After returning home, I went straight to the dining room.


Because I’m hungry.


But just in time, it was lunchtime, so Sylvester was also there.


“You’re back?”


Sylvester waved his hand lightly.


“Yes, I had a good trip.”


I sat down next to him.
Soon after, a delicious steak was placed in front of me.
I grabbed a fork and knife and cut the steak.


“How was it?”


I was eating steak for a long time, and Sylvester asked.
I replied after swallowing all the meat left in my mouth.


“I don’t know what you’re asking me, but I think I can say yes if His Majesty is still crazy.”




Sylvester snorted.


“The only people who can say that the Emperor is crazy are you and me.”


“Maybe everyone is cursing behind his back?”


“That’s true, too.”


Sylvester nodded obediently.


And asked.


“What did you talk about?”


I answered after putting the last steak in my mouth.


“I told him that the 2nd Prince was doing something stupid.”


I swallowed the steak and spoke again.


“Now, for the time being, the 2nd Prince will not be able to touch me.
He won’t have time and more importantly, enough time to spare?” 


Sylvester’s expression changed strangely.


Well, of course.


Largo should be made emperor, but his wrongdoings have been exposed by the current emperor.


But I pretended not to know and shrugged my shoulders.


“What did you say?”


I answered right away.


“He tried to rape a knight on the battlefield.”




Sylvester was surprised and jumped from his seat. 


“This trash—!”


His face turns red.
Obviously, he was angry.


I sneered at Sylvester like that.


“Who is supporting such trash?”




“It’s you.”


Sylvester’s mouth was stiff, and soon bit his lower lip and gritted his teeth.


“It can’t be helped, I.”


“Is there anything in the world that can’t be helped for you?”


I narrowed my eyes and looked at Sylvester.


“So tell me.”




“What are you going to get from the 2nd Prince?”


Sylvester flinched.


Then, as he leaned his body back, he seemed unwilling to speak.


So I added.


“If you don’t tell me, I won’t like you.”


“Are you going to keep threatening me like this?”


“So tell me.
What are you going to get?”




Sylvester sighed as he touched his forehead.


Then, looking into my eyes, he seemed to be contemplating whether to speak or not.


“Tell me.
Hurry up.”


Whoo, Sylvester sighed again.


And said in a crawling voice.


“…the magic circle.”


“A magic circle?”


I’ll just say this.”


I heard the 2nd Prince was looking for the magic circle, and one of the magic circles he discovered must have belonged to Sylvester.


Whew, I thought about what to do if it was like human life, but I’m glad it’s an object.


I blinked my eyes.


“If I bring it to you, you have no reason to support the 2nd Prince, right?”




Sylvester snorted.


“How do you get it? The 2nd Prince must have kept it hidden.”


“I don’t know either.”


I really don’t know.


I need to make a plan from now on.


But I could be sure.


I can steal that magic circle. 


So I put my little finger at Sylvester.


“But promise me.”


“About what?”


“If I bring the magic circle, you will withdraw your support for the 2nd Prince.”


Sylvester looked down at my extended hand.


Then he smirked.


Maybe it’s because he doesn’t think I can do that.


So like this.


“I promise.”


Isn’t it like putting your little finger on me?


I twisted Sylvester’s fingers and my fingers firmly.


The deal is complete now.”


Sylvester nodded.


It was good.


Now, if only I get the magic circle, it’ll be a happy ending! 


I smiled and rolled up my lips.


“And, did anything else happen?”


At this time, Sylvester asked.


I tilted my head.


“What do you mean?”


“I mean, is the Emperor didn’t say anything else?”





I remembered what the Emperor said.


‘Are you really not planning on marrying my first son?’


‘If you have any thoughts, tell me.
I’m serious.’


Hmm, If I tell him this, he will make a fuss right? 


 pretended not to know.


“Yes, there wasn’t.”


“Is that so?”


Sylvester looked as if he couldn’t believe it, but soon he loosened his expression and nodded.


“That’s a relief.”


