“Madam, are you tired of hearing that you’re pretty now?”


Irene, who was decorating me before going to the ball, said.


I looked at Irene in the mirror with a ‘hmm?’ sound.


It’s always nice to listen to.”


“Then I’ll tell you.
Madam, you’re so pretty!”


Irene shouted with her hands together.


I smiled and looked at myself in the mirror.


Today, I wore an Empire-style dress.


It’s to go around comfortably.


It’s not a very important ball, so I chose it because I thought I could wear it simply, but it looked amazing.


That’s because I’m so pretty.


I smiled and looked at Irene.


“I know.
I’m pretty.”


“I like Madam’s confidence, too!”


Irene really seemed to like me.


I think I can ask by now.


“Come here.”


I pulled Irene’s arm and made her stand in front of me.


“I have something to say.”


“Yes, please tell me.




I held Irene’s hand.


“Will you follow me even if I leave the mansion?”




“Of course, I won’t be able to give you as much money as I do now.
But I can take care of you so that you don’t lack anything.” 


Irene’s eyes trembled.


She looked at me with half an expression that she didn’t understand and half an expression of bewilderment.


“What…do you mean?”


I said with a soft smile.


“I’m going to divorce Sylvester.”




Irene shouted as expected.


“Oh, you can’t! No way!”


I knew it would come out like this.


I said to Irene with a slightly kind face.


“I know how much you worry and support our relationship.
But what do I do? I’ve already made up my mind.
I’m going to get divorced.”


“You can’t, Madam!”


Irene even cried now.


It was a face that felt like tears were about to flow.


“Don’t cry.
Why are you crying about this?”


So I patted Irene on the back.


At the same time, I felt sad because it was really touching that there were people who worried about the relationship between me and Sylvester.


As expected you’re—.


“I mean, I bet my money on the relationship between the Master and the Madam that is getting better!”




“Argh! My money!”


You’re a terrible kid.






The carriage shook.


I, who was leaning my face against the window, pulled my face away with a slight frown.


“Every time I pass by here, the carriage rattles.”


“I will pave the road.”




I shook my head in surprise.


“You don’t have to do that.
It’s okay.”


If you’re uncomfortable, I should do that.
It’s nothing difficult.”


It is difficult to pave the road—. 


I got tired of Sylvester and clicked my tongue.


That’s how I got curious.


How long will Sylvester be like this?


So, until when will Sylvester like me?




I asked Sylvester right away because I was the one who didn’t hold back what I was curious about.


“Until when are you going to like me?”




Sylvester frowned.


“Are you seriously asking?”


I’m serious.”


“I’m going crazy, really.”


Sylvester tilted his head back and bit his lips tightly. 


I think he’s angry again.


So I calmly put my hands together and waited for Sylvester’s next words. 


Soon after, Sylvester lowered his gaze.






“Do you think I’ve ever liked someone in my life?”


“No, never.”


I answered right away. 


Sylvester looked dissatisfied, but soon nodded and said.


“Yeah, I don’t have one.
I never have one.”


He breathed hard, clenching and unfolding his fists.


“That’s how I came to like you.
I admitted it and confessed it.
What do you think this means?”


What does this mean? 


I’m not good at answering questions.


“I don’t know.”


So I answered purely that I didn’t know.


Whoo. Sylvester sighed. 


“It means I’ll love you for the rest of my life.”


He stared at me and said,


“So don’t ask such a lame question.
Don’t even think about it.”


No I mean, why are you confessing so cruelly?



I muttered, but I didn’t dare to talk.


This is because my heart was pounding again.


Ah, no! I can’t! 




“Oh you’re here, Your Excellency the Duke and Duchess!”


As soon as we entered the hall, Countess Cardel welcomed us with a bright smile.


Me and Sylvester smiled to welcome her hospitality.


“My husband is upstairs for a while now.
I’ll tell him to say hello as soon as he comes down.”


“You can do it like that.”


Countess Cardel came up to me and glanced around.


And whispered softly.


“Don’t you feel that people’s views have changed, Duchess?”


Is that so? 


I looked around.


Originally, when I appeared, people’s eyes were quite prickly.
This is because there were many people staring at me.


But now they don’t do that.


I’m just there, and they only give a decent glance.
Some of them looked at me with longing eyes.
It’s really a leap forward. 


“I think they see me a little better.”


“It’s not just a little, but a lot!


Countess Cardel said with a smile.


“You show how close you are to His Highness Crown Prince a while ago.”




“And recently, there’s no saying that you’re hitting people.”


“That’s true, too.”


“Moreover, I boasted all the furniture Duchess bought for me today.
That’s why people’s eyes are wide open, right? They didn’t know Duchess would do such a great favor!”


Oh, it seems that she even boasted her furniture.


That’s why people are looking at me with longing eyes.


Now I understand.


“I think Duchess’ reputation has risen a lot for one reason or another.
It’s something to celebrate.”




I think so.


Recently, there seems to be no bad news about me.


Of course, there seems to be a lot of talk about how often I fought Fleur and my relationship with her got worse.


But it wasn’t something to care about.


Everyone in this country knows that I and Fleur have a bad relationship.


Whatever it was, there were no other words that could be heard, so I could look at Countess Cardel with joy. 


“It’s all thanks to you.”


“Oh, my.
Those words make me embarassed.
I really didn’t do anything.”


Countess Cardel show her humble side. 


I smiled and looked around again.


Still with friendly glances.


I was proud that the price of my efforts seemed to come out.


At this time, the conductor of the orchestra began to slowly raise the baton.


“It’s time to dance now.”


As soon as they did that, Sylvester approached me.


“It means that the performance will begin.”


The reason for saying this was simple.


It means to dance together. 


I’m so tired of it.


“Okay, okay.”


I clicked my tongue and held Sylvester’s hand.


“Let’s go dance.”


Sylvester gladly guided me, and we stood in the center of the hall.




I started dancing to the light waltz.


“I’ve felt this before, but you’re really good at dancing.”


“I know.”


I turned around and hugged Sylvester according to his gesture.


“First dance, right? Your wish came true now.”


“You still have ninety-nine left.”


“Are you really going to fill it up to 100 times?”


We can’t get divorced until then.”


Sylvester smiled and said.
I squinted my eyes.


“You’re saying something really scary.”


Sylvester replaced the answer by shrugging his shoulders.


I grabbed his shoulder and looked around over his shoulder.


“I guess the 2nd Prince is not here yet.”


I don’t see Largo. 


He said he was definitely coming, but why can’t I see him? 


I closed my mouth.


At this time, Sylvester asked.


“Why do you keep looking for the 2nd Prince?”


He said with a slightly sullen expression on his face.


“Do you have anything to say to that punk?”


I titled my head. 


“What are you going to say if I say I have one?”


“I will listen to what it is, and if it’s not worthy enough—”


What if it’s not?


“I’ll follow you and listen.
What you’re talking about with him.”




How can you say such childish things with such a serious face?


You’re doing so many things.


“I’m telling you.
I’m a pretty jealous person.”


“Okay, okay.”


I roughly tapped Sylvester’s shoulder and looked around again.


At this time, someone came into my eyes.


“Ah, it’s His Highness.”


It was Largo. 


I quickly pulled my body from Sylvester’s arms. 


“I’m leaving! Bye!”




I heard Sylvester call me from behind, but I ignored it and ran away.


“Why did you stop dancing and just leave? I’m not going to hit it with one try!”




That childish person.


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