I had a strong feeling that I was being deceived by him.
Of course I’m not going to be deceived—but anyway. 


I opened my mouth slowly without realizing it.


It was at this time.


“Y, Your Excellency!”


The door of the dining room suddenly opened and Neil rushed in.




Sylvester clenched his fist and frowned. 


“It was perfect up until now!”


He turned his head and glared at Neil.


“Why! What! If it’s useless, go away!”


Neil, who was criticized, took a back step, breathing in.


“T, that’s—”


He rolled his eyes and looked around.


I said it quickly.


“Why are you doing this? What news did you get so suddenly?”


“It’s important news.”


Neil replied to me in a hurry.


“Marquis Richell

 and Count Amber will work together to hold a charity party—”




It’s strange. 


Marquis Richel and Count Amber were just hanging on to spying.


I’ve told Callian that he’s gathering clear evidence, but a charity party in the midst of it? 


Sylvester seems to have the same thought as me.


He frowned and asked back.


“Are they ruined?”


“It’s not ruined yet.
But it’s about to collapse.”


Neil continued to talk.


“It seems that they’re thinking about something by receiving donations before they collapses.”


“What are you talking about? It’s the death penalty.”


Sylvester shook his head, click his tongue.


“I should go.”


“Yes I think you should.”


Sylvester turned his head toward me.


And said it casually.


“You go with me.”


“Me? Why?”


“We have to do the first dance.”


That brat’s first dance. 


I was very curious as to how long the flames would last.


“It’s annoying.
I don’t want to go.”


You have to go.”


“No I mean, why?”


Sylvester replied. 


“I’m asking you to go and use your necromancy.”




That way we can get the right evidence.”


I tilted my head because I didn’t understand a little.


“But if you catch the evidence, it will be benefit for the Crown Prince.
You hate that.
But why?” 


“I hate Marquis Richel more than the Crown Prince.”


Sylvester said, slightly loosening his tie.


“And the Crown Prince is already conducting an investigation.
If I intervene, his appearance will be strange, so it’s better for you to do it.”




For this reason, I was convinced.


I nodded. 


“It means you want me to help you this time.”


Help and get something.”


He said so and spread his index finger.


“Just once.”




“After that, don’t even go near the Crown Prince.


He said it so scary that I suddenly became curious.


“What if I keep going near him?”


So I asked.


“Will you be angry?”


Sylvester narrowed his eyes.


His blue eyes flashed frighteningly.


He opened his mouth slowly.


And the words that came out.


“I’m going to sulking.”




No, excuse me. 


If you say it so cutely with such a harsh face, what do you want me to do?


I was so speechless that I almost laughed.


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