Largo was heading for the back garden. 


What’s in the garden to make him go there? 


I wondered and slowly followed him. 


I’m so glad I wore a comfortable dress today.
It’s all the more fortunate that I’m wearing low heels.


I lowered myself as much as I could and, leaning down, followed Largo.


The place where Largo stopped was a remote place in the back garden. 


He turned his head away.


It was as if he was waiting for someone.


Who is it?


In fact, whoever Largo meets has nothing to do with me.
But I was still curious.


This is because I thought that Largo and Ophelia in the past had some kind of relationship, and that the person Largo meets now may also be related to Ophelia in the past.


So I held my breath and observed Largo.


At this time, someone appeared.


The person is—!




It was Count Cardel! 




Since this place is Coung Cardel’s mansion, of course there is Count Cardel.
A meeting between the two would mean welcoming guests invited by the owner of the house.


They’re all gone.’


I tried to go back disappointed.


“So, did you find the magic circle?”




At the sudden remark, I turned my head away.
Then, I lowered my body again and listened to their stories.


“I haven’t found it yet.
I’m searching all over the continent, but there’s still nothing coming in.”


Magic circle. 


Ancient relics left behind by demons.


The magic circle was the only way the wizard could use magic now that his seeds had dried up.
It’s also a quick and easy way to unfold.


However, the magic circle is a one-time thing, so it is really rare and difficult to find.


Largo seemed to be looking for the magic circle.


It was obvious where it would be used.


I’m sure he’s trying to get rid of Callian. 


“Damn it!”


Largo stomped his feet and cursed.


“Think of the money I spent on you! Think of the money and pay for it!”


“I apologize.”


“You can only say you’re sorry, huh, you bastard?”




Largo slapped Count Cardel on the cheek.


Oh my. 


Is it a drama or what?


I watched them regretfully that there was no popcorn in an exciting situation.


“I apologize.
I’ll look into it a bit more.”


Count Cardel said with a look of shame.


“One month.”


Largo clenched his fist with a sigh.


“I’ll give you time until the end of the month, so find it.


He slit his neck with his fingers.


“Your wife is going to die first, you get it?”


“I, I understand.
P, please have mercy.”


Oh my. 


To hold Countess Cardel hostage and say things like that!


How can there be such a terrible person? 


I thought I should go back quickly and tell Sylvester about this.


Let’s check if Sylvester knows or doesn’t know and ask what’s going on if he knew.


With that thought in mind, I turned to return while still lowering my body.


It was then. 


“Damn it.
If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have given Ophelia a magic circle.” 






[February 12th.


How can I kill Fleur?]


Originally, I remembered the contents of Ophelia’s diary. 


[March 8th.


I found a way to kill Fleur.


It was something I had to do when I got stronger.


I just need to make my black magic strong.
I can do it.
If I can kill Fleur!]


On the next page, the magic circle was drawn.


[April 2nd.


It is a magic circle that can amplify my black magic.


That person is a precious magician from the witch]


‘That person.’


That person is—.


“If I hadn’t given Ophelia the magic circle, I would have used it now! Damn it!”


It’s the 2nd Prince, Largo. 


I finally felt like everything was right.


Why Largo was so mean to me as soon as he saw me, and why he said something incomprehensible, such as saying he should get something in return, everything was put together. 


Oh my. 


Then what is it?


‘This body couldn’t get out of it from the start because it couldn’t be entangled!’


I screamed internally.


Ah, I’m crying. 


I’m going crazy.


I decided that I should go back and organize my thoughts.






I stepped on the branch.


It’s very loud.


It’s really like a manhwa, Hahaha. 


“Ophelia Ryzen.”


As expected, I got caught.


Ugh, really! 


I murmured with my eyes closed.



“What were you doing, hiding like a baby rat?” 


Largo, who approached, snatched my shoulder and said.


“What do you mean a rat, Your Highness?”


I tried to straighten my expression and slowly turned my head.


“I was just passing by.”


“For that, your posture is very awkward.”


As Largo said, I was taking an ambiguous posture about to stand up.


I got caught.


I smiled awkwardly and wiped my cold sweaty back neck.


“I was really on my way.”


“Did you hear everything?”


“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about.


“Ophelia Ryzen!”


Largo shouted.


“How long are you going to act like this?”


He grinded his teeth as he came close enough to touch my toes.


“If you received the magic circle from me, you have to pay the price!”


“But I don’t remember!”


I thought I should play innocent first. 


Otherwise, I thought I’d be tied up by Largo.


“I don’t remember.
I found out that I received the magic circle from you as I overheard the conversation today.” 


I carefully added it while looking at Largo.


“Maybe it’s a side effect.”


If I say this much, you can understand, right?


I swallowed my dry saliva.


“Damn it!”


Largo stomped and shouted again.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, I saw Count Kadel running away.


Haha, that punk.
You must run really well, huh? See you later.


I thought as I glanced down at Count Cardel.


At this time, Largo grabbed my wrist hard.




“You’re gotten stronger, right?”


Largo looked through my body and said.


“You must have gotten stronger.
You should’ve gotten stronger.


He looked like a crazy person.
I tried to shake my hand, but Largo’s power was too strong to do that.


“I, I’m not.”


So I just shook my head.


“I’m the same as before.
It’s a failure.”




I could see Largo’s face loosening up.


He looked at me with a blank look for a moment.
Then, as if thinking of something, he gave strength to the corners of his eyes.


“But why are you alive?”




“If you fail, you should die.
You shouldn’t be alive.
But what happened?”


Largo muttered as if he were confused.


It’s also written in the diary.


If you fail, you will die. 


And eventually died, that Ophelia.


Then I came into that body.


I can’t get caught with this.
The moment I get caught, it’s over.
The end!


“Will you please don’t say such harsh things casually? I’m definitely alive.”


So I deliberately pretended to be calm and said.




Then Largo narrowed his eyes. 


“It’s really strange.”


He shook my wrist and muttered. 


“You have changed recently, too—.”


He turned his head and stared at me.


“No way, you—”




“I’ll pay you back!”


I closed my eyes and shouted a hundred times.


“First of all, I don’t remember, but I’ve received something, so I have to pay back.
I’ll pay you back somehow.
Is this okay?”


Rather than being caught possessed, it was better to pretend to be on Largo’s side.


So I said it like this. 


I didn’t know what Largo was going to do.




Largo stroked his chin and twisted his lips.


“That’s good then.”


He approached me again.


“I have only one thing to ask you.”


And grabbed my back neck.


Ugh! The back of the neck was pulled and the neck raised up. 


I made eye contact with Largo.


“Kill the Crown Prince.”


Largo’s red eyes were flashing with an unbelievably ugly desire.


“Then I’ll spare your life.”




I’m doomed. 


I closed my eyes tightly.

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