Hans, who lives in the back alley of Duke Ryzen, has been talented in pickpockets since he was very young. 


So he grew up to be a good pickpocketer.


There is no one among the pickpockets who doesn’t know his name.


Hans, who stole a noble’s watch today, entered an alleyway to return home pleasantly.


But why is there a woman walking while dancing?


Hans observed the sleeve of a woman wearing a robe.
It was a dress with colorful sleeves that looked very expensive at a glance.


Why is there a woman in such an expensive dress in a back alley like this?


Hans observed the woman while hiding behind the wall.


The woman dancing Looloolala was holding a pocket as if it were a treasure.


The moment he saw it, Hans could immediately feel it.


There will be gold and silver treasures in there.


Combining the clothes worn by the woman and the crazy dance, this conclusion came out.


If it’s true, it’s the jackpot!


Hans, who thought so, rushed in and stole her pocket.




Running fast, he thought his future was now wide open. 


It’s done now! It’s done!


That’s what he thought and ran—.


“Hey, you punk! Don’t stand there!”


A woman was chasing him. 


“W, what? Why is she following me?”


Usually, when married women are pickpocketed, they just get upset and don’t chase after them.
Because they have to protect their image. 


But that woman was different.


She was chasing after him with all her might!


He got the wrong one!


Hans ran faster.


But the woman was faster!


“You, you punk! Won’t you stop?!”


Ophelia, a woman who has already come to the side, shouted while running parallel to Hans.


What is this woman! She must be crazy! 


“Ugh, get lost!”


Hans ran with all his might.


However, Ophelia was also formidable fast.
She happened to be wearing low shoes, so it was suitable for running.


“Give it to me, you punk!”


Ophelia ran quickly and her robes were removed. 


The colorful silver hair blows in the wind.


Perhaps that’s why there began to be one or two people who recognized her.


“H, huh?”






People’s murmur grew.


Hans opened his eyes wide.




The Duchess? 


Hans ran hard and looked around.


Brilliant silver hair, clear light green eyes.
And a cold and scary face without any facial expressions!


Hans realized that he had stolen the belongings of the ferocious and vicious Duchess.


‘I’m done!’


What to do?


What’s better to do? 


Hans rolled his brain. 


For once, he decided to let the Duchess go and run away.


That’s how he can survive!


Otherwise, he’ll die—!


“Get out of my way!”


Hans found a child standing while running.


Yeah, he can use that kid!


Hans ran to the child and caught the child by the neck.






And shouted at Ophelia.


Hiik! Ophelia stopped running as if she were in a sudden stop.


As soon as that happened, Hans took the dagger out of his arms and put it around the child’s neck.


“If you take one more step, there will be no life for this kid.
Did you get it?!”


It was to take a hostage.


So Ophelia was dumbfounded.


No, this punk. 


It’s bird feed, bird feed. 


Why is he holding a hostage just for a bird feed—.


Ophelia shook her head.


“Never mind.”


Ophelia crossed her arms and raised her chin.


“Just put that down and go.
Then I’ll save you.”


Hans’ eyes shook.




He glanced at the pocket in his hand.


He can put it down and go.


However, there was no guarantee that the Duchess of Ophelia would save him. 


And seeing that the Duchess wanted to find a pocket, there must be gold and silver treasures in it.


So, it was better to take the child as a hostage as it is now and run away with his pocket in his hand.
He’ll have a life and money!


“Let go of what? No! Don’t come close!”




The child caught by Hans is crying the whole time.
Hans shouted, bringing the dagger closer to the child’s neck.


“You’re killing the child.
Stay still.”




Ophelia let out a low breath.


“But as I see this punk—”


She reached out to Hans.


“Where are you talking informally?”




A black energy poured out of her fingertips.


It’s a black magic.



The rising Magi flew straight to Hans.


“How rude.”




Hans flew into the air. 


Clank! The dagger he was holding falls to the floor.
At the same time, the child fell.
Ophelia ran straight to get the falling child.




Ophelia examined the child’s neck.


Fortunately, there seemed to be no injuries.


“Are you okay?”


“Hiccup! Uh!”


The child shed tears and looked up at Ophelia.


Well, if he’s too surprised, it’s hard to talk. 


Ophelia wiped the child’s tears with her sleeves and hugged the child.


“It’s okay, it’s okay.
It’s all over now.”


She patted the child calmly. 


Oh my. 


What’s going on?


Everyone watching the confrontation between Ophelia and Hans opened their mouths wide.


Because they couldn’t believe it!


So now, the Duchess ran to catch the pickpocketer, and when the culprit took a hostage, she smashed him and saved the child?


And she’s comforting the child like that?


‘That’ Duchess?! 


People have come to think that perhaps the recent rumors that the Duchess of Ophelia has changed and has become good may be true.


No way.


People looked at Ophelia with their mouths wide open.


In fact, Ophelia is calm, but that’s all.


Ophelia hugged the crying child and looked at Hans, who was still hanging in the air.


“U, ugh!”


He was struggling in the air because he couldn’t breathe properly.


What to do? 


Ophelia, who had been agonizing for a while, reached out her hand.




She made Hans fall as he was.


Ophelia approached the fallen Hans.




And she tapped him with her toes.


“Did you know what this is?”




“Answer quickly.”


Ophelia weighed down Hans’ shoulder with her feet and said.
Hans kept shouting out his voice that was not coming out.


“I, it was a treasure!”




Ophelia snorted.


Then she untied the knot in the pocket, shoved her hand into it, grabbed a handful of it, and let it flow in front of Hans’s eyes.


“It’s bird feed.”


Looking at the flowing bird feed, Hans put on a bewildered expression on his face.


“Tsk tsk.
Poor thing.”


After clicking her tongue, Ophelia turned her head toward the people who were still humming.


“What are you doing? Without calling the guards.”


“A, ah.


Only then did people come to their senses and start moving around.


Ophelia looked at them and slowly opened her mouth again.


“And for what happened today—”


Today is not the time for the prohibition as before. 


This means that she doesn’t have to hide something or do it secretly.


That’s why—.


“Don’t keep it a secret.”


Ophelia smiled and said.


“Spread it widely.”


Without knowing what kind of impact this will cause.




Dark hour. 


‘I’m tired.’


Ophelia, who finally returned home, pushed the door, feeling tired.


As soon as that happened, a familiar landscape unfolded.


All the servants are standing, and Sylvester is in the middle.


What is this? What’s wrong with him? 


Ophelia faltered and stepped back.


As soon as that happened, Sylvester raised his hand.


“A round of applause for Ophelia, who came back after catching a thief!”


Clap clap clap. 


This time, all the servants applauded.


It was really something to be applauded for.


Ophelia blushed slightly in embarrassment.


But the moment Sylvester said the next thing, she hardened.


“Another applause of praise to Ophelia, who was called by the 2nd Prince for lying!”



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