He cut a piece of steak left on his plate.


“Here you go”.


Then he stuck it out to me.






I was dazed for a moment when I saw the meat that came all the way to my mouth.


What are you doing now?


Are you feeding me?




I was dumbfounded.




“What do you mean why?”


Sylvester said as if my question was more ridiculous.


“You are too skinny.
You have to eat more.
So Aah, do it.”




I opened my mouth.




“That’s right.”


Sylvester put meat in my mouth and wiped the side of my mouth with a handkerchief.


And he smiled brightly and said one more thing.








There’s something I thought of earlier.


I don’t know if I like Sylvester.


I think I need to think about it a little deeper.


Because my heart is beating like crazy right now.


What should I do, really? 




Entering the bathtub, I dipped myself under my nose.


As warm water wrapped around me, the fatigue accumulated during the day seemed to melt completely.


“Ah, I feel like I’m going to live.”


I lifted my head and leaned the back of my head in the bathtub, closing my eyes slowly.


Today, a lot of things happened.


Starting with meeting the Emperor.


No matter how much I thought about it, the Emperor was really crazy.


That’s why it was easy to use.


But come to think of it, the Emperor seemed to have given it over to me on purpose.
Because he is by no means a formidable person.
Oh, maybe he looked at me because I was a little prettier. 


Thinking about it like this, the future was slightly dark.


How can I put Largo in a corner more?


And how can I take the magic circle from Largo?


I thought I should think about this a little more.


And there’s another thing to think about—.






I struggled, recalling the bright smile he showed me.


What do you mean I’m pretty! 


You’re prettier!


I almost shouted like that.


But I held it in.
With all my strength.


I’m also a person who has a face.




I’m not sure what I feel about Sylvester.


But what’s certain is that I have a good feeling about him.


But whether I like him or not—.
I still don’t know.


In fact, there is no choice but to do so.


I was a patient who couldn’t get out of the hospital room.


Therefore, human relations were narrow, and of course, I was single since birth.


There is no way to know what emotions you like, what is a feeling of love, and I don’t know about it at all. 


So I couldn’t know exactly what emotions I had for Sylvester now.


But I should make up my mind now.


‘Haa, I don’t know.’


Let’s take a break today.


I thought so and called Irene who was standing outside.


“Are you done washing up?”


Irene, who came in, wiped my body and dressed me in pajamas.


After wearing pajamas, my eyes were already closed.
My body got tired, too.


“You can go first, Madam.”


But Irene pushed my back. 


She used to go out with me and organize my bedding.
So why?


I was wondering, but I left the bathroom first because I was sleepy.


As soon as that happened, there was someone I could see.




It was Sylvester.


He sat on the bed and looked at me.
Wearing only a thin robe!


“I washed up when you washed up, too.”


It is a fact that can be seen just by looking at the droplets flowing along his jawline.


I swallowed saliva without realizing it.
It’s not because of his bare chest that looks naked.
It’s not!


“S, so?”


I tried to clear my voice and said.




Sylvester replied and swept his hair back.


And looked at me with a slow gaze.
He looked as if he wanted something.


I covered my chest with both arms.
No, not yet! 


“That’s why.”


That’s why? 


“Let’s sleep.”






“I’m so sleepy.”


Oh, he only wants to sleep.


Okay, okay. 


I went too far ahead.


I approached Sylvester awkwardly.
And sat quietly next to him.


“You didn’t expect anything else, did you?”




“I’m kidding.
Why are you so surprised?”


Sylvester smiled and put his hand on the top of my head.


And he pulled my head and tilted it toward him.


“I’ll kiss you when you like me.”


He swept over my wet hair and said.


“Hold it in with this until then.”


And gently kissed my forehead.


I can feel the hot breath, different from his cold hands.


Suddenly, I thought it would be nice if he didn’t remove his lips.


But he immediately removed his face.


Too bad. 


“Good night.”


The heat doesn’t go away.


Even until we lie down together and sleep.

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