Largo is looking for me?




Anxiety struck me.


At this time, Sylvester came close.


“I guess he thought you became stronger.”


“But I just caught a thief?” 


I didn’t use a lot of black magic either!


Just a little, a little bit of power!


So I thought there was nothing to worry about.
The original Ophelia was also used this much.




“The fact that you saved someone must have come a long way to the 2nd Prince.”


Damn it.


I didn’t think of this.
The original Ophelia didn’t help others.
Instead of helping someone, she just beat people around.


Of course, things have changed since I came in.


This change is now famous and people are probably familiar with it, but it was clear that it wasn’t for the 2nd Prince who had just returned from the battlefield.


That’s why he’s thinking of me suspiciously!




I stomped and frowned.


“First of all, let’s say you hurt your body.”




“It was said that you accidentally got involved in a theft case and was injured in the process.
It will also be published as a newspaper article tomorrow.”


Sylvester said, loosening his tie a little.


“This will make the 2nd Prince be less suspicious.”


As he said, if I published an article stating that I accidentally got involved in an incident and got hurt because of it, even Largo wouldn’t think I’d become incredibly strong.


I can’t believe he made all these plans before I came back to the mansion.




I said with a slightly moved face.


“You’re really thinking about me, aren’t you?”


Sylvester smirked. 


“If I’m not thinking about you, who will? There’s no one to think about you except me.”


“No, excuse me.” 


That snout of disaster.


“Do you have to talk so rudely?”


And don’t tell me openly that I’m rude.”




“I’ll get hurt.”




No matter who looks at it, he doesn’t look hurt.


I laughed in vain because I was dumbfounded.


“Anyway, thank you, for doing that.” 


“But it’s a temporary measure.”


Sylvester frowned slightly.


“The 2nd Prince is still watching you.”


He seemed to warn of danger.


A warning that the 2nd Prince will not let go of me at this rate.


But I wasn’t afraid.


“That’s why I told you.” 


I smiled and lifted the bag of bird feed I was holding in my hand.


“I’m going to meet His Majesty the Emperor.”


I immediately called Irene to write a letter, and the next day I got permission to go to meet the Emperor.




[Ophelia Ryzen, now it’s time to take the hostage!] 


“What’s with the headline?”


When I saw the newspaper while riding a wagon, I was dumbfounded.


“If anyone sees this, it looks like I’m holding a hostage situation.”


Are the reporters crazy?


I hurriedly read the following.


[The day before, there was a commotion in the Ryzen estate.
That is, the pickpockets took the child and held it hostage.
Fortunately, however, the Duchess Ryzen, who was nearby, used black magic to catch the pickpocket.]


Oh, fortunately, the content is very normal.


[However, Duchess Ophelia Ryzen was injured.
Although it’s not life-threatening, it is an injury worth worrying about, so the Duke is said to be very angry.]


There’s a story here that I’m hurt.


If Largo reads this article, he will reduce doubts about me a little.


But I couldn’t completely relax.


It’s because of what Largo said.


‘But why are you alive?’


‘If you failed, you should die.
You shouldn’t be alive.
What happened?’


‘It’s weird.
It’s really weird.’


‘You have changed recently… It can’t be…’


I didn’t have to think deeply about the words that came after that ‘It can’t be’.




I hoped he wouldn’t find out about my possession.


I can’t get caught with this.
Because it will be really complicated then.


Well, there is no proper evidence, so I don’t have to worry about being caught, but I had to avoid being suspicious.


So I—.


‘I will use the Emperor to distract Largo.’


Thinking so, I flipped the robes over.


Because I arrived at the main palace.




“You have to be quiet.”


As soon as we arrived at the main palace, the servant said.


After nodding calmly, I put my finger around my mouth.




Be quiet.


In that sense.


The main palace was really quiet.


I wondered if this was magic.


Because the main palace was so quiet that not even the sound of the wind could be heard.


The sound of heels broke the quietness.


As I got closer to the Emperor’s room.
Flap! I heard the birds flying up.
I carefully calmed my beating heart and held the box I was holding more tightly in my arms.


Knock, knock, knock.


The servant knocked on the door of the Emperor’s room.


“Your Majesty.
Duchess Ophelia Ryzen is here.”



Shortly thereafter, the words to come in came back.


The servant skillfully opened the door.


I slowly stepped into the room that was now a bit familiar.


Flap! Birds in the cage fly again.


I bowed gently to the Emperor, who could be seen through the fluttering feathers.


“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, Your Majesty the Emperor.
How have you been?”


However, the Emperor’s words don’t return.


It means that there is no saying to get up.


Ah, the greeting is like squatting.


My legs are shaking.


I swallowed dry saliva and waited for the Emperor’s words.


How long has it been?


When I started to sweat a little, the Emperor smiled and said.


“Raise your head.”


I raised myself up.


“I almost fell, Your Majesty.”


And I said with a smile.
The Emperor’s lips rose more obliquely.


“You’re the best.”




“I said you lasted a long time, most of the ladies couldn’t last less than a minute.”


He’s saying that I’m strong, right?


I smiled brightly.


“It’s all thanks to my usual workout.
I filled up my energy today.
Thank you.”


“Did you learn how to talk from the Duke?”


“No, my husband learned from me.”




The Emperor let out a gasp of breath.
But he doesn’t look upset.


I approached the Emperor.
And as soon as he blinked, I sat down on the sofa opposite him.




The Emperor put his hands together and said, interlocking his fingers.


“There should be a reason why you suddenly came to me.”


“What if there is no reason?”


“It will be manure for my children.” (I think children here means the birds lol) 


He also says very beautifully that he will kill me.

I kept the hard-working smile and put the box on the table.


“I brought a small present.”




One of the emperor’s eyebrows rose.


A gift for the children.”


I pushed the box straight toward the emperor.


The Emperor slowly reached out to open the box.
I spoke quickly while he opened the box.


“I ground vines monster and mixed them with feed.
I thought the children would like it.”


The Emperor’s lips twisted.
He chuckled and closed the box.


“It’s a nice gift after a while.
It will be good for the children.”


“I’d be grateful if it did.”


I responded by holding my hands that were soaked in a cold sweat.


It was at that moment that the Emperor’s eyes became sharp.




He leaned slightly and said to me.


“I’m sure you have something else to say.”




I swallowed my dry saliva again.


The real reason why I came to the Emperor.


“I have something to tell you about the 2nd Prince.”


About Largo.


Yesterday, the mercenary guild learned all the information about Largo.


In fact, there is no place that knows Largo better than the mercenary guild.


Largo had been on the battlefield for a long time, and he ran into and met mercenaries countless times during the war with demons.


So I was able to find something really surprising, among the information I brought.


I’m going to say that.


“I know His Highness the Prince has been on the battlefield for a long time.”




The emperor stroked his chin and said.


“He has done a very great job.” 


As he said, Largo has done a great job.


He had wiped out all the northern monsters.


He deserves praise from the Emperor. 


“That’s right.
He’s an amazing person.”


So I responded, too.


To match the Emperor’s mood.


When I sneaked a glance, the Emperor was giving me a look to say the next thing.




I swallowed my breath again and slowly opened my mouth.


“Did you know that he was trying to rape female knights in the process?”




The cane held by the Emperor broke into two.


The Emperor looked at me with a face that was fierce and frightening like never before.


So I was able to feel it.


Largo is now done. 

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