“Where did you learn to say that?”


“It’s nice to hear that you feel that way.
It’s all from my head.
What do you think? Isn’t it nice?”


Should I say it’s good or not?


I thought I should say yes because he would get upset if I said no.


“Yes, I like it.”


“I knew it.”


Sylvester stretched his shoulders with a proud look.


Seeing this made me laugh out loud because it was a little ridiculous and also cute.


Oh, Sylvester is actually a funnier person the more I look at him.


I leaned forward a little, feeling a drowsy heart.


“So, please do me a favor.”


“What is it?”


“Screw the 2nd Prince.” 


Sylvester raised an eyebrow.


“What are you going to do?”


I smiled at his question.
And I changed my posture by crossing my legs.


“For me…”


And he frowned. 


“I’m going to see His Majesty the Emperor.”




“I’m going to tell him.
He threatened me.”


Sylvester smiled in disappointment as if it was ridiculous.


Then he frowned slightly.


“Is that your plan?”


“It will work.”


I said confidently.


“I’m going to bring something His Majesty’s birds will love.”




I had to go outside first to get it.


I called Irene and asked her to help me dress up.


I’m going out to the city, so I’ll be as modest as possible and neat as possible.


Irene brought a mint dress.


It has off-the-shoulder frills—




I sighed and tapped my finger.


“Didn’t I definitely ask you to bring me something simple?”


“Yes, but I couldn’t help it!”


Irene shouted as if she was a little upset.


“I threw away all the simple dresses according to master’s orders!”




I frowned.


“No, why?”


“If you are the hostess of the Duke of Ryzen, you should only wear glamorous and dazzling dresses! It’s forbidden to go out in modest clothes, no!”


Oh my. 


I felt like I was getting a headache, so I touched my forehead.


And then I glanced at Irene because she seemed somehow satisfied.


I narrowed my eyes. 


“I wonder why are you look so happy?” 


“Because I like to decorate Madam!” 


Irene spoke with a pure face without malice.




What do I expect from you?


I let out a deep sigh and lowered my hand.


“I got it for now.
Put that on me.
And bring some robe instead.”




The place I’m heading to today is one where I shouldn’t be seen.”


“Isn’t the robe a bit too much? His Excellency the Duke would hate it—.”


Is that so? 


I narrowed my eyes.


“Then will you go?”


“To where?” 


“Mercenary Guild.”


“Oh my!” 


Irene freaked out and stepped back.


“Why, didn’t you have a good visit last time?”


“But it was scary! At that time, I was just getting acquainted with Madam, so I had no choice but to go!”


“Is it?”


“Now that we’ve become very close, I’ll tell you! I can’t go!”


She’s grown up to be a really good maid, huh.


You punk. 


I patted Irene on the back.
In the sense of support.


“So bring me a robe.”


“B, but…”


“I’ll just go quietly and come back.”


Irene, who was rolling her eyes, nodded as if she couldn’t help it.




I’m just going to the mercenary guild, so what could happen?


I’ll just come back quietly.


With that in mind, I left the mansion and had another accident.




It’s been a very long time since I visited the mercenary guild myself.


Didn’t I go there myself only when I first found out about the guild?


After that, I only ordered Irene or exchanged letters.


I wanted to do it again this time, but it seemed like it would be good to show my face after a long time, so I came out on my own.


And what I need now is that it’s better to order directly.


I opened the squeaky door and went into the store.


As expected, there were no people in the store.


I pressed the chime and waited patiently.


Then, not long after, Joseph appeared.


“Who is it?”


He looked unsure looking at me.


I slightly rolled up the robe I was wearing and showed my face.



Then Joseph said Oh! and clapped his hands.


“It’s been a while, Yujin.”


He seems to remember that I asked him to call me Eugene.
As expected, it’s awkward to hear my original name here.


I shrugged up and approached Joseph.


“I’m here to ask you something.”


“Please tell me, boss.” 


“I want you to grind the vine monster.”




“I hope you mix it with bird food.” 


That’s right. 


I came here to get bird feed mixed with monster meat.


Just to give it to the Emperor.


It didn’t look like it.


This is because the eyes were there.


So I asked Sylvester, and he told me this.


‘They say that they grind the monster meat and feed it.’

‘I’m so sick and tired of that punk, the Emperor.’ 


Hearing that, I thought that there was nothing like this to bring to the emperor.


That’s why I asked Joseph.


So I want him to mix monster meat and bird feed.


Of course, Joseph, who had no idea of this, looked at me with somewhat absurd eyes.


“Are you out of your mind?”


I smiled. 


“I’m out of my mind.
So do it like that.”


Joseph clicked his tongue.


“I really don’t know what the nobles are thinking.”


Then he mutters.
I don’t think it’s a big deal, so I listen to it with the back of my ear and try to pass it on—.


“A while ago, a beautiful woman came and asked for monster meat.”




But I can’t do it. 


A pretty woman came and asked for monster meat?


Is it Fleur?


It must be Fleur! 


Since it was like that in the original!


I approached Joseph with my eyes wide open.


“You mean the Countess of Fleur came here?”


“Fleu… What?”


Joseph shook his head with a frown.


“I didn’t ask her name.
Since I didn’t sell the meat.”


“Why… Didn’t you sell it?”


“I didn’t sell it because she was too pretty.
What should I do if she gets sick from eating it? So I didn’t sell it.”


Oh, that’s a relief.


If Fleur had bought the meat and gave it to Callian, he would have known the location of this store.


Then he doesn’t need my information.




I let out a sigh, sweeping my chest.
And tapped Joseph on the shoulder.


“Please continue to do this.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I got it.”




I took a pocket of gold coins out of my arms.


“I want to buy some information.”


Jingle jingle. 


I waved my pockets in front of Joseph’s eyes.


“Bring everything about Largo, the 2nd Prince.”


Joseph immediately snatched the pocket, ran in and came out with all the documents containing information about Largo.






What a happy day.


I left the store with light steps and walked down the alley.


I felt pretty good today.


The neck from Largo’s grip on him yesterday was healed, and I’ve come up with a way to screw him, and Sylvester promised to help.


In addition, with gifts and information for the Emperor, there is no better day than this.


Ah, I’m so happy. 


I thought I should hurry back to the mansion and write a letter to the emperor.


So I walked a little bit faster.
In one hand, I held a bag of bird feed tightly.


It was then. 






Someone jumped out of the alleyway and hit me on the shoulder and ran away. 


“Tsk, what is this?!”


So I tried to get rid of my anger, but the man had already gone so far.


Oh, there’s not even an apology.


This rude punk—Huh? 


I looked down at my empty hands.


I turned around and saw a pocket in the hand of the man I had just bumped into.


“H, hey—!”


I started running toward him faster than anyone else.


“It’s bird feed, you idiot!”

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