Chapter 105

Translated by Tam


After parting away with Largo. 


Returning alone, I leaned my head against the wall, kneading my sore back neck.


‘Ah, I’m doomed.’


Who knew that the original Ophelia had traded with Largo?


I never thought that he was expecting the reward.


‘If I had known, I would have jumped right in.’


Ugh, really! 


‘I’ll pay you back!’


I already said this, so I can’t help it.


Largo seems to have thought I would definitely listen to him.




‘Kill the Crown Prince.’


To kill Callian.


Before leaving, Largo left me a word.


‘If you fail.
You will die by my hands.
For sure.’


Oh my. 


Tears really cover my eyes.


If I don’t kill Callian, I’ll die.


But you want me to kill Callian?


Then I’ll die again.


‘I am destined to die no matter what.’


The dark reality made my eyes dim.


What should I do?


How can I overcome this reality—.
I’m in trouble.


It was then. 




A shadow cast over my head.


I slowly lifted my eyes.


Sylvester stood in front of me with a worried look on his face.


“Your face hasn’t looked good ever since you came back.”


Sylvester tapped me on the cheek and said.


“What happened with the 2nd Prince?”


What happened?


There were a lot.


My back neck still hurts.


I shuddered at the thought of Largo’s maddened face.






“You knew, right?”


Sylvester looked at what I was asking.
I just continue to talk. 


“Count Cardel and the 2nd Prince are making some kind of deal.’


About the magic circle.”


“You knew it, too!”


I slapped my forehead with my fist and bit my lip.


“What are you going to do after finding the magic circle? What are you going to use it for?”


“That’s a secret.”


“What’s a secret! I know everything.
You’re trying to hurt His Highness!”


“Speak quietly.
I can hear you.”


“Are you going to talk quietly now?!”


I raised my voice.
I felt Sylvester flustered.


“Let’s move first.”


Sylvester grabbed my arm and went into the balcony.
As soon as we enter, lock the door and close the curtain.
And turned around and looked at me.


“What’s wrong with you?”


I closed my eyes.




And I sighed for a long time.


“I don’t know.
What’s wrong with me?”


I could feel Sylvester approaching.
His cold fingertips touch my hands.


“Tell me.
What happened?”


As he said that, the desire to pour everything into Sylvester reached the end of my throat.


But if that happens, there will be no turning back.


I’ll be deeply involved in the original work.


A peaceful life will pass by.




‘If you fail.
You will die by my hands.
For sure.’


If I’m going to die anyway, shouldn’t I hit the footstone to survive?


I opened my eyes wide open.


“Can you help me?”


And I wrapped Sylvester’s hands in two hands.


“Then I’ll like you.”




Sylvester looked down at me with an expressionless face.


Then he smirked and twisted his lips.


“My wife is so evil.”


He tapped me on the cheek again and said.


“I can’t believe you’re asking for a deal in return for my heart.”


“So you don’t like it?”


I thought it was just like you.”


Sylvester bent down slowly. 


Closer to my ear, he whispered in a low voice.


“Tell me.”


It was like a devil’s temptation. 


“I’ll listen to whatever you want.”


I felt like he would really listen to everything, so I got to hold onto a rope called Sylvester.




“You can’t.”


“Y, you said you’d listen to anything earlier!”


“But not with this one.”




In the shaking carriage, we fought a war of words.


“Betray the 2nd Prince.
Are you out of your mind?”


I suggested to Sylvester to betray the 2nd Prince. 



But he stubbornly refuses.


I bit my lips hard.


“Otherwise, I’ll die.”


“How many times do I have to tell you that you won’t die?”


“No, no!”


I screamed and took a big breath.




And I swallowed my saliva and said,


“I, in the past, made a deal with the 2nd Prince.”




This time, Sylvester shouted.


He groaned, pointing at his forehead.


“Oh, my head is spinning.
I should take medicine when I go back to the mansion.”


