“Is that true?”


The emperor asked.


I nodded, trying to look a little sad.


I couldn’t believe it either, but it’s true.”


And I handed out the documents I had brought.


“It’s the testimony of the knights.”


The emperor hurriedly looked through the documents I had handed out.
The emperor’s face turned red and blue at the testimonies of the knights.


“T, this crazy bastard—!”


He grabbed the document tightly and shouted.


“He has nothing to do, so he messes with the knights on the battlefield! This crazy bastard!” 


Then he opened the door wide and shouted to the servant who was waiting in front of him.


“Call Largo right away.
Right now!”


“Ah, yes! Yes!”


The servant ran hurriedly.
Oh my, we have to be quiet, but how can he be so noisy?


I hummed inside and sat down with a little more comfortable posture.




The Emperor sighed and looked at me.


“What’s your intention to say this to me?”


He continued even before I could answer.


“Do you also want to make Callian the emperor?”


I shook my head in a hurry.


“I have no interested in the throne.”


The emperor didn’t seem to believe it.
I added words.


“I’m just trying to shake off a little bit of the attention that the 2nd Prince has in me.”




The emperor snorted and swept his hair back.


“Then it will be a success.
I’ll give him a headache so he never has to think about it!”


It was the answer I really wanted, so I smiled brightly and nodded my head.


“Thank you, Your Majesty.”


The emperor’s face was wrinkled.
He gestured roughly to me to raise my head.


“It’s really similar to the Duke of Ryzen.”


“Oh my… I don’t think that’s a compliment.”


I covered my mouth and laughed.


“Anyway, thank you very much.”


The emperor frowned.


“If you have any other information like this, bring it to me.
Don’t give it to other people.”


“Yes, Your Majesty.
I’ll do that.”


Yeah, I won’t do that.


I’m going to keep it to myself.






At this time, the emperor slowly opened his mouth.


At the same time, looking at me from head to toe, my eyes uncomfortable.


What? Why do you look at me like that?


When I was thinking—.


“Are you really not planning on marrying my first son?”


I heard something ridiculous.


“…I’m a married woman, Your Majesty.”


“You can get divorced.
It’s so simple.”




I tried to do it, but it’s not that simple.


I can’t say this anymore, so I just keep my mouth shut.


“If you have any thoughts, tell me.
I’m serious.” 


As he said, the emperor seemed really sincere.


What can I do with this charm?


I was able to finish the conversation by feeling my shoulders shrugging up.






Now that I’m out of the quiet main palace, I feel like I’m going to live.


Oh, of course, I came out through the back door.


Just in case I go out to the main gate and encounter Largo.


Largo, you’re going to be very broken, right?


Then he won’t even be able to pay attention to me.
Because he has to deal with what he has done.


Who wants to live a bad life?


I hummed and moved my feet thinking that it was enough.
And to go back to the mansion quickly and report this to Sylvester.


Of course, Sylvester won’t like it.


If there is a problem with the reputation of the 2nd Prince, it will be difficult to make him emperor.


But I want to tell him not to worry about that, too.


‘I’ll bring what Sylvester wants from Largo.’


If that happens, Largo will be blown away, Callian will become the emperor just like the original story, and Sylvester will live safely!


Everyone has a happy ending.


The key is what choice I make after that.


If I choose to divorce, I can go to the Duchy and live in peace, as Countess Amber said.


If I give up on the divorce, I can live with Sylvester as it is now.


Whatever it is, it’s good for me.


So I had to take a closer look at my feelings.


Whether I like Sylvester or not.


‘It’s not for me to decide now.’


With that in mind, I went all the way to the carriage.


It was at this time.




A familiar voice was heard.
When I turned my head, there was Callian.


As soon as Callian saw me, he hurriedly approached me.


“I heard you’re hurt.
Is it okay?” 


What’s wrong, are you worried about me? I looked at him with a little moved eyes.


“Don’t worry about me—.” 


“No, not you.
I mean the kid.
A child caught in a hostage situation.”




That’s right.


He’s a jerk. 


“The child is fine.
He’s not hurt.”


“That’s a relief.” 