Sylvester pressed hard near his temple and frowned. 


“So, what kind of deal did you make?”




I breathed heavily and spoke in a very small voice.


“I got a witch’s magic circle.”




If it weren’t for this in a running carriage, Sylvester would have jumped up.


I thought it was fortunate that I was in the carriage.




“At that time, I was like that.
I wanted to be strong.”


Sylvester narrowed his eyes. 


“Is that why you suddenly became stronger?”


“Yes, but this is a secret.
I told him that I failed.”


“You’re crazy.”


Sylvester sighed, still rubbing his temples.


“Tell me more.”




I carefully continued to speak.


“He asked me for a price.
It’s a price for the magic circle.”


“That’s right.
So what is it?


“He told me to kill His Highness the Crown Prince.”


Sylvester looked like he was expecting it.


“I can’t do that.”


I shook my head in a hurry.


“My goal was to live in peace and comfort.
Now he wants me to join such a scary event? I can’t.


“When did you try to kill the Countess—”


“Ah, it was then and now it’s now!”


I shouted backwards.
And grabbed Sylvester’s hand.


“So I want you to help me.”


Sylvester laughed in vain as if he was dumbfounded.


“You’ve done everything on your own.
Do you want me to help you?”




“I’m going crazy.”


He clicked his tongue and touched his forehead with his fingertips.


“This woman.
Why did you do that?”


“Did I know it was going to be like this?”


And it was something I didn’t know in the first place!


What do you want me to do with the original Ophelia! 


I wanted to shout, but I endured it because I couldn’t disclose this.


Silence subsided for a moment.


Sylvester was deep in thought.


How much silence did we have?


By the time I began to get a little nervous, Sylvester opened his mouth.


“I have something to get from the 2nd Prince.”


He sighed quietly and said.


“It’s something I must get.
That’s why I can’t betray the 2nd Prince.”


“Then what should I do?”


“That doesn’t mean I’ll ask you to kill the Crown Prince.  because you’ve never killed anyone—.


What do you mean ‘probably’?


Can’t you trust your wife, Sylvester?


I opened my mouth because I was speechless.


What was really absurd was next.


“I’ll kill the Crown Prince.
Is that good?”


Oh my. 


I got my face in my hands.


“You can’t!”


And then I shouted.


“You can’t! Never!”


If this continues, it will really go like the original. 


What’s the original version?


Sylvester and I are both killed!


I had to stop that!


“What are you going to do if you die!”


“I’m not going to die.”


“You’re going to die!”


I closed my eyes and shouted.


“You could die at my hands!”




Silence came.


Oh, I wasn’t going to say this, but I said it again.


I looked at Sylvester’s slowly opening lips.


“You’re going to kill me?”




I continued to talk slowly.


“I know how to kill you.”




“Mana rush.
His Highness may know that.”


Sylvester’s sigh deepened.
He twisted his bangs and stretched out his long legs.
Press his forehead with his fingertips as if he still has a headache.


“You mean, he can make you do that.”


“That’s right.”


Sylvester laughed in vain.
He clicked his tongue and raised his eyes obliquely.


“Yeah, then what’s your choice?”


“What choice?”


“I’m asking if you want to kill me or kill Callian.”


“I’m not going to kill either of you! Why did you say such a scary thing!”


Sylvester’s eyebrows frowned when I shouted.
He asked me.


“Then what are you going to do?”


“So I asked for your help.”


I held Sylvester’s hand tight.


“I’m going to screw the 2nd Prince.”






I answered with a determined nod.


“If he’s afraid of me, he won’t be able to threaten me anymore.”


In my words, Sylvester’s lips went up drawing lines.


“Really, my wife is—”


Sylvester stroked my hair slowly and said.


“You’re really bad.”


Then he gently kissed the tip of my hair and lifted his eyes.


“That’s why I like you more.”




Confession even in this situation.


Sylvester is really amazing. 


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