Callian smiled satisfactorily and nodded.


Then, he glanced back and looked at me, said.


“What about you?”




I mean, how about you?”




 Are you going to pretend to ask now? 


How ridiculous. 


But I couldn’t ignore it, so I shrugged my shoulders and answered.


“Well, as you can see, I’m fine.
Ah! It’s a secret to the 2nd Prince.
It’s a secret that I met him! It’s a secret that I was here!”


Callian frowned. 


“What’s wrong?” 


He asked in a low voice.


“Did something happen between you two?”


“It’s not a good thing.
I don’t really want to say it, so I won’t.”


Callian’s face hardened.


Biting his lips, he said, giving strength to his eyes and voice.


“Did that punk touch it again?” 


Did he touch it? 


I tilted my head.


“He did touch it.”


He grabbed my back neck and threatened me.


Oh, when I think about it, I still have a chill in my spine.


You psycho guy.


But the atmosphere was weird.


In other words, Callian’s face has turned ugly.


“What’s wrong with you?”


I wondered and looked at Callian.


“That punk… To you…” 


He muttered something and clenched his fist tightly.


“The damn bastard!”


He swears while looking in the air.


What’s wrong with him?


I staggered backward thinking that Callian was crazy.


“I will surely avenge you.”


Why would you? 


I really didn’t understand.


But well, I don’t have to refuse help.


“Well… Yes, thank you.”


So I replied in a good way, although I was nervous.


Callian continued.


“Come back often, now.”




“I will meet you.”


I was speechless again.


Sometimes you say you’ll kill me if I come to you… What a joke.


I smiled and shook my head.


“I’m not coming to see Your Highness anymore.”


As I said, I won’t be coming to see Callian anymore.


Because Sylvester ‘Seduce Callian’ no longer need.


In other words, I don’t have to bother with Callian and try to seduce him now!


Aww, excited!


“W, why?” 


But Callian seemed to be a bit perplexed.


So I answered casually.


“Because I don’t like Your Highness anymore.”




Callian’s eyes shook. 


“Y, you said I need a bad woman!” 


“That was then, and now is now.
And there is a lot of bad woman in the Empire.
Find out there.”




He screamed and opened his mouth wide.


“You, you really…!”




Callian sighed and shook his head.
Then he ruffles his hair.


“Do whatever you want.
Do whatever you feel like!”


Callian shouted like that and went back in anger. 


I thought as I looked at his back like that.


I’ve always lived my life however I wanted.




“Damn it!” 


After returning to the Crown Palace, Callian was still very angry.


‘I’m not coming to see Your Highness anymore.’




Suddenly? Why? 


‘Because I don’t like Your Highness anymore.’




After chasing him around like that, she doesn’t like him anymore?




Callian closed his eyes tightly.


He bit his lips. 


He doesn’t know why he’s so angry when Ophelia, who was attached to him like a leech, is going to leave him now.
He’s really angry, like crazy!!


And on top of that. 


‘He did touch it.’ 


The 2nd Prince, Largo, seemed to have tried to do something bad to Ophelia.


That rotten punk!


He’s so angry! 


Really angry! 


What to do?


How does he get rid of this anger?


Callian originally went to Fleur when he was in such a bad mood.


But for some reason, he didn’t want to see Fleur today.


Only Ophelia fills his mind.


“Damn it.” 


Callian muttered a swear word and buried his face in his hands. 




He took a short breath and clenched his teeth.


It was then.


“Your Highness.”


The servant, who knocked on the door, stuck his head out.


Callian then lowered the hand that had covered his face and looked at the servant.


“I, I apologize.
It’s urgent, so I think I need to tell you.”


“What’s going on?”


“His Majesty The Emperor has sent you a letter.”




Callian jumped to his feet.


Then he ran to the servant and snatched the letter.


“What is written…”


The content was simple.


[Make Ophelia McGuffin yours.]


There’s also something attached to it.


[I’ll help you.]


Callian grabbed the letter tightly.


He had to hate it.


He was supposed to be furious at having to be with Ophelia.


But a smile continued to spread across his lips.


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